Paints for highlighting hair – photo before and after, full review of professional home use products sparing, with a comb, etc.

The qualitative result of highlighting depends largely on
the right look and color of paint. In this article, you will learn what
modern types of dyes are suitable for home use, and
what products do professional hairdressers prefer to use
in the salons.

What is highlighting

The content of the article:

  • What is highlighting
  • What makes hair highlighting: types and forms of release of funds for
    carrying out the procedure
  • How to choose the appropriate color and shade for highlighting?
  • Top 10 best colors for highlighting
  • Paints for highlighting with a cap included
  • Professional tools that are used in salons
  • The sparing dye for highlighting hair without ammonia
  • Paint with a comb for highlighting
  • Paint with highlight effect
  • How to make highlighting at home
  • Photo after highlighting
  • Hair care after the procedure: TOP 5 tips
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Highlighting implies not all hair coloring, but
individual strands. You can process hair in different shades and in
different techniques that allow you to get a particular beauty effect.
Highlighting can be classic, Venetian, California,
in the style of ombre, balayazh and mazhimesh. A number of techniques suggests
the use of certain shades and varieties

What makes hair highlighting: types and forms of release of funds for
carrying out the procedure

Paints for highlighting

Means for the procedure great variety. Among them
as whole sets suitable for home use, and
professional drugs that can handle only
master of hairdressing.

Oil based paints

Oil paints are gentle paints,
because they do not contain aggressive ingredients, traumatic
hair structure. On the contrary, due to the content of useful
vegetable oils paint cares for hair and restores
their structure. Of the useful components in the composition most often added
extracts of jojoba oil, grape seed, flax, burdock,
argans, and keratin useful for healthy hair.

Examples of tools:

  • Constant Delight Crema Colorante – cream paint
    With a rich palette of 40 colors and a versatile oxidizer.
    Contains such caring ingredients as vitamin C, cashmere, aloe
    Vera. Packing cost – 250-300 rubles;
  • GKhair – a tool with a palette of 40 shades on
    keratin, jojoba and argan oils. Sold without
    oxidant, the cost of the dye composition is about 800 rubles.

Oxidants and dyes based on them

Paints with an oxidizing agent have a more aggressive effect on
strands. They are made on the basis of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia,
capable of “etching” even the darkest natural hair color.
These paints have high resistance, suitable for
painting over gray hair and drastically changing the natural color.

Important! Oxidizer with hydrogen peroxide content
9-12% is used for highlighting brunettes and brown-haired women. For blonde and
Light hair is recommended to use 3-6% oxidizer.

Paint examples:

  • Schwarzkopf Color Mask – resistant paint in the form
    thick cream, suitable for home use. Contains
    small amount of ammonia. The palette includes 22 shades. Price
    packing – 400 rubles;
  • ESTEL De Luxe – ammonia paint with a palette of
    120 persistent shades. Despite the presence of ammonia in the composition,
    safe to use due to its nutritional and
    caring components. Paint price without oxidizer – 250-300


The paste provides fast and gentle bleaching of the strands with
effect of cosmetic care. For the preparation of coloring
its composition is mixed with the developer – it turns out a thick mixture,
which is easy to apply and does not spread over the head.

The best pastes for highlighting:

  • L`Oreal Professionnel Platinium plus –
    corrects the original color by 5-6 tones. One bank with
    500 ml bleaching paste will cost about 2500
  • Blonde Glam Blond Idol Redken –
    ammonia bleaching paste to make the original color
    1-5 levels lighter. Effective even on hard hair,
    contains white beeswax and keratolipids. Price cans capacity
    500 ml starts from 3000 rubles.


Powdered products are more suitable for salon.
applications, as they require calibrated mixing with the oxidizing agent.
The master must take into account not only the depth of the source and
planned color, but also the structure of the strands.

Important! Care should be taken with powder
since its particles easily rise into the air and can harm
respiratory system.

