Panacea at hand: a mask for oily hair home conditions

Mask for oily hair at home, made from
natural inexpensive ingredients, be sure to help you if
the roots of your hair quickly grow fat, the tips split off, and the hairstyle
loses volume within an hour after laying. Mask against
oily hair can be made from what is in the house, in
the nearest pharmacy or store – for example, from clay and
mustard Mustard gently cleanses the hair, replacing shampoo, but
while not only does not harm the odorants and phosphates, but also
improves blood supply to the scalp with a warming effect,
thereby stimulating hair growth. Clay delicately cleanses the skin from
fat, dust and other contaminants, giving hair strength and shine.

But before preparing any mask, be it a face mask, hands
or hair, do not forget to take a dermatological test for allergies.
It only takes 15 minutes, but will protect from unpleasant
surprises To test the skin of the hand or bend the elbow
apply a little cooked mask and leave for a quarter of an hour.
If there is no redness, itching, rash or other on this site
unpleasant dermatological reactions – feel free to apply a mask on

Mustard hair: soft and thick curls

Any masks for greasy hair with mustard accelerate not only growth
hair, but also their loss, because after the first few applications
on the comb can remain a little more hairs than usual. But
it is the liberation of the scalp from weakened and dying off
hair is necessary to let grow new – strong, alive and
beautiful. Because you should not be afraid of such an initial effect –
it only means that the mask is working and it will soon appear
positive action.

Hair mask with mustard can be used 1-2 times a week,
and the course will last about a month – a manifestation of this
funds are quite individual. The ingredients for the mask are quite
available, you can find them in your fridge or in the near
The grocery store is kefir and mustard. When choosing mustard
be careful and buy one that does not contain any
additives or extra spices. If you are not sure that mustard
no impurities, or simply no desire to go to the store, then mustard
You can cook yourself from mustard powder, which
should be in the house of every hostess. For this 1 tablespoon
powder pour 1 tbsp. l boiling water and stir until the dough.
Then add another 1 spoon of boiling water – so we avoid formation
lumps, and let the mixture cool. Add 1 teaspoon of 9%
table vinegar – and the mustard for the mask is ready!

Choosing kefir, pay attention to the following fact: the fatter
the scalp, the sour should be kefir, just do not take
defatted. To make a mask that removes excess fat from
skin, it is necessary in a glass of kefir (200 ml) add 0.5 tbsp. l mustard and
to stir thoroughly. The mixture is applied over the entire length of the hair, starting
from the roots. After drawing it is necessary to shake the head with polyethylene
(take the bag or cling film) or foil, and on the top – terry
a towel. With such a “turban” you have to go 40 minutes, and then
rinse hair with warm water.

Mustard removes excess greasiness and fatness, dries roots
hair. Kefir also contains calcium, beneficial for hair, vitamins B and
E. These are the ideal components of a mask for oily hair.

To avoid the smell of the mask ingredients, you can mix
add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil, cinnamon or

Essential oils are in the range of pharmacies and cosmetic

Panacea of ​​clay

Clay for oily hair – just a panacea! After all, this is one of
top products that women started using for
cooking home cosmetics.

Clay can be found in cosmetic stores or pharmacies, its price
hovers around just 20 cents! Cosmetic Varieties
There is a lot of clay, but it is better to use a mask for oily hair
white clay without impurities, otherwise called kaolin. Such
She received the name from the Chinese province in which she
is mined. Mask for oily hair from white clay delicately cleanses
scalp from oiliness and dust, restores hair, gives them
gloss and silkiness.

Mask for oily hair is prepared according to this recipe: 1 tbsp. l
dilute the clay with warm (50-60˚С) boiled filtered water,
which should be about 2 tbsp. l Consistency should
turn out like liquid sour cream. Add burdock oil – 1 tbsp.

Burdock oil protects hair from falling out, breakage, splitting
tips and dandruff. It is a very cheap product and is sold in
every pharmacy. Mix everything with a wooden spoon or chopstick. Then
add the yolk of fresh chicken eggs, mix again until
formation of homogeneous mass. The clay mask is ready! For a nice
aroma and shine hair, as well as to feed the dried
clay head skin, you can add 3-5 drops of any citrus
essential oil.

The mask is applied to greasy, unwashed hair over the entire length, starting
from the roots. Properly miss the scalp at partings in various
directions, a special brush evenly distributes the mask
along the length of the hair. Then we twist them with “bun”, we wrap
polyethylene (food wrap), top – with a towel and
leave so for 20-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water, without the use of
the usual store shampoo or with a minimum amount.
The prepared mask can be stored in a glass container for 5
days It is possible to apply such mask through time, alternating with washing
ordinary shampoo.

After the first use, the mask for oily hair you
pleasantly surprised: the volume and pleasant softness are palpable from the first
days, and in a month – healthy shine and beauty of a hairdress without
extra foams and varnishes!

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