Pediculen – medicines for lice and nits, spray, lotion, shampoo, comb

Many, faced with lice, predict the most fatal
Outcomes: Zero haircut, Dust soap washing, or even treatment.
kerosene. But pharmaceutics has stepped forward long ago – in any pharmacy
can be found sparing and safe for the health of anti-parasitic
drugs. One of these tools is the pediculen product line.

Indications and contraindications, possible harm to people

The content of the article:

  • Indications and contraindications, possible harm to people
  • Overdose and possible side effects
  • Forms of release and effect of exposure
  • Pedikulen Ultra Spray
  • Pediculen Shampoo
  • Pediculen Lotion
  • Crest
  • How combined with other drugs
  • Precautionary measures
  • Analogs
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Conclusion

The main indication for the use of Pediculen – availability
nits and lice on the head or body. Thanks to its
Natural composition means suitable for treating young children from
5 years.

Shampoo has even less stringent restrictions and is suitable.
even babies under 3 years old.

pedikulen photoSince natural and non-toxic
the composition reduces the likelihood of negative reactions,
contraindications for the drug is not so much. To them

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic to the components of the drug;
  • under 3 years old (for shampoo) and under 5 (for
  • open wounds and inflammations on the scalp.

Overdose and possible side effects

As a result of clinical trials of overdose cases
has not been established. As for the side effects,
instruction warns of the occurrence of the following unpleasant

  • increased itching;
  • redness of the skin.

headReference! If during processing
dizzy – stop the procedure, rinse off and
ensure access to fresh air.

If the product was accidentally swallowed – do it.
rinse with 2% soda solution and induce vomiting, after which
take a few tablets of activated charcoal and drink them down
plenty of drinking water.

Forms of release and effect of exposure

Pediculen is a domestic antiparasitic drug on
based on aniseed oil whose effectiveness is proven
repeated clinical trials.

In the initial stages of infection, one is enough
applications for complete disposal of parasites. If
lice had time to multiply – need two consecutive
procedures once a week. Forms of release

Important! Doctors recommend pediculicides
events no more than twice a month. Otherwise, you can
strongly dry the scalp and hair shafts.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is permissible to combine
several types of drug Pedikulen. There are three of them:

  1. spray;
  2. shampoo;
  3. lotion.

All three products come with a special comb with
frequent teeth and a magnifier to facilitate the detection of nits and
parasites. Consider each of the products in a little more detail.

Pedikulen Ultra Spray

This form of the drug is universal: it has not only
therapeutic, but also conditioning effect on the hair, facilitating
combing. The only negative spray is high consumption. how
As a rule, the bottle is enough for only one treatment of the hair

  • Ingredients: anise oil (6%) and ethyl alcohol
    (78%), capric acid, water.
  • Instructions for use: Apply to strands,
    leave for 30-40 minutes, rinse with warm water. As
    Prevention can spray dry hair before
  • How does it work? Renders Nervous Paralytic
    action on adult parasites, destroys the protective capsule and
    adhesive substance nits.
  • Price: from 490 rubles.
  • Shelf life and
    storage conditions: store at temperatures up to 25 ° c
    no longer than 2 years.

Pedikulen Ultra Spray

Reference! All means of Pedikulen line can be
purchase at a pharmacy without a prescription.



Pediculen Shampoo

Safe, non-toxic and convenient means to combat
parasites in adults and children from 3 years. Does not cause rejection and

  • Ingredients: jasmine oil, vaseline oil,
    propylene glycol, laureth sulfate, preservatives.
  • Instructions for use: Moisturize strands,
    lather the shampoo and cover the head with a disposable shower cap on
    30 minutes. After the deadline, rinse your head with warm water.
  • How does it work? Vaseline oil envelops
    adult lice and nits, blocking access to oxygen, thereby
    provoking death from oxygen starvation. Jasmine oil
    deodorizes and facilitates combing dead parasites.
  • Price: from 550 rubles.
  • Shelf life and storage conditions: store at
    temperatures up to 25 ° c for no longer than two years.

Pediculen Shampoo



Pediculen Lotion

The most popular and common version of the drug. Its easy
spread on the hair and scalp independently. From the rest
means of the line it is distinguished by a sharp, peculiar smell and more
affordable price.

  • Ingredients: Anise oil (6%), ethyl alcohol
  • Instructions for use: Distribute by
    hair, paying particular attention to the root zone. Cover head
    polyethylene cap, leave for 30 minutes, then wash off
    warm water.
  • How does it work? Causes the death of adults
    parasites, and facilitates peeling and combing nits.
  • Price: from 169 rubles.
  • Shelf life and storage conditions: store at
    temperatures up to 25 ° c for no longer than two years.

Pediculen Lotion


Combing dead lice and nits is the last, but not
importance stage in the treatment of parasites. That is why included
with each of the above drugs is a special comb.
Also, the manufacturer offers a magnifier.

Instruction: After treating the hair, comb them
and collect in several “tails” or in one high tail. To separate
one thin order and combed from two sides, checking with a magnifying glass, until
complete disposal of lice and nits. Will you enjoy
comb from lice and nits? Yes

How does it work? The comb has a comfortable
rounded shape that allows thorough combing
without injuring the scalp. The teeth are spaced apart by
a distance of 0.9 mm, so that parasites, nits and their remnants
easily removed from hair rods.

Price: from 206 rubles.

Where to buy: in a pharmacy without a prescription.

How combined with other drugs

Doctors recommend using several means of one
line – this will increase the effectiveness of the drug.
Data on interactions with other antiparasitic
are missing.

Precautionary measures

Although Pediculen is a drug based on
components of plant origin, it has a number
excipients that can have a negative
effects on the body. Taking it into account is worth
observe the following precautions:

  • Do not allow product to enter mucous tissues, mouth or
  • Wear rubber gloves before handling.
  • After the procedure, open the windows and do a spring cleaning in

Precautionary measures


If the drug is not suitable for any reason, you can
consider some of its counterparts.


The drug is primarily intended to eliminate fleas and
ticks in animals, but according to the manufacturer’s
dangerous to humans. But can it be used to
eliminate lice? Dermatologists do not advise doing this.
Even if the remedy kills the parasites, it may entail
negative consequences in the form of unpredictable irritation and
rashes on the skin. The human epidermis may simply not
ready for such a concentration of active ingredients. Leopard


Unlike most anti-parasitic drugs, spray
“Nuda” оказывает на вшей и гнид не химическое, а физическое
impact. He covers every insect with his
oily substance, clogging its respiratory organs, due to
what the parasite is dying of oxygen starvation. Нюда

Full Marks

The tool can not be attributed to budgetary analogs Pedikulen,
but nevertheless it has very positive reviews as
by doctors and by consumers. Today he
It is one of the most sought-after import funds against
pediculosis. Included with the drug can be found specialized
comb, simplifies the process of combing nits and lice. Full Marks

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Pediculine spray effective from pubic
head lice?

– For the treatment of lice and pubic lice effective drug in
form of spray and lotion, as the shampoo is applied on hard hair
not quite comfortable To ease your treatment process – remove
hair on the affected area.

Reference! Regular shaving of the armpits and
intimate zone – the best prevention of infection with pubic lice.


Pediculosis does not pose a particular health hazard, but
can cause a lot of discomfort in both moral and
physical plane.

It is very important to take action as soon as possible.
diseases – otherwise there will be too many parasites.
To do this, it is enough to purchase one of the means of the Pedikulen line.

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