Pediculosis of the head – unpleasant and dangerous disease requiring immediate treatment


What to do if head lice? For adults, this disease
especially unpleasant, because the treatment has to do
independently and most often – at home. Find out which
requires pediculosis of the head: a review of drugs,
medical cosmetics and folk remedies.


  • Causes of pediculosis
  • Clinical picture
  • Diagnosis of pediculosis
  • Drug treatment
  • Pediculosis cosmetics
  • Folk remedies against pediculosis
  • Prevention
  • Complications after pediculosis

Despite the fact that head lice feel
childhood disease, according to statistics, adults suffer from it
also not so rare (40% of cases). Of these, 30% are women who
pick up blood-sucking insects on their long hair. After all, we
so love them to dissolve about and for no reason. Public
transport, exhibitions and other public events, discos – in
places where there are many people, lice can easily move from one
man on another. Catching such an infection, get ready to
a few days of hell: unbearable itching, scabs on the scalp,
irresistible desire to comb bite sites, insomnia, risk
Complications— Fortunately, modern medicine offers tremendous
the amount of funds for the treatment of head lice (there is still
wardrobe and pubic).

Pediculosis of the head in adults

Causes of pediculosis

Enumerate for a long time the causes of head lice do not
will have to, since the main – only one. This is a lice transmission from
Sick person healthy with direct contact.
The source can be household items (clothes, towels,
hairbrush). Infection can also occur in public
transport or in places where there are large clusters
people. Particularly susceptible to pediculosis are women with long hair,
in which lice easier to catch on.

Stress and pediculosis

It is much said that stress is almost
the main cause of pediculosis. In fact, this is not entirely correct.
wording. If a person has experienced a severe nervous breakdown associated
for example, with bankruptcy, death of relatives, loss of property, etc.
d., his immunity is sharply reduced. In addition to this in the body
stress hormones are released, which, according to some
research attracts insects (including lice). But at
this should be next to the carrier of the disease.
The crux of the problem is that on anxious, anxious, nervous
people insects move much faster.

So all the causes of pediculosis
heads are elementary, the mechanism of development of pathology is known. it
facilitates the treatment of the disease. But first you need to make sure that
that it is lice, not scabies or any form of dermatitis.
Characteristic symptoms help to deal with the diagnosis.

Debunk the myths. Lice contrary
popular belief, do not jump – they move from one
man on the other, skillfully crawling.

Causes of pediculosis

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About folk remedies at home for the treatment of many
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Clinical picture

Suspect the disease can very clearly manifest themselves
pediculosis symptoms that are difficult not

  • presence on the head, in the hair of parasites (lice), nits (their
  • persistent, very strong, increasing itching – response
    for louse bites;
  • it provokes combing and the appearance of bloody
  • bluish points, papules, erythema on the scalp – traces of
  • red nodular rash;
  • “Koltun” – a nest of stuck together, tangled hair (running
    pediculosis form);
  • rotten smell due to secondary infection;
  • head lice lay eggs at the roots
  • after lice hatching, empty cocoons remain on the hair;
  • when crushing the louse, a characteristic clicking sound is heard
  • irritability;
  • sleep problems;
  • pyoderma – pustular inflammation.

These are the main signs of pediculosis, but if
its course to run, you can “earn” and other symptoms. Head lice
often, with no treatment, they go down on the eyelashes and eyebrows,
moved to the ears and neck. As a result, in these places
lymph nodes may be inflamed, because through insect bites under the skin
A dangerous infection can penetrate the head. In order to avoid such
complications the surest solution is to seek help from
to the doctor.

It is necessary to know. Incubation period
The disease is a week. It is in such terms of nit
lice hatch.

Symptoms of Pediculosis

Diagnosis of pediculosis

Mandatory diagnosis of pediculosis of the head
specialist. It is usually conducted by a dermatologist, who makes a diagnosis.
based on the following factors:

  • complaints of itching;
  • inspection of the head for the presence of lice and nits, detection
  • combing head lice over a sheet of white paper.

And, of course, professional inspection
pediculosis head specialist has a qualitatively different from
self-undertaken action. Even combing lice over
paper at home can not give a result, as these
insects have a high speed of movement. Dermatologist
It will also be easier to choose a method for treating a disease in
according to the individual characteristics of the patient.

Did you know that – lice breed only in
warm, and at temperatures below 15 ° C they die.

Diagnosis of the disease

Drug treatment

The most effective treatment for head lice –
one that the dermatologist prescribes. He will take into account the degree of neglect
diseases, individual characteristics of the patient, age and others
options. If you decide to use this or that pharmacy
drug against head lice, do not forget to carefully study

  1. Pediculosis Tablets: Ivermectin
    (Ivermectin), Pirantel, Albendazole (Albendazol), Levamisole,
    Butadion. They are absorbed into the blood and make it unattractive.
    lice to the taste.
  2. Pediculosis ointment: sulfuric, boric, mercury,
    turpentine, Butadion, Benzyl benzoate, Knicks.
  3. Medifox from pediculosis – emulsion based on permethrin.

You can consult with the pharmacist at the pharmacy, which, according to her
opinion, the best cure for pediculosis. As a rule, they should
be a great experience in this matter: what tools disassemble faster, and
what come with complaints. Do not be lazy to find online reviews on
the means you looked at. All these precautions will help
you choose the best option from the variety,
which offers modern pharmaceuticals.

Helpful advice. Usually head lice
localized on crown and temples. Therefore when using
It is especially necessary to moisten these external

Drugs for treatment

Pediculosis cosmetics

Many refuse to use antiparasitic drug
drugs, since most of them are highly toxic
for an organism, dry hair, after them there is a strong dandruff.
A little softer effect of medical cosmetics against head lice.
For example, shampoos from
pediculosis, but it is not the only dosage form
this kind of funds.