Popular tools:

  • Matrix Light Master – discolor up to 8
    tones, leaving no yellow. In composition used
    panthenol with reconstructive and protective properties. Price
    – 1000 rubles for 500 g;
  • Wella Blondor – brightens up to 7 tones, including
    including previously painted hair. Suitable for mixing with any
    concentration of oxygenator. Price – 2800 rubles for 800 g.

Ammonia paint

Paints that do not contain ammonia are good for their gentle impact.
on the hair. But they are not capable of radical staining, therefore
pronounced clarification with their help is not achieved.

Ammonia-free drugs:

  • Kapous Non Ammonia – does not contain ammonia,
    parabens and sulphates, enriched with argan and jojoba oils. Fits
    for home and salon highlighting. Average cost of packaging –
    300 rubles;
  • Faberlic – resistant ammonia-free cream paint in
    19 shades enriched with amla and arginine oil. Price set with
    gloves – about 200 rubles.

Lightening cream

Suitable for both radical and light brightening,
creating smooth transitions on a hairstyle.

Popular products:

  • CHI Blondest Blonde Cream – provides
    uniform clarification up to 8 levels. Price for 227 g – 1700 rubles;
  • LOréal Preference Glam Lights – submitted to
    two shades, designed for highlighting with a comb. Price
    Packing – 400 rubles.

Highlighting tonic

In fact, highlighting tonic can not be held, because it
the tool does not change the original shade of hair, but simply covers
curls pigment. Toning agents are used most often after
light highlighting to neutralize the yellowness.

Suitable drugs:

  • Tonic Rocolor – tones in both dark and
    in light colors, costs about 100 rubles per bottle;
  • Indola Color Silver – tinting shampoo,
    intended to eliminate yellowing, costs about 500 rubles for

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

How to choose the appropriate color and shade for highlighting?

Although it is considered that highlighting looks more advantageous
on blondes, owners of dark and blond hair is also not worth it
refuse such a staining technique. The main thing is right
pick up the dye based on the original tone.

On blonde hair

Highlighting on light strands allows you to shade their natural
shade, forcing to play in the sun with bright highlights.

  • For beauties tsvetotipov “winter” and “summer” shades fit
    cold gamut – pearl, silver, gray, ashen.
    Ash highlights
  • Color types “autumn” and “spring” will be most attractive with
    highlights in shades of gold, wheat, champagne, caramel and honey.
    Golden highlights

On the dark

For highlighting in a light palette, chestnut, dark blond,
brown and black hair will have to lighten and then tint
to eliminate redheads. In order not to injure strands, stylists
recommend highlighting in shades close to

  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • burgund;
  • bronze;
  • copper;
  • chestnut;
  • caramel;
  • cognac;
  • mocha and others

Tip! Highlights on dark hair make
shade that is 2 tones darker than the color of the iris and 3 tones –
natural hair color.

Light brown

Add shades of harmony and chic to dark brown hair
chestnut, wheat, amber, gold, copper and caramel. Light brown
Curls look good with platinum, silver, ash and creamy
palette. Shades of violet and

Top 10 best colors for highlighting

Among the variety of tools for melirovanie can be identified
top ten favorite colors that get good reviews from


For highlighting strands, L’Oréal has created a whole
cosmetic series called Revlonissimo NMT Super
Blondes. It includes 7 shades of category blond, in which
implemented nanotechnology clarification. They make hair more
bright, but at the same time do not have a detrimental effect on
their structure. In addition, the tools perfectly paint over gray hair,
allowing you to achieve a natural tone.


Among the products of the brand Estel as dyes for home
applications and professional tools:

  • gel clarifier Estel Quality formula;
  • cleansing creams Solo Super Blond Estel, Only Super
  • Essex Super Blond Plus Brightening Powder, Ultra Blond
    De Luxe.

The most gentle of the entire series of gel that can lighten the hair is not
more than 2 tones.


