Pea facials as perfect anti wrinkles


Ladies balzakovskogo age and young adolescents,
owners of oily skin and dry, for regular care and
treatment of skin diseases can use homemade masks for
faces of peas. They will help and from wrinkles, and from acne. Get rid of
greasy shine and dryness.


  • The chemical composition of peas
  • The effectiveness of pea face masks
  • Rules of application
  • Pea Face Mask Recipes

When God expelled Adam from Paradise, he was very saddened. Plowing
earth to feed himself and Eve, he wept. According to the biblical
legend, his tears fell into fertile soil, turning into
pea. It was one of the first plants grown by Adam and
Eve. Since then, many traditions and rituals have been associated with this
amazing culture. Few people know that in the Middle Ages ointments from
Peas were considered the best medicine for all sorts of skin diseases:
warts, lichen, calluses and even erysipelas. With the onset of the XXI century,
when cosmetology began to be based on the most innovative
nanobiology technology, about this plant unfairly forgotten.
Indeed, you can find products with extracts of chamomile, aloe,
peppermint, carrot, cucumber and others, whereas cream or whey with
extract of legumes – a rarity. However, do not be discouraged,
because pea facial mask is easy
preparing at home.

Pea homemade face mask

The chemical composition of peas

Homemade face mask of peas possesses
therapeutic and cosmetic properties, thanks to its rich
chemical composition. As in any legume plants, in his seeds
contains a large amount of amino acids, vitamins and
trace elements. In contact with the skin, they become
active participants in metabolic processes at the cellular level,
transforming it externally. Here are some “helpers” who will work with

  • amino acids stimulate cell production
    collagen and elastin that make the skin smooth and
  • ascorbic acid boosts cellular
    immunity, which increases skin resistance to external
    aggressive factors;
  • Vitamin K is known for its whitening
  • vitamins from group B (thiamine, riboflavin,
    nicotine, pyridoxine, folic acid) have a therapeutic effect,
    restoring damaged cells, promote healing
    diseased skin;
  • carotene has moisturizing properties and
    gives the face a beautiful, natural color;
  • starch dries oily skin;
  • choline is able to soothe any irritation on

So skin-friendly chemical composition
pea allows you to make it a very effective mask
for face. Mostly they are obtained either medicinally or
anti-aging action. Contraindications to their use
practically no, but try them as regular
cosmetics can be at any age and with any type of skin –
see for yourself.

Origin of name. The word “pea” has
ancient Indian roots and goes back to “garshati”, which means “rubbing”.
This is explained by the fact that peas were previously consumed exclusively
tattered as flour.

What is the use of peas for the skin of the face

Take from us the best recipes for homemade wrinkle masks:

And if you have a combination skin type, then for recipes
masks here—

The effectiveness of pea face masks

Oily skin they will dry, dry – moisturize, normal
– to feed, problem – to treat, sensitive – to calm. So
The multi-faceted effectiveness of pea facial masks makes them
truly unique cosmetics that can
use to eliminate almost any problems with

  • first recommended pea face mask from
    wrinkles, as it tightens well sagging skin
    (has a lifting effect) and contributes to the production of elastin and
  • thanks to amino acids, promotes general rejuvenation,
    hiding age changes, suspending processes
  • dries oily skin and removes greasy luster from it;
  • refreshes, gives a charge of vivacity after labor
    day, relieves fatigue;
  • helps to restore water balance in cells, keeping
    precious moisture, preventing its evaporation, so that the masks from
    pea can be safely used to moisturize dry skin type
  • treats various skin diseases (dermatitis,
    psoriasis, eczema, lichen, etc.), being a wonderful additional
    folk remedy for the main course of therapy;
  • bleaches, brightens, does not such
    visible pigment spots;
  • thanks to pea masks, the epidermis gains incredible
    smoothness and elasticity, it becomes velvety to the touch;
  • soothes, relieves itching and irritation, reduces the amount
    rashes and inflammations.

However, such a multifaceted and complex effect of pea
masks for the face is possible only if the recipe is selected
correctly, and the tool itself was prepared and applied in
according to certain rules. So first you
you need to make sure that the mask you choose,
really suits your skin type and learn from it
enjoy at home.

Through the pages of the past. Pea is considered
one of the oldest cereal crops. Its seeds were found
during archaeological excavations in the late Stone Age (this
over 20,000 years ago) in Switzerland, Germany, Ancient Greece,
Croatia; in the period of the Bronze Age – in in Spain, France,

The effectiveness of the mask of peas

Rules of application

So, to face mask of peas justified assigned to
hope for her, you need to properly prepare everything, starting with the choice of raw materials
and ending with the regularity of the procedures. If you follow the recommendations
beauticians and those who have already experienced the effect of this
magical cosmetics, amazing results
skin transformations will not take long.

