Pediculosis during breastfeeding (elbow) – how to treat and how to get lice, pharmaceutical and folk remedies

No one is insured against lice infection. Disease
caused by parasitizing lice on the scalp.
It is considered social and is not able to lead to
serious consequences and death. lice at the nursing mother

Symptoms in the form of an itch are unpleasant to an ordinary person, and for
women who are breastfed become
a real challenge. Treatment is not difficult, but in the period
lactation many substances are contraindicated, so it is worth
caution choose therapy methods.

How and where infection may occur, the reasons for

The content of the article:

  • How and where infection may occur, the reasons for
  • What is the danger with gv? Possible complications
  • Symptoms of Pediculosis
  • Is it possible to use chemicals and insecticides when
  • Security measures
  • How to get rid of lice nursing mom
  • Combing – mechanical effects on parasites
  • How can lice be removed with hv – means for pediculosis for
    nursing moms
  • Drugstores
  • Lice shampoo for nursing mothers
  • Folk remedies for pediculosis
  • Temperature exposure
  • Other treatments
  • Duration of treatment
  • Pediculosis prevention

Lice are small insects that cannot fly, run and
jump, unlike fleas. Their movement is provided
crawling from one hair to another. Lice infestation can
come from just another person. From animals, their
bites or walking can not be infected with pediculosis.
And the nits one can not develop the disease, as well as
adult without the opposite sex. Ideal environment for
infection: clean hair and two adults of different sexes. Already with
the first days of their carrier state, symptoms of the disease will appear.
nursing mom? (anonymous survey) danet

Ways to infect a nursing woman with lice:

  1. Through the comb. Occurs when used
    one item of personal care with an infected person.
  2. Bathing in one reservoir, pool, bath. Head lice
    able to maintain viability in water, so they can
    ease crawling on the body of a healthy person.
  3. In wardrobe. An individual cannot distinguish
    human hair from fur. Therefore, a wardrobe is enough
    comfortable place to crawl from the down jacket
    an infected person on an infected person’s fur coat.
  4. In public transport. In public
    transport can meet people of different social levels, not
    It is possible that the parasites are on the passenger sitting next to each other. AT
    In this case, especially at rush hour, the transition is carried out with close
    contact in a crowded bus.
  5. From children. Lactating mother, having several children,
    one of which has grown up and goes to kindergarten or school is in the zone
    risk of infection with head lice.


IMPORTANT! You cannot completely protect yourself against lice.
The breastfeeding period, with a lack of free time on
conduct more thorough hygiene procedures and in the presence of
weakened after childbirth immunity becomes aggravating
factor for the development of parasitosis.

What is the danger with gv? Possible complications

During breastfeeding, especially in the first months when
the physiological process of milk production is just beginning
to stabilize, it is essential for the woman to rest, to be able to
rest and spend more time with the child. Presence of lice
bad for lactation, because of the debilitating itching,
burning and realizing that not the most pleasant parasites live in the hair,
to achieve emotional comfort is difficult. breastfeeding

When feeding and in the process of caring for a child is high risk
to infect a child. A newborn can have a bad dream
digestive problems and other physiological and pathological
conditions, therefore, the symptoms of pediculosis will also harm the general
condition of the child.

Symptoms of Pediculosis

Very severe itching caused by a substance
secreted by lice. In the zone of the head, neck and behind the ears appear
red and blue bite marks. White flakes of eggs are visible on the hair.
lice – nits. These flakes resemble dandruff. But nits
firmly attached to the hair and can not be shaken off. lice have women

Lice feed exclusively on human blood to get to
before the vessel, they bite through the scalp. At this point, a person can
feel the pain, like a mosquito bite. And when itches,
this means that the insect secretes a secret that prevents
blood clotting.

REFERENCE! As a result of lice parasitization
sleep is disturbed, psychological discomfort arises and increases
irritability. The main side effects are
neuropsychiatric disorders.

Is it possible to use chemicals and insecticides when

When treating pediculosis in a nursing mother should be excluded
Permethrin is an insecticide found in many preparations. BUT
before applying cyclomethicone-based agents and
isopropyl myristate, you should consult a doctor. therefore
a woman who is experiencing a lactation period in the fight against
lice need to focus on safer
means. feeding

IMPORTANT! According to the recommendations of doctors use
chemical agents are acceptable but in every clinical case
the need for their appointment is solved individually. Than
more pronounced symptoms and extent of the spread of parasites,
the more appropriate the appointment of drugs.

