Partial highlighting – pros and cons, photo to and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Update your hairstyle and transform your familiar image by making it
spectacular and brighter, you can use the procedure called
“partial highlighting”. This procedure is
gentle way to dye a small amount of hair without
cardinal change its natural color.

What is partial highlighting. History of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is partial highlighting. History of creation
  • Who is suitable partial highlighting and possible
  • Pros and cons of partial highlighting
  • Photo Before and after partial highlighting
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • Appliances and cost in a beauty salon
  • Methods of partial highlighting at home
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Hair care after partial bleaching

This type of coloring will help transform any haircut,
adding a shag of brightness and contrast. The very way of this
lightening is almost harmless, because highlights are exposed
just some individual strands. The main part of the curls while not
is changing.

The purpose of this clarification is to highlight and
underline your main hair color by adding
contrast – a small percentage of straightened strands.
The hairstyle takes on a more fresh, updated look, and a natural
shade becomes even more saturated and deep. Where you want
to highlight? In salononema

Therefore, this staining method is safe,
in a delicate way to clarify individual strands, often chosen
in no particular order.

The width of the selected curls and their frequency is determined
individually, depending on the type of appearance, haircuts and personal
preferences. However, on average, with this type of highlighting,
width does not exceed 2-3 centimeters, because during this procedure,
generally strive to achieve maximum naturalness and

The emergence of this gentle method of staining contributed
classical highlighting, which masters slightly modernized,
adding clarified areas of softness and natural effect
sun-bleached hair.

Who is suitable partial highlighting and possible

This type of coloring is suitable for all women. Any
haircut will look updated and impressive thanks to this
gentle lightning, and hair, devoid of brilliance and pomp,
gain a healthy glow and missing volume thanks to
neat partial clarification.

The main contraindications may be
following factors:

  • irritation or damage to the skin of the head;
  • hair loss;
  • hypersensitivity to any component in
  • idiosyncrasy and any allergic

Thin, lifeless hair is not a contraindication to
carrying out such a procedure, as well as the tendency to dryness.

This type of highlighting is suitable for everybody.
for women

Pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, highlights better.
just set aside. If staining is planned for more
late, be sure to notify your position
masters and ask to use the safest and softest
chemical compositions.

Pros and cons of partial highlighting

The main advantage of this clarification is its safety and
mild effect on the hair structure, which is practically not
harm and does not dry out the hair.


  • sparing highlighting;
  • preservation of the main color of the hair;
  • doesn’t take too long like other species
  • effectively hides gray hair and gives the image of freshness and
  • does not require frequent correction of growing roots;
  • suitable for people with problematic hair;
  • effective and at the same time quite natural appearance;
  • adding shine, volume and pomp.

Also a positive point is the universality of this
kind of lightening that suits absolutely any hairstyle and any
type of appearance.

Partial highlighting will suit absolutely any hairstyle
and any type of appearance


  • This method is not suitable for those who want to completely repaint or
    change color by more than 1/3;
  • the cost in the cabin can be quite high, especially
    for long-haired ladies.

Another feature is the need to choose
highly professional master who can choose the right
areas for clarification and competently carry out the procedure itself.

Photo Before and after partial highlighting

Changes in the hair after such a highlight method will be noticeable.
immediately after the procedure. As a rule, the hairstyle gets
well-groomed, spectacular look, volume and shine.

Effect of partial highlighting in curls
different lengths and colors:

  • on short hair. Short haircut will be
    brighter and fresher;

    Partial highlighting for short hair

  • on average length. Average length will gain
    pomp and brilliance;

    Partial highlighting for medium length

  • for long. Long hair noticeably quicken
    thanks to the blotches of light strands;

    Partial highlighting for long hair

  • on the dark. Dark color will become even richer and
    more contrast;

    Partial highlighting for dark hair

  • on the blond. Light-brown shades will play in a new way,
    recalling the slight radiance of sun glare;

    Partial highlights on light brown hair

  • on dark blond. Dark blond hair
    transform, becoming like a slightly burnt in the hot sun

    Partial highlighting for medium length

  • on light. Light tones such staining
    will give a soft shimmer and smooth color play;

    Partial highlighting on blonde hair

  • on red. The red color will freshen up and become
    more noticeable and colorful;

    Partial highlighting on red hair

  • on gray. Sedina successfully disguised
    appropriate shades, creating a slightly sun-scorched effect

    Partial highlighting on gray hair

  • on brown. Clarified Brown Strands
    will look more interesting and more contrast;

    Partial highlights on brown hair

  • on curly. Curly shoal, as a rule,
    requires lightening a little more strands, so
    the view becomes very bright, as if shimmering in the sun;

    Partial highlighting for curly hair

  • on straight. Direct hair will be much
    bigger and more spectacular with the help of lightening several strands.

