Permanent hair straightening – photo before and after, review, prices and reviews

Permanent hair straightening allows you to get rid of any
degree curly. From the Latin “permanent” translates as
“constant”. The effect of the procedure does not disappear with time due to
applied to the hair of chemical composition that violates
disulfide bonds inside the hair shaft (cortex), consisting of
keratin (up to 95%), keratin-promoting amino acids
and air cavities.

What is permanent hair straightening

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  • What is permanent hair straightening
  • Effect of the procedure, photo before and after
  • Indications and contraindications to the procedure
  • Kinds
  • Benefits
  • disadvantages
  • How is done, the best means for permanent straightening
  • Price in the cabin
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  • Reviews
  • How to do at home
  • Top 9 Home Products
  • Care after permanent hair straightening
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions

Permanent hair straightening is otherwise called chemical.
The composition of the funds in a special way is arranged and allows you to change
hair structure with the least harm. Hair becomes smooth and
straight, get a healthy look and look well-groomed, like after

The procedure is used for curly hair on the nature and after
chemical perms. Special strands are applied to the hair.
the fixing substances preventing emergence of curls.
However, the procedure is not as durable as promised.
masters Regrown roots will have to be processed as they grow.

The development of modern technology makes the composition of rectifiers all
more secure. In addition to chemical agents, they contain
vitamins, oils and extracts. Keratin (protein) communication procedure
does not destroy. Only disulfide bridges are deformed, consisting
of the two sulfur atoms that make up the amino acid cysteine.
Cysteine ​​and its derivative cystine are responsible for the elasticity and
hair elasticity. Partial destruction of proteins is compensated
proteins of another type. Those. cysteine ​​is replaced by
another protein. Due to this, the hair ceases to curl.

Correctly selected technology (composition) and master experience
directly affect the condition of the hair after straightening.
Buy a permanent set and apply it according to the instructions
not enough for a gentle effect.

Appearance history

Chemical hair straightening was first developed in Japan in
2000 The technology was called Straightn Shine (“straight and shining).
The effect lasted for 9 months, after which straightening was required.
regrown roots. The procedure completely freed women from
the need to pull the hair with special combs with a hairdryer or
ironing. Brilliant and perfectly smoothed hair quickly found
popular with Japanese women.

Technology (analog) resold large world
manufacturers. Now this procedure is used in all salons,
despite the high cost.

Effect of the procedure, photo before and after

  • Persistent straightening effect.
  • Does not violate the protein bonds of the cortex.
  • The hair is transformed and becomes smooth.
  • Removed fluffiness.
  • Hair is filled with strength and shine.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure


  1. Healthy intact hair of curly type.
  2. The need for straightening after a perm is large
  3. The impossibility of styling and hairstyles.
  4. The need to give curly hair a well-groomed look and


  1. Over-dried, lifeless and bitten hair.
  2. Wrong metabolism.
  3. The beginning of the summer season.
  4. Bleached hair with 9% or 12% oxidizer.
  5. Highlighting and blinding (less than 6 months).
  6. Allergic reaction and intolerance.
  7. Pregnancy and lactation.
  8. Hypertension 2 or 3 degrees, Asthmatic diseases.
  9. Diseases of the scalp, injuries and bruises.
  10. Period of menstruation.
  11. A recent severe illness.
  12. Perm (recent).


According to the active substance:

  • based on sodium hydroxide,
  • based on guanidine hydroxide,
  • based on ammonium thioglycolate,
  • ISO based amine,
  • based on sulfide or ammonium disulfide,
  • on the basis of natural silk, etc.
  1. Sodium hydroxide is very harmful to hair.
    The alkali corrodes the structure of the cortex, the hair shafts soften and
    swell. Used rarely and only for very curly hair and
    after curling.
  2. Guanidine hydroxide is more benign, because not
    contains alkalis. But strongly dries hair. Unlike the first
    composition, keratin hair structure, it does not destroy. Going on
    protein substitution that requires additional and constant
    moisturizing to not break off the hair. Highly toxic.
  3. The safest to use is thioglycolate
    ammonium. It is part of the rectifier.
    last generation that require long exposure for
    pinning effect. Used for straightening slightly curly

ISO amine is neither alkaline nor acid. But capable
effectively align the curls, cope with fluffiness and at the same time
treat hair.