An Italian brand offering persistent cream paints for
highlighting and staining. Among all the series Kapous can be counted
more than a hundred different shades, allowing to realize the most
different techniques. Particularly noteworthy is the Non series.
Ammonia – the richest color collection for gentle
staining without ammonia.


American brand Matrix produces high-quality dyes for
hair, including Ultra highlighting series
Blonde. It presents 11 fashionable shades that give
The hair is a nice bright color. Radical hair color change is not
it will turn out – a maximum of 2-3 tones, but the strands will remain healthy and
shining. Matrix Ultra Blonde


New from the company Wella – the palette of professional
dyes with the formula ILLUMINA COLOR. It smooths out
cuticle scales, thereby allowing the surface of the hair to reflect
light rays. In the palette there are shades of bright blond,
light and very light blond and brown gamma.


Igora Royal Fashion by Schwarzkopf – great
option for unparalleled brightness and maximum contrast
melirovki. Thanks to a rich palette, paint can be used as
for highlighting in natural shades, and for
extraordinary bright color. Used to give color
highlights and create accents on the hair darker than the 6th depth of tone.


Syoss Coloring Cosmetics presented
four rulers, among which is the base palette Syoss
Color Professional Performance with 29 shades and series
clarifiers. Each clarifier has its own intensity:

  • “ultra” – brightens for 8 tones, suitable for very dark
  • “intense” – allows you to get a shade of 7 levels lighter
    the original, effectively discolor dark brown hair;
  • “strong” – designed to lighten medium-blonde and
    light blond curls on 6 tones.

In the latter case, the final color turns out to be warmer, and
The first two options give the hair shades of a cold palette.


Garnier paints are famous for their rich palette and durability of tone,
despite the minimum amount of ammonia in the composition. For more
sparing highlighting created a line of ammonia-free, but less resistant
pigments. The most popular series:

  • 100% Colors;
  • Color Naturals;
  • Color Sensation.

The richest palette boasts a series of Color Naturals –
it presents 43 tones, divided into 10 groups. Two of them
set aside under the shades of “blond” and “perfect blond.”

Important! Garnier paints are not suitable for
painting over gray hair.


Hair Colors Tru Color HairX
“Color-Expert” is a novelty of the cosmetics company Oriflame.
Their formula is enriched with vitamins and plant extracts,
which give hair not only a rich color, but also good care.
In a palette of 22 stylish colors that can be used both for
highlighting, and for full coloring with masking of a gray hair.

Palette by Schwarzkopf

Palette is an inexpensive homemade tool from Germany.
highlighting. Paint is positioned as ammonia-free, in its composition
includes royal jelly, nourishing strands. Special attention
such palette groups deserve:

  • ultra-luminous;
  • lightening;
  • light platinum;
  • light

In it you can find shades for both warm and cold

Paints for highlighting with a cap included

Dye with a cap in the kit – a convenient option for home
application. The hat from the set has holes designed for
pulling out individual strands. With it you can spend
highlighting without foil.

This kit can be found in the range of brand
Palette Deluxe “Glare Colors”. The kit includes paint,
wand and mixing bowl, paint brush, hook,
a cap with holes and a balm.

Professional tools that are used in salons

Professional paints for highlighting – complex preparations,
which only an experienced master can handle. They are sold
without oxidizer – the reagent is selected individually for each
client based on the base pigment and hair type. Most often among
professional products are dominated by clarifying powders,
allowing to achieve deep discoloration without yellowness.

Examples of tools:

  • Igora Vario Blond Super Plus Powder
    contains mikston, guaranteeing deep clarification even very
    dark strands, as well as the nutritional component in the form of an extract
  • Estel Professional Essex Super Blond Plus –
    bleaching powder that brightens strands up to 7 tones.

The sparing dye for highlighting hair without ammonia

Ammonia-free professional paints allow to realize
complex techniques of highlighting, but their pigmentation is no different
increased resistance.

Important! Due to the absence of toxic fumes
ammonia-free highlights can be recommended
pregnant women.

