Peeling roll: what it is and why it do?

Peeling – face roll – a special type of skin cleansing
(exfoliation) of horny scales and various contaminants.
Since facial skin care requires a systematic approach, peeling
– skatka allows you to solve many problems: eliminate the dead
keratinized cells, which as a result prevents pore blockage,
skin inflammation and the development of acne. In addition, peeling –
Skatka improves the complexion and gives it a freshness.


  • What is peeling – roll?
  • Why do peels?
  • Benefits of the procedure
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Method of use Peeling skins for the face
  • What are the peels – rolls?

What is peeling – roll?

Skatka is a type of peeling that uses for cleansing
the skin is not abrasive particles, but soft sticky substances that
roll dirt, dead cells and sebum from the pores. These sticky
substances only affect dead cells without affecting
healthy. But at the same time, the roll has a soft and delicate effect.
even on keratinized cells. This product is suitable for all types.
skin, even for sensitive and problem.

Peeling – skatku invented in South Korea, so it
exclusively Asian product. The principle of its operation is
two stages:

  1. Dissolving with fruit acids (lactic or
    salicylic) dead scales of the stratum corneum (keratinocytes).
  2. Absorption of cleaved cells by cellulose molecules.
    Cellulose microparticles absorb dead cells and dirt,
    rolling them into small lumps.

Cosmetic product is applied to the skin and massage lines
roll the tool that absorbs all the dirt and dead
cells Such a product is very simple to use and differs in such
its simplicity in composition. When all the dirt and dust rolls off
in the balls, then there is a mechanical cleansing of the skin.

Why do peels?

In our body every minute cell renewal occurs.
However, not all dead scales immediately leave our body.
Sometimes, to get rid of them you need to use
mechanical methods of action. This is exactly the task.
peeling (exfoliation) – elimination of dead cells. If dead
do not remove the scales, they clog the pores and thus
prevent sebum from escaping. The result is
cork which eventually becomes a black dot and then
becomes inflamed, becoming acne or abscess. And only regular
peeling can prevent the development of the above scenario.
Also regular exfoliation can keep youth and
prevent premature aging.

Why, of all peelings, is it better to roll? In-
First, this procedure can be performed at home. In-
secondly, this type of peeling does not contain large abrasive particles,
which often injure the tender skin. This prevents
peeling, wounds, irritation and redness. That is,
without risking anything, we get a wonderful result.

Thirdly, this product is affordable for the masses.
population. Fourth, the whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.


Benefits of the procedure

This procedure has many positive points. Main
among them are:

  • ease of use;
  • low cost of the funds;
  • security;
  • gentle and gentle effect on the skin;
  • painlessness;
  • lack of recovery period and long preparation;
  • quick positive effect;
  • no age restrictions;
  • universality procedure (suitable for any skin type).

This procedure is particularly suitable for those who do not have financial
opportunities or facilities for frequent visits to aesthetic
clinics. This is a simple and affordable procedure that gives 100%

Unlike other cleansers (scrubs), rolls do not
contain aggressive – abrasive components that injure
dry, irritable and problem skin. The tool is atraumatic,
because it acts softly and delicately.

Gentle face massage during peeling – rolling:

  • improve blood microcirculation;
  • have a draining effect;
  • activate cellular metabolism;
  • accelerate regeneration processes;
  • eliminate stagnant processes.

Indications and contraindications

In order that the effect does not take long to wait for the procedure
should be carried out correctly. Also every person needs to know about
probable risks that may arise from the procedure.
Knowing and considering the contraindications to the procedure can
avoid many unpleasant moments and prevent development
side effects.

Thus, the procedure is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • open wounds and burns on the face;
  • allergic reactions or inflammation on the face;
  • rosacea and rosacea;
  • spider veins (telangiectasia);
  • individual intolerance to the components of the tool;
  • very dry and very loose skin.

Before exfoliation, it is necessary to conduct a test: for
a little bit of this is applied to the inner curve of the skin of the elbow and
gently massaged the place. In the presence of individual
intolerance or an allergic reaction the skin turns red and
itching appears.

The procedure is shown when:

  • early wrinkles and early wilting of the skin;
  • presence of mimic wrinkles;
  • poor dull complexion;
  • traces, scars and acne scars;
  • excessive sebum production;
  • greasy luster on the face;
  • if the skin is thin, strewn with vessels;
  • irritation and flaking;
  • acne, acne and acne.

Method of use Peeling skins for the face

It is very easy to use these cosmetics.

