Organic hair straightening with tannins (Tanninoplasty)

Hair straightening technologies, their recovery, giving them
healthy appearance and luxurious shine repeatedly undergone
changes. Once the straightening procedure was completely harmful,
however, now it has a beneficial effect not only on the appearance
hair, but also on their condition. And further than other technologies in this
the issue – the combination of beauty and benefits – went organic
tanning hair straightening that was developed and proposed
the world community just recently.

How does organic straightening work?

The content of the article:

  • How does organic straightening work?
  • The main effects of the use of tannins for straightening
  • Little about the benefits of tannins

Organic means natural, natural, using
forces of nature for the benefit of your hair. This straightening came on
change the use of compounds in which there is formaldehyde or their
derivatives. Today, it is these substances that are most commonly used.
for a similar procedure, however this state of affairs is in non-remote
will change in the future: formulations containing formaldehyde will not
win competition from organic products.

The basis of organic straightening, tanninoplasty (Taninoplastia)
– This is the use of tannins. They are vegetable
polyphenols (antioxidants), which are contained in the bark, leaves,
club, roots, fruits of many cultures. Tannins are needed for plants.
giving viscosity and tart taste to their leaves and fruits,
as well as protect them from the effects of various pathogenic
microorganisms. And on human hair, they have a very
multifaceted impact: not only effectively help
straightening, but also accelerate the recovery processes, enrich,
moisturize. In other words, organic hair straightening with
tannins is a procedure that is combined with their recovery and

But the revolutionism of technology is not only in circulation
to the most natural composition. It is also related to the fact that
composition with tannins, unlike composition with formaldehyde and its
derivatives, affects the structure of the hair, penetrates deep into
him, and does not remain on the surface. The composition gets inside and
expands under the influence of temperature, creates a protective layer for
hair at the cellular level, providing excellent straightening and
healing effect that persists for
several months.

The main effects of the use of tannins for straightening

Tanninoplasty allows the following

  1. Long hair straightening. With
    using Salvatore Cosmetics and normal care
    hair effect of the procedure will continue for 2-3 months. With
    providing them with additional special care with tannin series
    Salvatore Cosmetics Chemical Repair can talk about a period of 5-6
    up to 7-8 months. All this time the hair will be straight and smooth.
  2. Restoration and hydration of damaged hair.
    Whatever the causes of damage: multiple coloring,
    being in an unfavorable climate, lack of food means
    organic straightening will help restore healthy looking hair
    shine, normalize their structure from the inside.
  3. Shine and silky hair. Impact composition with
    the most noble tannins and tree bark extracts makes
    hair docile, shiny, easy to comb and styling,
    spectacular and soft.
  4. Prevent further damage to hair.
    The composition contributes to the formation of a protective layer for them
    cellular level, so that after the procedure they are much easier
    tolerate any adverse external effects.

To get the effect, which the manufacturer claims
it is better to carry out the procedure with specialists
vocational training tanninoplasty, in order to avoid
poorly rendered services.

All of the above is achieved by natural
effects on the structure of each hair. Use of natural
components makes this exposure mild, non-violent,
as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the procedure does not cause any
discomfort, allergies, itching and other
side effects of a similar plan.

The process of doing organic

The complex of means for such straightening contains, as
minimum three products. They are suitable for curly, porous,
dry hair, and are used according to the following algorithm:

  1. Using the first product. It is special
    shampoo, which is usually recommended to use twice in a row,
    carefully applying it to the entire length of the hair from root to tip.
  2. Drying hair with a towel.
  3. Use of the second product: application to the whole
    the length of the hair, followed by combing and wrapping the film.
    Keep the product on the hair is recommended no more than half an hour.
  4. Thorough washing of the hair with water without shampoos and
  5. Drying with the use of a hair dryer.
  6. Combing hair with the subsequent use
    ironing. It must be used several times for each
    strands so that under the thermal influence of tannins as much as possible
    revealed their useful potential.
  7. Use of the third product is special.
    Masks to further improve the condition of the hair.
  8. The use of the fourth product – nutritional
    oil or conditioner to finish and fix

If you have blond hair, this procedure can also
exercise with a tinting effect. Adding a tinting mask during
the second product, you can further update the hair color,
giving them a clean cold shade.

Little about the benefits of tannins

Tannins – natural tannins – are found in many
products that we regularly eat and long
known medicine. In cosmetology turned to them relatively
recently, and thank you for it is a tendency to move to
natural, organic cosmetics. When the whole world began
realize that the more natural the composition of cosmetics – the
better for people and the environment – many brands have started to pay
attention to substances that were previously undeserved
deprived. And this despite the fact that they are much more effective in many
relationship than chemical analogues.

So, tannins are not only found in fruits, leaves, roots and
bark, but also in black and green tea, wine, spices, and have the following
beneficial features:

  • Render
    excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Remove harmful
    substances, slags and toxins.
  • Enrich
    organism, improving its ability to assimilate a number of other beneficial
    trace elements.
  • Possess
    hemostatic and wound healing effects.
  • Relieve itching and

These are the properties of tannins, which until recently were known only
medicine, and therefore allowed to use them when creating
medicines for internal and external use.
However, they are able to restore and enrich not only
for example, the skin, but also the hair, and, as it was already
it is said, from the inside, beneficially acting directly on their structure.
Therefore, tannins, obviously, have great prospects in the field of
cosmetology and hair care, which confirms the rapid
spreading organic straightening technology throughout
the world.

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