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  • The emergence and gaining popularity
  • Classic and other options

The owners of short hair and medium-length hair are all
haircut page is becoming more popular, or, as it is called,
sesson. As the name implies, this hairstyle is not new, so what about her
rather, it can be said that she is again in fashion. Today from all
Other stylish short hairstyles page is distinct
stylistic pattern with a slight retro tint.

The emergence and gaining popularity

If historians are to be believed, for the first time, they began to cut their hair in this way.
in the middle Ages. The hairstyle was trebled by commoners
practicality. Also, speaking of the origin of this haircut,
it is impossible not to recall boys serving as noble gentlemen,

But in those days, a page hairstyle was considered exclusively male.
This continued until about the 60s of the last century. how
once in this time women began to actively promote ideas

Among the fair sex haircut page received
popularity thanks to the three famous French. The first was Vidal
Sasson, who is considered the author of the upgraded version of the haircut
page. Thanks to him, Mireille Mathieu has acquired its styling.

Christian Dior. At one of his shows, he led everyone to the podium.
equally trimmed mannequins. In such an act wing
desire to shock the audience with daring male hairstyles on
beautiful female heads.

Thus, the female haircut page has found a second wind in that
period. She was worn by the biggest ladies around the world: actresses,
sportswomen, mannequins, singers and many others. Over time she
became the prototype of other, no less famous hairstyles such as bob
and quads.

The popularity of haircuts can be explained as follows:

  • ease of installation – for shaping you just need to beat
  • due to its special performance it keeps its shape for a long time;
  • emphasizes the features of the female face;
  • gives the impression of elegance and accuracy;
  • smoothes all angularities of the face.

Haircut page is perfect for women with square and
rectangular face shape. Looks best at
thick hair. A variety of styling allows you to always look
in a new way, change your image daily, under any mood and
a place.

Classic and other options

haircut pageThe classic version is haircut page on
short hair and straight bangs. Haircut is done in such a way
that bangs and the rest of the hair create one unbreakable line. AT
As a result, the strands beautifully frame the face. On the top is created
additional volume. Page on short hair resembles a beautiful
hat, lying flat on the head.

But hairdressing is not in place, therefore, in our
time there are different variations of haircut page.

Haircut page on medium hair is a product
modern fashion and new preferences.

It requires considerable skill and experience from a specialist. The whole process
divided into several stages:

  1. A vertical parting is made through the whole head.
  2. Parallel to the hairline, one strand is separated.
    1.5 cm wide
  3. The first strand is cut to the desired length.
  4. The following strands combed along the length of the face parting around

Required: when trimming strands on one side each
the next one should be no longer than the previous one by 3 mm. AT
As a result, the hair around the face takes a bowl shape. During
subsequent hair styling is lifted at the roots with a round
combs. The tips usually wrap in around the entire circumference.

As a rule, the result is worth the effort: a woman with such
The hairstyle looks romantic and sophisticated. Seamlessly elongated
the sides of the strand look very neat, and those that go down to
shoulders – especially gently.

Page style styling can be an excellent design option.
hair of any length. The main thing here – to maintain the contour of hair in
smooth, flowing lines. Hair below shoulder length is a good match.
with a bang to the eyebrow line or with a bang in the shape of an arc that smoothly
goes into the side strands. You can also experiment with
bang, making it torn, asymmetric or oblique.

So, haircut page, which arose in the deep Middle Ages, today
is a benchmark of sophisticated femininity, helps to create
romantic image and elegant style.

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