Peeling – basic facial skin care

Women of all ages and nations have always sought to be beautiful,
monitor your appearance, care for your skin. Wanting long
stay young and attractive, beautiful half
humanity, spares neither time, nor energy, nor money. Beauticians
From year to year, more and more new methods and tools are being developed,
allowing to delay the withering of female beauty. One of them is
face peeling.

Peeling comes from the English peel, which is translated
means “sanded”, “cleaned” or “strongly scrape.” This term
in cosmetology, used to remove the top layer of skin,
consisting of dead keratinized cells. Purpose of such
cosmetic method is to improve the appearance by its


  • A bit of history
  • Peeling action
  • Preparing the face for peeling
  • Skin care after the procedure
  • Indications for peeling
  • Contraindications for peeling

A bit of history

Peeling is known as the oldest method of skin renewal.
cover. Keratolytic formulas used for rejuvenation
skin, were found still in the Egyptian papyrus. Peeling means
of that time contained various fruit acids and irritants
skin matter.

Ancient times

According to ancient descriptions, deep peeling procedure
guaranteed the patient youthful skin, but at the same time he had to
to be isolated from society for 2-3 weeks. This kind of peeling is not
received widespread use since deep damage to the dermis
increased the risk of bacterial or viral infection, and
also the appearance of scars and scars on the treated areas.

For chemical exfoliation of the skin used natural.
acids that have a mild effect on the skin. So milky
peeling was carried out using donkey or sheep milk in
as the main component. For acid peels
used vinegar, apple cider, wine and various acids

Peeling action

The procedure for renewing and cleansing the skin is mainly
thus removing dead cells from its surface
prevent oxygen from entering the deep dermis
nutrients. The lifespan of skin cells is 28 days.
Dying off, they continue to remain on the skin, clogging
pores and thereby accelerating the aging process. To prolong youth
skin, periodically you should remove this keratinized layer, that is
to peel.

Peeling action

Peeling – removal of the surface layers of the epithelium.
Provides uniform peeling of several layers
dead cells, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
leads to the emergence of young cells, contributes to the overall
skin rejuvenation.

Human skin has excellent regenerating properties.
properties. Even the formation of a small scratch, wound leads
instantly into action recovery mechanisms. After exfoliation
the same thing happens. The regeneration process is accompanied by
the production of elastin and collagen – proteins that form a new layer
the dermis. One procedure is enough to see the result: skin
becomes taut, smooth, acquires a smooth color. Peeling
also helps to get rid of age pigmentation, acne, scars
and other problems of the aesthetic plan.

Preparing the face for peeling

The need to prepare the skin for peeling due to its type and
purification method, on which you chose.
Owners of fair skin, for example, a special preparation is not
required, while black women are recommended for
10-14 days before the procedure to use special formulations
reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation in post-peeling
period. Selection of the appropriate prophylactic drug will help
carry out a cosmetologist.

Preliminary actions are needed mainly for
prevent side effects and sometimes to enhance the effect
the main procedure. As a rule, any specific
preparatory manipulations for almost all types of peels are not
exists. The exception is acid or chemical peels,
because its implementation involves renewal of the skin
solutions of concentrated acids.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences that may arise
After chemical peeling, experts advise patients to start
familiarity with a particular drug, putting it on the skin in small
concentrations over 2-3 weeks. With the choice of suitable
Means will help determine your cosmetologist advising you or
Cosmetology center employee where you intend to
carry out the rejuvenation procedure.

Skin care after the procedure

In contrast to the preparatory post-peeling period,
harder and lasts relatively long. The process of restoring the dermis
after peeling may take several months. It all depends on
type of exposure to the skin and the drug used. Sparing methods
require only regular use of a special cream,
appointed by a beautician. After a more aggressive way
Impact Skin needs special care: protection from
ultraviolet and other environmental factors.

It is important for slightly or severely injured skin in the period.
rehabilitation intensive moisturizing. It will not only eliminate
uncomfortable feeling of tightness and dryness of the face, but also helps
the process of regeneration of the skin, reducing the likelihood
scarring and traces of damage on it.

Peeling face

At the heart of all peels is the ability of the skin to quickly
regeneration. During the peeling is dosed,
controlled damage to the skin, after which the protective
and restorative forces of the body.

Restoring the skin’s protective barrier is another
necessary action in the period of skin care after peeling. With this
nutritional masks regularly used in
for a certain time after the procedure.

Post-peeling funds should be purchased in specialized
stores. They should include the following active
components: selenium, ubiquinone, tocopherol, panthenol, retinol (vitamin
A), placenta extract, natural oils of grapes and currants,
shea butter and omega-6 fatty acids. Such ingredients quickly
soothe and restore irritated skin.

Indications for peeling

For the skin peeling procedure, there are certain

  • fading skin with a yellowish tinge;
  • oily skin prone to seborrheic
  • skin scars and deep wrinkles;
  • dark spots;
  • dry skin in need of deep moisture;
  • the presence of early signs of aging;
  • prevention of facial skin aging.

Contraindications for peeling

Experts recommend to abandon the peeling procedure when
Problems such as:

  • Visible damage (deep wounds and scratches);
  • Herpes virus during exacerbation;
  • Intolerance to the body of some components of the peeling;
  • Inflammatory processes in the work area.

Peeling should not be carried out during pregnancy and during

Successful face peeling results are preceded by clear adherence.
all the rules and recommendations, both during the procedure itself and after
her After reading all the information you need
do not forget to consult with an experienced
a specialist. Choosing peeling as the main skin care
face, you can control its aging process, which means
extend youth for many years.

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