When prescribing chemicals the doctor takes into account age
baby In the early period of breastfeeding, up to 6 months,
It is preferable to use traditional medicine and
lactation approved drugs. If the child is already entered
lures and it is partially transferred to the mix, a woman can get
recommendations for the treatment of illicit drugs for HB, but on
a period of therapy she will need to express milk.

Security measures

Some measures should be followed during therapy.
security. They will prevent further development
disease, parasite transition to other family members and getting
undesirable effects from the drugs used.

Safety in the treatment of lice:

  1. It is mandatory to wipe out all the laundry,
    which is common in all family members.
  2. To dry clean absolutely all hats
    – from kerchiefs to caps.
  3. Each family member must use an individual
    comb, personal towel, pillow.
  4. For the entire period of treatment, the woman is sleeping
  5. Under no circumstances should you breastfeed,
    if she has lice medicine on her head.
  6. Inspection of the patient’s head is necessary to make each
    a week

Additional security measures can advise
The attending physician, based on the specific situation.

How to get rid of lice nursing mom

Treatment of pediculosis in lactating women differs in methods
exposure and means used for this. Main types

  • mechanical;
  • thermal;
  • chemical

How to get rid of lice

Among the chemical methods of combating pediculosis can be identified
drug therapy and folk remedies.

Combing – mechanical effects on parasites

Combing is a must-have technique
fight against parasitosis. If the disease is not strong
spread and nits not so much, then this will already be enough
for a complete cure. Pharmacies sell anti-pediculosis drugs.
ridges that often have teeth that are located to each other, and their
Finishes are treated with a special safe for use.
composition. combing

Use combing is necessary not only for the purpose of
primary treatment, but also as a complex therapy for
the use of other means and methods of exposure.
The process is laborious and can take up to several hours
over several days. It depends on the thickness and length of the hair, and
also on the type of primary treatment.

How can lice be removed with hv – means for pediculosis for
nursing moms

Funds for pediculosis have local application. Differ in
composition and form of release. You can find creams, ointments, lotions,
shampoos Subject to the preparation of the composition at home
must follow all recommendations for the manufacture and
strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients used.


In pharmacies, the range is constantly expanding and with the purchase always
need to take into account the instructions in the instructions about the possibility
use in HB. The most popular and effective
are: Nuda, Knicks, Delacet. means-from-pediculosis


Spray Nuda is considered safe for pregnant and lactating
women. Wrapping the lice and their eggs with foil, spray covers
insects access oxygen. It is applied to each strand throughout
length and leave for 35 minutes. Then the dead larvae are combed out and
wash the scalp and the entire length of hair thoroughly several times
running water. First without the use of cosmetics
then with them. The product is poorly washed off the scalp,
because it is too greasy, so you should wash your head 1-2 times,
using shampoo for greasy hair. Nuda

Lice and nits can be seen already when washing the therapeutic composition, so
how they lose hitch with skin and hair cuticle. Until
hair is wet, they should be carefully combed with a comb.

Cream Knicks

Germanic drug, indicated for pregnant and lactating
moms, cooked on a natural basis. Knicks

The cream acts on the lice suffocatingly, breaking the coupling with the skin. Him
used as a shampoo, spreading evenly on wet
hair. Maintain 15-20 minutes, then wash off with warm flowing
water and subjected to mechanical stress.


“Delacet” является экономичным лекарством. Contains in composition
acetic acid, which helps to easily comb the lice and nits.
Contraindications drug has not allowed in
use for pregnant and lactating women. Suitable for
frequent use. Делацет

Lice shampoo for nursing mothers

Shampoo is a versatile product suitable for
daily use. Used not only for treatment, but also
for prevention in women who have a common life with the infected.

Shampoo LiceGuard

LiceGuard shampoos are completely non-toxic. Principle
action of the drug is to soften the capsule with nits and
the destruction of the substance by which they are on the hair.

After washing, hair is combed well with frequent
prongs. Ingredients contribute to easy
combing, which is especially valuable for owners of long and thick

Brand of shampoos can be ordered only on the Internet, as in
pharmacies it is not represented.

