Pediculosis spray for children – benefits and TOP best for treatment and prevention

In the modern treatment of pediculosis in a simple and effective way
deservedly considered the use of drugs in the form

Advantages of sprays before other means against pediculosis

The content of the article:

  • Advantages of sprays before other means against pediculosis
  • TOP spray for the protection and prevention of pediculosis in children
  • Lice and nits spray for children, acting at a time
  • Rules of application and precautionary measures
  • Other effective remedies against lice and nits

The advantages of aerosol forms over shampoos, ointments and
pills are obvious:

  • ease of application of the drug;
  • aerosol forms of drugs successfully cope with parasites for
    1-2 applications;
  • opportunity to choose between 3 groups of drugs containing
    insecticides, dimethicone or essential oils;
  • have a minimum of contraindications;
  • affordable price.

hair sprayAttention! Using
insecticide containing sprays are contraindicated for children with
bronchial asthma, eczema, dermatitis, allergies, renal
insufficiency. In these cases it is better to use sprays on
Dimethicone based.

TOP spray for the protection and prevention of pediculosis in children

  1. Pair Plus, spray, bottle 116 g, manufacturer
    France. Effective against pediculosis
    heads. 2 insecticides: permethrin and malathion, which
    have a paralytic effect on the nervous system of insects and
    cause their doom. Spray needs to be sprayed on dry hair and
    leave for 10 minutes, after which you need to wash the drug with
    using shampoo. Use of the drug is allowed for children with
    2.5 years. Price – from 480 rubles. pair plus
  2. Here, spray 50 ml, the manufacturer of Germany.
    Used to kill head lice. Active substance –
    dimethicone (a kind of silicone) that physically affects
    parasites, blocking access to oxygen. Means
    need to be applied to dry combed hair before wet
    states. Spray left on the hair for 45 minutes, then follows
    additionally comb the nits and wash your hair with shampoo. To complete
    parasite destruction procedure is repeated 1-2 times.
    Use of the drug is allowed for children from 2 years. Price – from
    528 rubles. Nuda
  3. Hedrin Onse, lotion 4%, 50 ml or 100 ml bottle,
    manufacturer UK. It is used in the head.
    pediculosis. In the composition of 4% dimethicone, which violates
    the ability of adult lice to maintain water balance, as a result
    which insects lose the ability to remove excess water and die.
    Also affects nits. Features: The drug acts even
    on lice that are resistant to insecticides.
    The drug is applied to dry hair, distributing from the roots to the ends,
    leave on hair for 1 hour. After exposure means
    can be rinsed with ordinary shampoo, rinse with water. Repeat processing
    in 7 days. Use of the drug is allowed for children with 6
    months. The price is 50 ml from 475 rubles, 100 ml from 1450 rubles.
    Khedrin Onse, lotion 4%
  4. Avalanche, spray, bottle 100 ml, manufacturer
    Ukraine. Natural remedy for the treatment of head
    pediculosis based on essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender and
    mint extract. The active ingredients of the drug have a stifling.
    effect on adult lice and their nits, resulting in parasites
    perish. The tool also protects against reinfection during
    3-4 days (the smell of oils scares off parasites), relieves itching and
    skin irritation. For the destruction of parasites, spray is necessary
    spray evenly on dry hair and keep under the cap in
    for 30 minutes. It is washed off Lavinal with warm water without shampoo.
    Use of the drug is allowed for children from 2 years. Price –
    from 350 rubles. Avalanche, spray, bottle 100 ml
  5. Lysgard, spray 30ml, manufacturer USA.
    The drug is used to prevent pediculosis, including
    daily use. Spray effect based on use
    natural odors that repel lice. Protection effect lasts 24.
    hours The product is sprayed on dry hair and does not require rinsing.
    During the day, protects against lice infection.
    The use of the drug is allowed to children from birth. Price
    – from 600 rubles. Lysgard

Lice and nits spray for children, acting at a time

  1. Pedikulen Ultra, spray 150 ml, manufacturer
    Russia. Effective remedy for the destruction of the head and
    pubic lice and nits. It gives a high result even with extensive
    insect infestations. Eliminates parasites in one application.
    This effectiveness is provided by the main ingredient – anise
    oil that has a devastating effect on adults
    individuals and nits. The preparation is sprayed along the entire length of the hair to their
    uniform moistening. Means remains on hair of 30 minutes.
    After the procedure, rinse the hair with warm water.
    It is recommended to additionally comb hair with a comb.
    Use of the drug is allowed for children from 5 years. Price –
    from 480 rubles. Pedikulen Ultra Spray
  2. Full Marks, solution for external use of 150 ml,
    manufacturer UK. The drug is indicated for the treatment
    head pediculosis. The active substance – cyclomethicone have
    dehydrating effect on the body of parasites. The tool is evenly
    applied to hair, covered with a towel and aged 15
    minutes Then you need to comb your hair with a comb to get rid
    from dead insects. After the procedure – wash your hair
    shampoo Spray eliminates parasites at a time, but combing
    comb should be repeated after 3-4 days. Using
    drug is allowed for children from 5 years. Price – from 611 rubles.
    Full Marx
  3. Paranit, spray 100 and 150 ml, manufacturer
    Belgium. Used to prevent and treat infection.
    head lice, also affects nits. Getting rid of
    parasites occur due to the choking effect of dimethicone
    (silicone). To get rid of lice, you must distribute the tool.
    on dry, combed hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then
    additionally comb hair comb. Using
    drug is allowed for children from 1 year. Price – 100 ml from 409 rubles,
    150 ml from 610 rubles. Paranit, spray
  4. Paradise Ultra, spray 50 ml, manufacturer
    Great Britain. The drug is indicated for the destruction of head
    and pubic lice, and their nits. Silicone Dimethicone – blocks access
    to the entry of oxygen to parasites. Need to comb your hair and
    apply the product, carefully rubbing it into the roots. Leave on 30
    minutes after combing hair with a comb to get rid of
    dead insects and nits. At the end of the procedure, rinse off.
    warm water. Use of the drug is allowed for children from 3
    years old. Price – from 379 rubles. Paradise Ultra

