Paraffin for hands at home conditions

The therapeutic properties of paraffin have been known for a long time. In medicine
substance used as a warming and relaxing agent
before the massage, as well as heat packs
in the treatment of dislocation of the extremities and sprains of muscle tissue.
Today paraffin is successfully used in cosmetology. Special
Paraffin therapy for hands and face is popular because the skin of these
parts of the body are most vulnerable and tend to dryness, education
cracks and peeling. One session of paraffin therapy is enough
to eliminate these unpleasant phenomena and return the skin smooth
texture, softness and smoothness.


  • How does paraffin on the skin
  • Attributes necessary for home
    paraffin therapy
  • How to make paraffin baths at home
  • Contraindications for paraffin therapy

How does paraffin on the skin

Paraffin is a wax-like mixture of hydrocarbons.
It is used in production, construction and medicine. One of
The most useful properties of this substance is its heat capacity.
The melting point of paraffin is 46-65 degrees, in such
conditions, it turns from solid material to liquid viscous
mass of


Paraffin therapy involves the use of exceptional
molten substance that is neatly applied with appliqués
on the skin. Hot paraffin is completely safe: the probability of getting
burn almost zero. This is due to low thermal conductivity.
paraffin that gives off heat in small portions.

With paraffin therapy, the skin is uniformly warmed.
cover that initiates many related reactions:
intercellular spaces increase, the stratum corneum
becomes soft, pores open, perspiration increases.
However, moisture from the surface of the skin does not evaporate, since paraffin
perfectly isolates the treated area. She penetrates again
skin, restoring its hydrobalance. So the main
paraffin therapy effect is deep moisturizing and softening

Attributes necessary for home
paraffin therapy

To conduct paraffin therapy for hands alone at home
conditions, you must have a set of tools and tools, without which
the procedure itself and even less the positive effect of it
are possible. Therefore, deciding to make a paraffin bath for hands at home,
Get all the attributes listed below.

  1. Electric paraffin bath. The device is very
    convenient for home procedures in that it not only melts
    paraffin, but also constantly maintains the optimum temperature
    substances. Replacing the bath can be a shallow container
    mostly enameled or ceramic.
  2. Cosmetic paraffin – high quality paraffin, not
    containing dyes. The composition of the paraffin often includes
    vitamins and other skin-friendly substances.
  3. Exfoliating agent (hand scrub). Its use
    removes the barrier of dead skin cells, which contributes to more
    fast and deep penetration of nutrients into the layers
    epidermis. The use of scrub is of course not necessary, but
    pre-cleansing the skin from dead particles increases in
    Significantly effective paraffin therapy.
  4. Polyethylene bags or cling film.
  5. Thermo knobs or thick terry towel.
  6. Fatty nourishing cream or oil-based product.
  7. Protective hand cream.


Also for the procedure useful comfortable chair or chair, in
where you can relax. For relaxation, you can turn on
calm beautiful music, light scented candles, combining,
thus paraffin therapy with aromatherapy.

How to make paraffin baths at home

Paraffin therapy is a simple procedure and perform it.
alone will not be difficult. The main thing is to act
consistently and according to the instructions.

  1. Place the paraffin wax in a container or a special bath and
    warm up in a water bath. The substance should melt completely,
    but its temperature in the molten form should not be above 40
    degrees Do not allow water to enter the container.
  2. Prepare your hands for the application. For this you need to steam the skin.
    hands, holding them for some time in hot water. Then apply
    Scrub and massage for 5-10 minutes. This will save the skin from
    keratinous layer and improve blood flow.
  3. Rub into the skin with massage movements cooked cream or
    oil mixture.
  4. Dip your hands in the bath with the consistency
    paraffin and hold for 10 seconds. Take your hands out of the container and after 10-15
    seconds, plunge again into the liquid. It is necessary to make 4 or 5 such
  5. As soon as the substance hardens a little, wrap the hands with film and
    wear mittens or wrap them in a warm towel.
  6. Remove paraffin from hands after 20-30 minutes, rinse hands with warm
    water Apply any moisturizer to the dried skin.

Attention! After a paraffin therapy session, the skin of the hands cannot be 2 hours.
subject to low temperatures. Cooled paraffin or
Parfin removed from the body can not be reused.

Visible improvements after paraffin therapy are noticeable after
first session. And the result is stored for seven days.

The course of paraffin treatment is from 5 to 10 procedures, which
usually carried out with a break of 5-6 days.

Contraindications for paraffin therapy

Before you experience the medical or cosmetic
procedure, one should inquire not only about the features and
rules of its application, but also the presence of contraindications, so as not to
harm to health. Paraffin therapy, like many other types
therapy, alas, is contraindicated for people suffering from hypertension,
varicose veins, diabetes, some skin and
cardiovascular disease. The procedure is prohibited if available
on the skin of open wounds, irritations, rashes.

For those to whom traditional (hot) paraffin therapy is not
suitable, there is a great alternative – cold
paraffin cream. Procedures using this tool are almost nothing.
do not differ: cold paraffin is applied on the working surface
soft brush without heating.

Paraffin hand therapy is an affordable and safe way.
restore skin at home. Hands become graceful
well-groomed and tender. And thanks to its healing properties
paraffin mask for hands will eliminate in a short time minor
skin damage and prevent their formation in the future.

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