Options for styling with an iron for medium hair lengths

Previously, it was possible to perform beautiful styling with the help of such
fixtures like hair dryers and curling. Today to the rescue
female comes a tool called iron,
allows you to create beautiful hairstyles.

iron and curling iron At the same time styling iron hair having
average length, can be performed in various ways.

  • 1 Choosing the right ironing
  • 2 Preparation for installation
  • 3 Classic curls
  • 4 beach waves
  • 5 Fine curls
  • 6 Festive styling
  • 7 Waves with foil
  • 8 Straightening curls iron.

Choosing the right ironing

For the correct selection of such a device, experts recommend
pay attention to some parameters:

  1. Working surface. Can be found
    devices with plates made of metal and ceramics. In order to
    safety and ensure the least damage to the hair, give away
    preference follows best ceramic plates. Besides
    This equipment appeared on sale equipped tourmaline
  2. Thermostat It allows you to select the desired
    temperature control and protect the strands from damage. With regular
    the use of ironing optimal temperature is
    120-130 degrees, and to get a longer effect, he
    can reach up to 200 degrees.
  3. Plate width When choosing a suitable ironing
    It is recommended to consider the type of hair. In the presence of hard strands
    It is recommended to give preference to irons with a wide plate.
    If the hair is thin and prone to fragility, stop
    the choice should be on models with less wide plates.
  4. Manufacturer. Undoubtedly, when buying ironing
    need to rely on your own money, but by
    opportunities, it’s best to acquire better-known models

Once again briefly about how to choose the right iron in

Preparation for laying

stages of ironingIroning on medium hair
involves preliminary training, consisting of the following

  • wash your hair in the usual way;
  • dry well;
  • apply conditioner over the entire length of the strands;
  • Additionally, you can use a special thermal protection
    means to protect hair from overheating;
  • if the professional tool was not under
    hand, it can be replaced with a nourishing hair cream
  • in the presence of disobedient strands it is recommended to apply them
    foam or styling gel.

IMPORTANT! Preparation will allow to protect hair from
thermal effects. Even if the iron is completely
safe and expensive, with constant use, exclude
negative impact is simply impossible.

Classic curls

classic curls with ironing

Curls ironing on medium hair can be done without any special
problems. The technology of their creation is as follows:

  • wash and thoroughly dry the hair;
  • divide into strands and apply a styling agent on them;
  • to straighten the iron, retreating to a slight
    distance from the roots, screw on the forceps so that the end is
    sent from the face;
  • flip the iron and hold it over the entire length of the hair, as if
    straightening procedure.

In this case, it is necessary to remember the health of the hair, so
hair drying is recommended before using the device
carry out a natural method to save from additional
thermal effects. For the same reason, perm
each strand can be no more than 2 times.

This video shows how professionals make curls with ironing.
for medium hair:

Beach waves

How to make curls ironing? This hairstyle for hair with
medium length, allows you to create a very romantic image. In her
Based on the effect of light negligence and naturalness.

beach waves ironing

To perform beach waves, just spin each strand in
harnesses, and then process them with the device. The basic rule is not much
twist and fix the flagella so that the necessary does not disappear

Pay attention to the new model – iron TYME Iron
PRO It works in 2 directions at once:

  • Creates chic curls (effect curlers);
  • Straightens fluffy strands.

Details here

The size of curls can be changed using twisted strands: if
I want to get small rings – strand should be narrow, and
if larger, then thicker.

stars with beach waves

Fine curls

small curlsHow to make curls small? Execution process
small curls is as follows:

  • the hair is divided into strands whose width does not exceed two
  • each strand is twisted into a bundle, and then folded into
    small bundle;
  • the result obtained is carefully fixed at the very roots;
  • each bundle is clamped by the iron for 3-5 seconds, while
    device temperature should not be higher than 160-180 degrees.

But how can you make small curls with a pencil and

Festive styling

Curling is considered the traditional method of giving hair
stunning festive look. Making the hair curls ironed
neatly executed curls and an irresistible image.

holiday styling with ironing For execution
festive styling the hair should be divided into 5-7 large
pryadok After that, each of them is wound on the iron,
upward direction. In this case, you need to make sure that
the tip of the hair was peeking out.

The iron is recommended to keep on hair for 10-15 seconds,
after which the device must be slightly stretched, as if straightening,
holding the order for the end. Such technology will allow to create
beautiful large curls.

Another option for a festive hairstyle with ironing:

Waves with foil

For medium hair, it is also possible to do styling using
foil. To do this, comb your hair well and separate it.
on the strands. Then you need to twist them separately by 1-2 fingers,
pull them out, fixing the formed ring, wrap in foil and
to iron.

laying with foil and ironing

After complete cooling of the foil can be removed. The result
such technology become playful girlish curls that can
lay in a variety of ways.

There are other ways to create a hairstyle with curls or
do styling on curly hair:

  • Long-term wave: fashion ideas for medium hair
  • Effective curls: the choice of hairstyles for hair of medium length.
  • Women’s short haircuts for curly hair: Bob, Pixie, Four of a Kind,
    Cascade and Shaggy Shaggy

Straightening curls ironing

Such a device got its name directly.
because of the ability to straighten unruly hair, giving them
brilliant look.

hair straightening ironing To get this result,
the hair must be divided into strands, each of them clamped
ironing and hold them from top to bottom.

TIP! It is not recommended to heat too much.
device, and also to carry them through the hair many times, because so their
can be easily damaged.

Different types of styling using ironing will delight not only
lovers of curls and curls, but also those who prefer
straight locks. If you have time and desire, you can fulfill a huge
a number of options that are perfect for any image and
It will be advantageous to emphasize it.

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