Raw materials for making masks

  1. Canned green peas for
    preparation of face masks is not categorically
    fits Want to get a lot of side effects in the form of
    irritation and rash – you can experiment.
  2. Ideal – fresh green peas,
    just collected from the garden. He stretches his fork to the state
    puree and is used to make masks for the face. With such
    ingredient you get maximum moisture. It is for this
    The reason for this cosmetic is ideal for the care of
    dry skin type.
  3. If you have to use dry peas, from
    which is usually cooked soup, it can be prepared in two ways.
    Or you boil it and turn it into a puree. Either in a coffee grinder
    grind to a state of flour. These face masks are better.
    use to care for bold face type as they possess
    drying properties, as well as acne and other treatments

Skin preparation

  1. Peas belong to the family of legumes that are known
    content of more than 30 allergens in its composition. Therefore, before
    than doing pea face masks, check whether they will not cause
    allergic skin reaction.
  2. If there is no risk of allergy to the pea mask, prepare
    skin to the procedure. Remove residual makeup and dirt
    steam it and scrub.
  3. The skin should be dry and clean.

Raw materials for a pea face mask

Cooking process

  1. For cooking, take any dishes other than metal,
    which gives many oxides that react with others
    ingredients and leveling their useful properties.
  2. Peas – a unique product for the preparation of home masks for
    faces, as it can be combined absolutely with any other
  3. Preheat honey and oils in a water bath.
  4. Esters and eggs should not come into contact with hot masses.
    At high temperatures, essential oils lose their valuable properties,
    and the protein folds and turns out to be useless.
  5. If the mask of peas, cooked according to the recipe, turned out
    too dry, dilute it with warm milk to the desired consistency.
    If liquid – increase the concentration of pea flour.
  6. If there are many lumps, they need to be broken with a fork,
    whisk or by passing the mixture through a blender.
  7. The tool must be applied as intended immediately, without leaving
    subsequent times.


  1. Find a pattern of massage lines on the face and apply pea
    mask according to her.
  2. Make sure that the mixture does not flow from the face by the collar or in
  3. In the absence of aggressive ingredients in the recipe (mustard,
    vinegar, cinnamon, turmeric, citrus, kiwi, alcohol, etc.) time
    mask actions – 20-30 minutes. If they are – 10-15.
  4. If the time is not over yet, but you feel itchy and burning,
    the procedure should be stopped and find yourself another recipe.
  5. The pea mask is washed off with a usual warm liquid (water,
    milk, decoction of herbs).

Final stage

  1. After washing off the mask, blot the skin with a towel.
  2. Apply daily cream.
  3. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 2 times a week – for
    oily skin, once a week – for normal and dry.
  4. The full course is from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on
    the original problem.

Home use face masks from peas only at first
the look may seem too complicated and multistage
process. After several treatments, mature skills
let you do everything on the machine. Preparation will take
you have no more than 10 minutes + about half an hour (or even less) – time
action means on the skin. The results in the end will justify all
effort expended.

With the world – on a thread. In ancient China, seeds
Peas were considered a symbol of wealth and fertility.

The best recipes for masks from peas

Pea Face Mask Recipes

There are a variety of recipes for pea skin masks
absolutely any type. So look, choose, try.
Some remedy may not be consistent in consistency, due to another
irritation may begin, from the third no sense at all
will be. But there is a choice – so keep searching,
experiment, and then you will definitely find that option
masks that is perfect for you.

For dry skin

  • Classic

Start with a classic green pea face mask for
moisturizing dry skin. Remove from the pod young, juicy
peas, mash them to a state of gruel and without any additives
apply on face.

  • With olive oil

This mask with peas for the face is good for fading skin, because
has a lifting effect. Mix 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes
fresh green peas with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Add raw egg yolk and 3 drops of orange ether.

  • Berry

The berry-pea mask is recommended to be done when necessary.
smooth out wrinkles. 2 tablespoons of pureed green peas
Mix with the same amount of chopped black currant.

For oily skin

  • Classic

The classic face mask will help to cope with the greasy shine
from dry peas for drying oily skin. 3 tablespoons
pea flour pour a small amount of water or milk so
to get a creamy mixture.

  • Honey

Mix 30 grams of pea flour with egg white protein and 2 tea
spoons of liquid honey.

  • Lemon

Mix the crushed dry peas (3 tablespoons) with
concentrated lemon juice to form a liquid

For normal skin

  • Kefir

Mix 50 grams of green pea puree with 20 ml of medium kefir
fat content.

  • Sour cream

Mix 30 grams of crushed dry peas with 10 ml of mineral
water and the same amount of sour cream medium fat.

  • Cleansing

Mix 30 grams of pea flour with the same amount of oatmeal
flakes, add a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon.
Use the mask as a peeling: massage the skin, then leave
on the face for 5-7 minutes and rinse.

If you like homemade pea masks for your face, you
you can still search among industrial cosmetics
those in which there is an extract of this plant. They are few, but they are:
La femme eléganté (cream lifting), Innisfree Orchid Day Cream
(anti-aging cream), Diamond Bio-Lift Eye Contour Cream Natura
Bisse (lifting cream for the skin around the eyes), cream Russian field (from
wrinkles), Sisleyouth (anti-aging cream from the first wrinkles for
young skin). They will be a great addition to those masks
which you made with your own hands, and will form with them
A single natural complex for the care of the epidermis. Results you
Do not disappoint – believe me.

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