Examples of professional tools:

  • Kadus Fervidol Brilliant – line of 50
    Fashionable tones has a rich composition, including oil extracts,
    minerals and healthy salts. Coloring activators effectively change
    hair color, and wax components seal pigment securely, not
    allowing it to wash out;
  • Revlon Professionals – nutrition and
    recovery strands provide liquid crystals. And thanks
    pigments with delayed action of masturbate can get exactly in
    tone of the planned shade.

Paint with a comb for highlighting

Anyone who likes to experiment with hair, but does not want
overpay for salon painting, you should pay attention to
Special sets for highlighting with a comb. This option
introduced the company LOreal. Paint Preference Glam Lights
sold with a comb, shampoo and caregiver

The tool allows you to create seductive strands with golden
modulations of its own. Enough to distribute
coloring mixture along the whole length of the strands with the help of an expert comb
– and the beauty effect is ready.

Paint with highlight effect

Highlights in the style of balayazh – quite a difficult technique,
allowing to achieve the effect of strands faded in the sun. Before
Recently, this type of highlighting was only available in the cabin. But
with the advent of means loreal colorista balayage y
Beauties had the opportunity to achieve the effect of highlighting in the style
balayazh at home. The paint brightens the hair by several
tones, and soft transitions can be achieved with a comb,
included in the kit.

How to make highlighting at home

Highlighting hair is a challenge that is easy to handle in
home conditions. Ideally, it is better to attract an assistant who
helps to better divide and paint over the strands. If to
procedure failed to connect anyone, you can hold it
independently using two large mirrors.

Necessary means and tools

Of the funds will need primarily a dye or brightener. AT
at home it is better to use ready-made cream paints with
brightening properties. Do not forget about shampoo, balm and
tinting agent for yellowness.


  • mixing bowl;
  • brush with a thin handle;
  • massage comb;
  • clips for hair;
  • foil or cap for highlighting;
  • gloves;
  • cape on the shoulders;
  • hook (if used cap).

Frequently asked Questions

  • How much paint is needed – usually
    paints for highlighting need less than for full coloring,
    After all, not all strands are processed. For short and medium length
    Hair need to prepare one tube of dye (60 ml) and a bottle
    oxidant (50 ml). If the hair is long and thick, the amount
    consumables need to be doubled.
  • How to properly dilute – dilute paint
    easy – just squeeze the contents of the tube into a separate container
    and add oxide or developer. Then carefully mix the brush
    components until smooth.

Tip! So that the dye is easily distributed by
hair, you can add 1 tablespoon of shampoo to the mixture.

  • How to apply – Apply paint should
    zonal way. To do this, the entire volume of hair is divided into five
    working areas – at the temples, on the crown, on the back of the head and in the forehead
    (bang). Start highlighting is better from the neck, gradually moving
    to the crown, temples and ending with a bang. Fine handle comb
    separate strands alternately – one is painted and the other remains
  • How much to keep – about the exposure of the means
    will be indicated in the instructions for the drug. Time can
    range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The lighter the original
    hair color, the less time it takes the pigment to
    act. The process is better controlled independently,
    periodically checking the paint reaction.

The best ways to highlight hair

There are three basic ways of highlighting, which we describe

  1. Through the cap – the cap for highlighting has
    special design – it fits tightly to the surface of the head and
    has holes designed to separate the strands. Special
    hooks are removed from each hole (or with gaps).
    When all the planned bundles are retrieved, they are painted over.
    at the same time leave for aging in the open way or with
  2. With foil – to make a metal with foil,
    the hair must first be divided into zones in the manner indicated above, and
    fix each clips. Foil smeared small
    the amount of paint and put under a thin separated strand,
    making a small gate at the roots. Over the foil process
    separated bundle and rolled up envelope. Separate another strand –
    it will remain unpainted and pin up to the envelope. Similarly
    gleam the rest of the hair.
  3. With a comb – only suitable for work
    a special paddle comb known as a stripper. Her thin
    the teeth allow you to separate the strands, and the scoop is designed to apply
    and paint distribution. Hold the curl with your fingers, hold
    stripper from the roots to the ends of the hair and leave a strand
    stained in an open way.