Paranit: lotion and shampoo

At the heart of the drug are essential oils. Act on
lice and their nits suffocatingly. To completely cure
disease, it is recommended to apply a remedy on the head several
once a week, with an interval of 1-2 days. Paranit

Paranit has a significant drawback – it is hard to wash off
from the scalp. Therefore, after its use is necessary
use ordinary cosmetic shampoo for oily hair.

Эмульсия и шампунь “Pedilin”

The tool, which consists of a small
the amount of malathion, refers to organophosphate
insecticides. Tetramerin is a synthetic
pyrethrin, but it is safe enough for the health of nursing mothers.

If there are not many lice, use will be sufficient.
only shampoo. In case lice have already multiplied,
put emulsion and leave for half an hour. They wash their hair
shampoo and remove the dead individuals and nits comb.

Folk remedies for pediculosis

Folk remedies in the treatment of pediculosis are the most
preferred. With proper use, they
are safe. The ingredients used are available and
inexpensive substances.

Vinegar treatment

Table, apple, rice, beer or wine vinegar
Suitable for the treatment of pediculosis. The exception is
acetic essence, as it has a high percentage of acidity and
improper dilution may harm the scalp.
Vinegar treatment

Vinegar should be diluted in water in a 1: 2 ratio and applied to
scalp and hair. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.
Then you need to comb your hair with a comb. Vinegar also serves as
disinfectant that is also useful for killing lice and
their eggs from the scalp. Helps eliminate unpleasant symptoms
in the form of itching and burning.

Treatment with kerosene and turpentine

Pregnant and lactating in the treatment of pediculosis kerosene and
Turpentine cannot be used strictly. These funds
toxic, chemical burns and hard nasty
smell. kerosene

Onion and garlic treatment

Forming sulfur dioxide, these two plants are great fight
with pediculosis. Sulfur oxide corrodes lice chitin
and nits, due to which they die. To prepare the mask
3 pieces of onion must be rubbed
onion) and chop 1 part garlic. After careful
mix let it brew for 7-10 minutes and evenly distribute
the scalp and the entire hair length. onion and garlic

The composition has a significant drawback – a long time remains
unpleasant smell. Wash it off only with shampoo, difficult
therefore, the hair is rinsed with dill water or laurel infusion
sheet. To give a pleasant aroma, you can rub the curls
concentrated citrus oils or jasmine.

Essential oils

Tea tree oil, burdock, lavender or geranium has
care effect and serves as a prophylactic agent.
It discourages lice from its odors and helps to comb out, therefore
they are applied to the entire length of the hair after applying the main
therapeutic effects and begin to mechanical combing.
Tea tree oil

Temperature exposure

Heating adults and nits can cause them to
instant death. Therefore, after washing it is recommended to dry hair
hair dryer at maximum speed and with strong heat. In that
If there is a high risk of parasite dispersion in the room, therefore
alternative and safer way is to use
special iron for straightening hair. Through tongs
let each strand of hair through, then carefully comb it.

REFERENCE! For blondes and owners of light
shades of hair there is an effective additional method of exposure –
staining. Lightening paints and even have a destructive
action on parasites and bleach hair, not contraindicated
lactating, as the composition does not penetrate into breast milk. Nits and lice
die instantly and their number will drop dramatically even after
single staining. The method should be applied with caution.
in the presence of a large area of ​​lesion of the skin, since
high risk of chemical burns.

Other treatments

Herbs and herbs are effective in treating head lice.
decoctions of them. The most popular compounds are Hypericum, Peppermint,
chamomile and bitter wormwood. It is necessary to rinse the hair with broth, roll
head with polyethylene and wait 20-30 minutes. After that no
washing off the composition to comb out lice and nits. decoction

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment depends on how it progresses.
disease. With effective and intensive care full
cure occurs in 2-3 weeks. how long the treatment lasts

Pediculosis prevention

To limit yourself from lice infestation to head lice
A number of safety measures are required.
to your health:

  1. It is necessary to follow the rules of hygiene:
    daily showering, combing hair, washing followed
    ironing and cleaning.
  2. Individual use of combs, caps, gum,
  3. Periodic peer review of family members
    after their long absence.

If a nursing mother has older children, especially those who attend
common areas and social groups (garden, school), she
must inspect their hair and clothing. Pediculosis therapy is easier and
symptoms are not so pronounced in the initial stages, so it is worth
prevent the development of such an unpleasant disease.

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