With a clearer clarification, the image will be more contrast and

With a clearer lightening, the image will be more daring and
contrasting, while smooth color transitions will create an effect
naturalness and naturalness.

Beautiful shades and colors

Shades and colors in which selected strands will be painted,
are selected individually, depending on the color type and basic
colors of hair, as well as personal wishes.

For fair-haired most suitable
shades are:

  • caramel;
  • light wheat;
  • beige;
  • North Blond;
  • coffee with milk;
  • Ivory.

For dark-haired fit copper, coffee, nutty

For dark hair are most often used
following colors:

  • coffee;
  • copper;
  • walnut;
  • honey;
  • chocolate.

For fair-haired fit
caramel, light wheat, beige shades

Red-haired beauties fit tone with a reddish tint:
copper, or hibiscus.

Appliances and cost in a beauty salon

The best way to transform your look,
brightening a few strands, is an appeal to a beauty salon.

The cost in the cabin, as a rule, depends on the length of the curls and
professionalism master.

On average, partial highlighting on medium length hair
costs about 3-4 thousand rubles.

Partial highlighting on medium-length hair will cost
3-4 thousand rubles


  • preparation curls. Combing, highlighting strands that
    will be highlighted;
  • highlighting. Application to selected areas of the clarifier, after
    why the strand is wrapped in foil;
  • final stage. After 30-40 minutes, the foil is removed, the means
    wash off and apply a moisturizing balm or a special mask.

The duration of the procedure is usually
takes about 2 hours;

How much is holding up. Keeps such melirovka
about three to four months;

How often can you repeat this highlighting.
You can repeat this procedure as you wish – partial
highlighting does not imply a permanent adjustment of the roots, therefore
Repeat can be done both in 3-4 months, and after
half a year

Methods of partial highlighting at home

This type of staining can be done independently, in
home conditions.

You can make partial highlighting at home with
special hairdressing hats

The first way:

  • combing the curls, put on a special hairdresser’s hat with
    holes through which you need to gently release a few
    narrow strands, including areas framing the face;
  • dilute the coloring composition as directed
  • apply the prepared solution on selected strands, promazyvaya
    light movements from the bottom up;
  • after applying the paint, the strand is combed and wrapped in
  • after half an hour the product is washed off with a mild shampoo and
    applied moisturizing balm that comes with a set of paint.

In the second method, the cap is not used and
curls are highlighted immediately before coloring with the help of acute
combs. This method is suitable for experienced women who are painted.
alone is not the first time.

Strands with this method of highlighting are usually taken only with
the upper layer of hair, and when dyeing from the roots, indentation is made
in a couple of centimeters.

Suitable hairstyles

List of hairstyles that are combined with this type of clarification
wide enough. Almost any haircut will look
doubly spectacular and stylish with a little lightening.

Almost any haircut will look more impressive with
partial highlight

However, the most suitable hairstyles

  • quads;
  • pixie;
  • bean;
  • ladder;
  • cascade.

Simple straight hair also looks very harmonious with
bleached strands.

Hair care after partial bleaching

The main care after this type of staining is
in nutrition and hydration of curls, as well as their protection from
hot air and frost.

To care for melirovannyh hair need to use
moisturizing balms and masks

From the first days after highlighting, it is recommended to start applying
moisturizing balms, masks and conditioners designed to
colored hair. The shampoo should also be soft, moisturizing and
safe. Agents incorporating sulphates, silicones and
Parabens, it is desirable to completely eliminate.

The use of thermal protection before laying and drying will protect
shag from the negative effects of hot air blow dryer. AT
the cold season should not be neglected wearing head
cleaning – it has a positive effect not only on health in
whole, but also on the condition of the hair in particular.

Partial highlights transforms and refreshes hair, adding
locks of radiance and grooming. This preserves the base color.
hair and practically does not harm the structure of the strands.

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