What is better – a cap or foil?

The cap is more suitable for hairstyles of medium length and short
hair. Long strands through the holes of the cap to drag very
difficult – there is a possibility of confusing and damaging them. In this case
foil is ideal for highlighting.

Photo after highlighting

Selection of photos before and after highlighting:

On blonde hair

Highlighting on blonde hair photo before and after

Highlighting on light hair allows you to emphasize
attractive natural color and makes the image more

On dark hair

Highlight on dark hair photo before and after

Dark hair requires prior bleaching if
It is planned to make a big contrast between the beams. Will be good
look shades of natural range.

On light brown hair

Light brown hair is suitable for the implementation of almost all techniques.
highlighting. Both dark, and light, and bright shades on light brown
hairstyles will look pretty.

Highlight two colors

Highlighting in two colors is considered a classic. One shade
will represent your “native” hair color, the other – selected
pigment. The exception is when fully
hair becomes discolored and then shone in two close ones

Dark paint

Highlight dark paint

More suitable for light and blond hair, because on the brown-haired
and brunettes will go unnoticed. Chocolate is used,
coffee, brandy, chestnut and even black shades.

Light paint

highlighting light paint

Light tones are used on hair of any source color – from
very dark to light. Depending on the natural color
selected oxidant intensity.

Pink paint

Highlighting pink paint

Color highlights in pink will look good on
light brown and light blond curls.

Purple paint

Highlighting violet paint

Shades of lilac and purple blend well with both
dark and with blond hair. Only for dark hair
high-intensity pigment should be selected.

Red paint

Highlighting red paint

Red strands contrast with dark hair, good
combined with ginger, purple and chocolate. Classic is considered
combination of red and black.


Ash highlights

Ash tones are perfect for cool color types –
summer and winter. They emphasize the expressiveness of bright eyes and
whiteness of the skin. Disguise gray hair helps technology highlights
“salt and pepper”, where the ash palette is combined with black.


Reddish highlight

The most winning option – reddish highlights on dark hair
with frequent alternating strands. The original combination looks
red, milky and reddish shades on light hairstyles.

Hair care after the procedure: TOP 5 tips

Hair care

Basic care tips come down to
to the following:

  1. to wash your hair with shampoos and conditioners
    behind melirovanny hair;
  2. once a week use masks, nourishing oils or
  3. light highlighting periodically update silver
    shampoos or violet tonics to eliminate yellowness;
  4. in the summer, hide your hair from ultraviolet under a hat or a hat for
    prevent burnout and destruction of the pigment;
  5. minimize the use of hair dryers, curling irons and ironing.

Read more about the care of melirovanny hair in our special

Tip! Protect hair from aggressive exposure
high temperatures will help thermal protective equipment. They are issued
in the form of sprays, foams or emulsions and applied to curls in front

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionSvetlana PodgornayaHairdresser-makeup artist

Is there a highlighting paint without yellowness?

The statement is valid only for powder and powder.
clarifiers professional series. Similar results also
can boast means Estel High Blond De Luxe, L’Oreal
Preference les Blondissimes and the line of clarifiers Syoss.

What paint is better to make highlights in gray?

The gray palette is present in the paint lines Ollin, Faberlik,
Estelle, Capus and Ciesos.

Which is better: lightening cream paint or highlighting?

The choice will depend on the expected result. Highlighting
looks more impressive thanks to the many techniques that can
to choose a different type of appearance and hair color. Cream paint more
suitable for single coloring. But over bleached hair
You can perform any complex and multicolor meliku, even if
the strands were dark.

The choice of paint – a key stage of preparation for highlighting. Before
than to proceed with staining, you should carefully study the instructions for
means. The manufacturer usually indicates which hair is suitable for
drug, what result can achieve and how to
use paint.

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