In order to comply with the sequence of procedures necessary
follow the following algorithm:

  1. Cleanse the skin with the usual means of care. Wash your face and
    wipe it dry.
  2. Apply to the cleansed face the right amount of money
    distribute it evenly over the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and
  3. Leave the cosmetic on the face for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Finger massage gently massage the skin
    lines for 1 to 2 minutes. We must act gently and delicately,
    without pressing hard on the skin, without stretching or injuring it.
    Pay special attention to the T-zone. Roll off the mask until
    until small lumps form under the fingers.
  5. Gently wash off all the pellets with warm water.
  6. Go to other stages of care (use tonic, apply
    moisturizing and nourishing cream).

With regular use of the product is observed:

  • cleansing and pore tightening;
  • improved face relief;
  • elimination of pigment spots;
  • face lightening;
  • skin becomes fresh, delicate and healthy.

You can use the rolls even in the presence of skin pathologies
cover (acne, rosacea, rosacea) is so delicate and

What are the peels – rolls?

These funds differ in the following parameters:

  • by skin type;
  • on effects;
  • by texture;
  • according to the form factor.

According to skin type, they are distinguished:

  1. Universal peelings. Such cosmetic products are suitable.
    owners of all skin types.
  2. Means for problem tone. These peels contain
    ingredients with aseptic properties that heal wounds and
    eliminate inflammatory processes.
  3. Remedies for sensitive skin. These drugs have
    mild and delicate effect, atraumatic and do not overdry
    epidermis. These cosmetic products are enriched with additional
    care components.

By effects distinguish:

  • soothing;
  • nutritious;
  • curative (relieving inflammation);
  • moisturizers;
  • rejuvenating;
  • lightening.

Soothing agents contain extracts
medicinal herbs that soothe sensitive tone, take off
irritation and redness of the face. This type fits
soothing gel – peeling from Tony Moly “Peeling
me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel “based on aloe vera extract.

Nutritional preparations besides peeling
nourish and protect the skin. The composition of such funds include
additional care products. The best exfoliate of this
categories of cream peeling from Tony Moly “Magic Food
Banana Peeling Cream “, which contains yoghurt proteins and extract
a banana. It reliably cleans and nourishes the skin.

Healing (relieving inflammation) drugs
contain medicinal antiseptics that have some
similar to salicylic acid. These ingredients disinfect,
promote cell regeneration, treat acne. Of this
category best remedy – Etude House “Berry Aha Bright Peel Mild
Gel “, which consists of extracts of fig, black willow, white
water lilies, the root of Chinese elm.

Moisturizing exfoliants in addition to cleansing,
moisturize well because they contain hyaluronic acid,
marine fish collagen hydrolyzate, peach extracts, acerols,
lotus, aloe vera, green tea and flower complex. The best
This category means Baviphat “Peach All-in-One
Peeling Gel. ”

Rejuvenating exfoliants contain ingredients
which prevent early aging and wilting of the skin. AT
such drugs include snake cucumber root, stingray root,
Gledichiya from the legume family, soybean extract, ginseng, golden
beans and centella asian. The best representative of this group
is Deoproce “Whee Hyang Anti-Wrinkle Peeling
Vegetal. ”

Lightening compositions can improve color
face, remove pigmentation and gently whiten the skin. The best
means the secret key “Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel” with
lemon extract.

All of the above cosmetic products have Korean
origin and have not just one-sided cleansing
action, and have a complex effect on the skin.
Peeling off the epidermis, they nourish, moisturize, brighten, eliminate
inflammation, remove irritation and redness, have
regenerative properties, activate fibroblasts. However not
it is worth forgetting that peeling – roll is still optional
a curative and effective in tandem with other beauty

By texture distinguish:

  • gel composition;
  • cream composition.

It does not matter what the texture of the drug, because it does not affect
rendered effect. This is just a matter of preferences: someone more
loves the creamy texture, and someone gel.

According to the form factor, there are:

  • release form in tubes;
  • in vials with dispenser.

The most acceptable form is a tube, but both from a tube and
exactly as much exfoliant leaves the bottle as needed
once for cleansing.

And in conclusion, I would like to remind you that peeling is not a roll
is a magical tool that provides magical
effects on the skin and makes it perfect. This is just one remedy.
from a series of comprehensive care. After all, beauty is a matter of life,
therefore, it requires a systematic and integrated approach: nutrition,
moisturizing, lightening, toning. A regular use
This product will help to peel the epidermis in a timely manner, clean
pores, lighten pigment spots. All this in aggregate is
significant step towards youth and beauty.

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