Reference! According to Dr. Komarovsky, after
treatment with spray containing permethrin, a tool with hair better
rinse with warm water, without using shampoo, as silicone,
part of the detergent – partially destroys permethrin.
If the child’s hair is washed with shampoo, then you should definitely
repeat the treatment of the scalp and hair after 7-8 days.

Rules of application and precautionary measures

  • When detecting pediculosis in a child,
    examine other family members. In the absence of infection,
    It is advisable for adults to use a prophylactic spray when detecting
    pediculosis in several family members – treatment from parasites
    should be carried out all at once;
  • Before using the drug, you must test
    spray for allergic reaction. For this you need
    apply the product on the elbow bend and observe the skin reaction
    covers within 30 minutes. If itching, burning,
    redness of the skin, swelling or rash, then from the application of this
    the drug should be discarded;
  • Sprays containing insecticides are contraindicated in humans.
    suffering from bronchial asthma;
  • During the treatment of the spray head,
    it is recommended to open the windows, put on a gauze bandage for yourself and the child,
    protect your hands with rubber gloves;
  • Favorite localization of lice and nits – the area behind the ears
    and the lower part of the head, these areas should be processed
    especially carefully;
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse them.
    plenty of water; when sprayed in the mouth,
    rinse it with water and drink a sorbent;
  • During the procedure should be kept
    away from sources of fire;
  • To re-infect, it is important to spray everything.
    textiles contacted by the patient
    child, treat with a brush for hair. Precautionary measures

Other effective remedies against lice and nits

Let’s look at alternative and most effective ways.
against pediculosis.


Mechanical method of removing parasites. It is recommended
allergies and children under 2 years.

  • Robi Comb’s electric comb,
    price from 2000 rubles. It neutralizes adults
    individuals and nits through current discharges; electric comb firm Robi Komb
  • metal combs firms Neath Free, Lysgard,
    Antiv. Cost – from 1.500 rubles. Lysgard comb


Effective in combating arthropods, fairly simple in
use, but not able to get rid of parasites for 1 time.

  • Sulfur Ointment is used in
    fight against louses and nits, cost about 50 rubles;
    Sulfuric ointment
  • Ointment benzyl benzoate. The treatment is carried out 1 time per
    day at night for 1, 3 and 7 day. On day 8, wash your hair with soap and
    rinsed with 3% acetic acid solution. Cost about
    37 rubles.

Lice pills

Apply when other forms of treatment have not brought the necessary
results. Human blood is made toxic to lice.
Applied from 4 years of age. Should be applied after
consult a doctor.

  • Nemozol, 400 mg tablets, 1 pc., Price from 185
    rubles; Nemozol
  • Dekaris, tablets 150 mg, 1 pc., Price from 86
    rubles; Dekaris
  • Butadion, tablets 150 mg, 10 pcs., Price from 67
    rubles. Butadion


Can be used both for treatment and as

  • Pedilin, price – from 73 rubles; Pedilin
  • Parasidosis, price – from 300 rubles; Parasidosis
  • Veda, price – from 158 rubles; Veda
  • Knicks, you can apply from 6 months of age.
    Price – from 700 rubles; Knicks
  • Nit-Free, peppermint-based shampoo. Price –
    from 1090 rubles. Nit-Free

Folk remedies

The effectiveness of folk remedies often depends on how
the subsequent combing procedure will be carried out carefully.

  • Boil 1 glass of cranberry juice for 5 minutes. To add
    2 tsp dry mint, insist 15 minutes, obtained
    to moisten hair and skin with broth; cranberry juice
  • olive and corn oil makes hair
    slippery, makes combing lice easier, stops them
    reproduction; corn oil
  • mask of mayonnaise. By the principle of action is similar
    with dimethicone, parasites choke in the absence of oxygen;
    mask of mayonnaise
  • decoction of Hypericum. 1 tablespoon dried herbs
    brewed in boiling water, infused for several hours, rubbed into
    hair roots for 1 hour, aged under a plastic bag,
    washed off; decoction of Hypericum
  • as a prevention, you can use the essential
    rosemary oil. You can put a little oil on your hair.
    to kid. Rosemary essential oil

Important! Pediatricians strongly discourage
use for the treatment of pediculosis in children kerosene, vinegar and
dichlorvos. They can cause skin burns, and their couples – to
chemical poisoning.

Pediculosis spray is one of the most effective means
able to quickly rid the child’s hair from lice and nits.

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