  1. Shampoos: Veda, Paranit, Hygia, Malathion (1%), Permethrin, Reed
    (Rid), Sumitrin, Pedilin, Anti-Bit.
  2. Para Plus Plus Pediculosis Spray (Para Plus).
  3. Lotions for pediculosis: Malathion (0.5%), Nittifor, Fenotrin
  4. Aerosol for external use Permethrin.

It’s hard to say which one is the best, effective
remedy for pediculosis. Each of them has its own advantages.
and disadvantages. Some act from the first time, because they have
sufficient power. But they are also toxic to human
organism. Others are not as effective, but safe for health and
Do not spoil the hair. So the choice of cosmetics against lice is a personal matter.

Keep in mind. On many means from
pediculosis depicts children. This does not mean that the drug
intended only for the treatment of babies. The disease
proceeds equally in children and adults. So you can safely
use all these shampoos and sprays.

Cosmetic prophylaxis drugs

Folk remedies against pediculosis

Few people like to go to hospitals, and in the pharmacy, not many
if they decide to ask for a lice remedy, it is embarrassing. Therefore very
pediculosis treatment at home
conditions all sorts of popular recipes. From one
hand, many of them are natural, do not contain chemicals. With another
hand, they also have their own characteristics. They are not the first time
eliminate insects from the head. Tar tar and kerosene hard
portable odor. Vinegar very dry hair. Dichlorvos is harmful
for the human body. So be extremely careful with
these experiments.

  • Cranberry

Perhaps home treatment for pediculosis cranberries, and
more precisely – its juice. Wash your hair with shampoo. Apply to skin and hair
juice, which must thoroughly moisten each strand. Twist
curls into a harness, fasten at the crown. Wear a plastic cap.
You need to try to shake your head so that the juice does not flow, otherwise
the effect of the remedy will decrease. Periodically “crush” hair, rubbing
juice more carefully. After 20 minutes, rinse your head. Comb hair
fine comb. To fix the effect, repeat the processing.
cranberry juice after a couple of days. A week later – again.

  • Tar soap

Ambiguous reviews can be found on the treatment of pediculosis in
homemade tar soap. Someone is very
well helped, and someone was not happy. For removing lice
you need to wet the hair with plenty of water, generously lather them, lather until
thicken, leave for 15 minutes. Rinse head thoroughly
water, blot with a towel. Comb through strands with a rare comb. If a
someone is afraid of the unpleasant smell of tar when rinsing in water
You can add essential oil – and you will have the aroma.

  • Vinegar

Not everyone likes vinegar treatment for pediculosis,
since this liquid does not kill nits, it only dissolves the shell of them
cocoon, loosening their “grip” on the hair. Therefore, it is so easy after
This folk remedy comb out all the eggs of head lice. For
solution preparation is taken 9% apple cider vinegar, which
divorced in a ratio of 1 to 2. 70% essence is better not
use as all this can result in skin burns
heads. To get rid of acetic pediculosis
the solution must be properly washed head and hair. Wrap them up
polyethylene. After half an hour, comb out the strands and rinse with shampoo 2

In addition, head lice are treated as follows.
questionable folk remedies like:

  • kerosene;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • Bell pepper;
  • dichlorvos;
  • vodka;
  • turpentine;
  • mayonnaise;
  • oils;
  • cemeric water.

Often, such treatment pediculosis folk
funds are not limited to one session. And apply
highly toxic drugs such as dichlorvos or kerosene
several times and too often very dangerous for health. Yes,
You might be able to get the insects out. But it will suffer
hair, mucous eyes, nose and mouth, lungs or stomach. Not worth it
to get involved in such experiments.

Real salvation. During pregnancy and
lactation many drugs for pediculosis women are contraindicated,
as they are highly toxic and even when outside
application may harm the child. Therefore it is better to use
the above folk remedies. For example, cranberry

Folk remedies for lice


What measures include prevention of infection?
head lice?

  1. Observe personal and public hygiene: wash your hair regularly
    (at least 2 times a week), change the underwear and bed linen;
    wash bed linen at high temperature, iron
    clothes hot iron.
  2. Do not allow the transfer of personal comb, rubber bands, invisible,
    pin to other people.
  3. Apply solutions with essential oils against pediculosis (better
    total help tea tree and lavender) on the back of the head and for
  4. Boil used items (towels, hats,
    bedding, clothes with hoods and collars, soft
    toys) for the prevention of pediculosis.
  5. Regularly check for lice and comb your head over
    light cloth / paper.
  6. Do not leave your head wrapped in a towel overnight.

In addition to all this, you can buy shampoos for prevention
pediculosis, which will prevent re-infection.

Finally. Combing should be done over
a sheet or at least a bathroom so that the parasites do not get on clothes
or bed linen.

Complications and prevention of pediculosis

Complications after pediculosis

No need to treat head lice frivolously, since
the disease in the neglected form in the absence of proper treatment can
lead to health and even life-threatening complications. With a bite
saliva head lice, which can be a peddler of the most
different diseases. The consequences include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • chronic dermatitis;
  • furunculosis;
  • lymphadenitis in the ears and neck;
  • lice – carriers of dangerous diseases such as epidemic
    typhus, trench fever, etc.

Pediculosis of the head is a very dangerous parasitic disease,
which can end in big trouble if not
take appropriate action on time. Be sure to go
Examination by a doctor and use only those means and drugs
which he appointed. Independently their use is fraught with the fact that
the disease will become chronic or complicated by infection.
Try not to let that happen.

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