Original ideas for creating evening hairstyles on long hair

Evening hairstyle for long hair photoLong hair is not
only a source of pride for their owner, but also perfect
material for creating gorgeous hairstyles. Going out for a date
a banquet or some kind of celebration, every woman wants to be
irresistible and stand out from the audience. Bring
stylish and original evening hairstyles on
long hair that will become an integral part of what you have planned
image and attract to you admiring glances of others.


Babette hairstyleFor
lovers of the classics, better haircut than babette simply
come up with It is done quickly and easily, without taking a lot of time.
To create this miracle of hairdressing, you first need to
comb the hair back and collect them in a normal tail. Then this
the tail must be wrapped with a cord around its base (wrapped around it
gum) and fasten well with invisible hairpins. If desired
several strands can be left released, allowing them to freely
fall down on the face in the form of curls. More babette can decorate
various decorations such as ribbons, hairpins and pins with

French twist

french twist photoWant to
look elegant and sophisticated? Then you should choose a hairstyle.
called french twist. Spending just a couple of minutes on her
performance, you can become a real benchmark at the event
femininity and beauty.

To create this hairstyle, first collect the hair in low
tail, optionally leaving a few loose strands behind the ears.
Then, without fastening it with a rubber band, wrap the bundle around its axis and
lay on the back of the head in a vertical position (with a small
slope). Having done this, fasten your hair stealth and decorate
any accessory. That’s it, the french twist is ready!

Retro style

evening hairstyle in retro style photoVery popular now
enjoy hairstyles for long hair for a retro evening. If a
you are a fan of the classics, you can use anything in this
direction. The retro style includes voluminous hairstyles with a pile and
a variety of curls, combined with flawlessly laid

To make a luxurious volumetric retro hairstyle, you should first
make a bouffant in the center of the head and raise hair pins over
ears. Then there are several options for fixing them: collect in
low slightly disheveled tail, lay them on the back of the head in the “shell”
or leave completely uncool. In this case, you can do it yourself.
choose the style of hairstyle that will be ideally combined with
other elements of the image.

If you want to look stern and elegant, do your hair with
curls. Creating such masterpieces is not so difficult: just
twist the strand and attach it to the hair of the invisible. With this you
can turn into curls all hair except bangs, transform
in this way just tail or use some other


hairstyle bunch photoMost
simple and popular hairstyle remains a bunch. It is worth
note that there are enough options for its implementation
lot. Make a beam can be at the crown, nape or side. For
creating a youth image, hair can be divided into two parts and
assemble them into two symmetric beams. There are a lot of ideas and
everyone will definitely choose something for themselves. By forming a bundle and
securing it in the right place, this hairstyle can be further
decorate with small flowers or accessories.


evening hairstyles bow photoYoung girls can stop their
the choice on such an elegant and unusual hairstyle as a bow. On
long hair is done very simply, and the result looks
very cute and does not need additional decorations.

So, first collect the hair in a high tail and tie it tight
rubber band. Then separate the front from all the hair a small thin
flat strand (it will serve as a bow divider). Everything
the remaining hair in the tail is divided into two equal parts and wrap
inwards so that the ears are of the same size. Free
hide the ends in the hair, and the resulting structure of the hair
Secure with stealth. At the end, flip the separated
initially strand between the ears, wrap the base of the bow with it (to
hide the gum) and secure the free end with the studs.

Loose hair

loose hairFor lovers
wearing loose hair there are also plenty of options for creating
beautiful hairstyles. In this case, you can decorate your hair
curls, make the original evening styling for long hair
or implement any other ideas.

Using a hair dryer and a round comb you can make a beautiful perm.
with small waves, and with the help of large curlers – to create
additional volume. If there are large sized forceps at home, you can
to decorate your luxurious hair with beautiful free falling
curls. As an option evening hairstyle is also worth considering
hair straightening iron. Straight hair is excellent for
any image and created in a few minutes.

When choosing a hairstyle, do not forget that it is part of
the image you create. Be sure to consider your style
clothes, makeup and accessories to keep all the items in
harmony and become the real queen of the evening!

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