  1. Ammonium sulfide is used for weak hair.
    or stained. Possesses the easy straightening action.
    The effect is short – a few months.

In some formulations, alignment is provided for the most part.
part heat treatment (without chemical reagents).

By technology manufacturers:

  • Goldwell ‘s Straight Shine Production,
  • Chi transformation system,
  • Chi Quick Smooth,
  • Glatt Strait Styling by Schwarzkopf,
  • Lakme k straight ionic,
  • Senscience Thermal Straightening,
  • ISO Maintamer,
  • The Relaxer by Paul Mitchell,
  • Lisap Milano Ultimate,
  • Napla HB Spruce.

Important. Before buying home kits
use, it is necessary to study the technology of applying the cream and
fixer. Extra shampoos may be needed, deeply
revealing scales. Subsequent hair care is carried out
on the recommendations of the brand.


  1. Hair is transformed not only externally but also internally. Their easy
    comb, stack and wash.
  2. The need to use ploek and irons is eliminated.
  3. Curls do not appear in any weather.
  4. Adjustment is done only after 5-8 months and for regrown
    the roots.
  5. More gentle in contrast to keratin straightening.


  1. The procedure takes from 6 to 12 hours.
  2. The cost of the procedure exceeds the price of keratin
  3. Most of the compounds are toxic and can cause
    burns (for tight curls).
  4. The need for constant use of sulfate-free shampoos
    and oils for the ends of the hair.

How is done, the best means for permanent straightening

The salons use a variety of permanent technologies.
straightening. All of them are performed according to the same scheme.

  • First, the hair is washed with a cleansing shampoo and
    are dried.
  • Then a nourishing moisturizing mask is applied.
  • Next, the strands are treated with a reagent with different exposure.
  • Apply a latch, after which the hair is dried and laid.

TOP 4 products for permanent hair straightening

Brands are in demand brands and brands with the latest


Popular Japanese technology from Goldwell
not available in all salons due to the high cost.
The manufacturer uses a gentle composition that requires
adjustments only after 12 months.

Components have a healing effect: wheat proteins,
panthenol, vitamin C-DT, cationic polymers, betaine, pH system
controls, essential oils. After this procedure, you can paint
hair and even do lamination to secure.

The service is performed using 3 means:
preparatory, fixer and neutralizer (clamp).
The cost of the kit ranges from 9000 rubles.
The procedure lasts 9 hours.

Chi transformation

No less popular system is the Chi transformation, which includes
includes olive oil, sage and rosemary extract, pink
water, silk amino acids, wheat hydrolyzed protein, extract
chamomile, seaweed, aloe vera, lavender, nettle, panthenol.

The product is developed in America (USA) and consists of
5 products: shampoo, 2 conditioners (with and without washing) and 2
lotions that are applied alternately. Is used for
natural curly hair and discolored / permed.
The effect is fixed with special straightening tongs (410 °).

Does not contain ammonia. total cost
set is 7000 rubles. The procedure lasts from 6
till 9 o’clock

Lakme k Straight ionic 1

For porous and weak hair, a Spanish remedy is used.
Lakme k Straight ionic 1. For normal and dyed hair – set
Number 0. Set three-phase: straightening cream,
balm neutralizer, thermal lotion.

The average price of 3000 rubles. In the composition does not contain
formaldehyde. The leveling effect is achieved by processing
warming lotion. The complex is rich in ceramides, which
seal voids in the hair shaft. Extra power
It is carried out due to a complex of vitamins and extracts. AT
The average procedure lasts 7 hours. The effect lasts 3-4
of the month.


Relaxer uses hydroxide as active ingredient.
sodium. The product is presented in 3 series for different types of hair.
It has a delicate creamy texture and is well applied to

The tool is developed in the US without maintenance.
ammonia with a nutritional complex designed for
hair shaft repair (soybean extract, chitosan, glycerin and
Castor oil).

The cost of a set is 3500 rubles. (mask,
rectifier, restoring emulsion).

The effect of the above means sparing hair. Like
effect can be achieved with the use of sets of other brands.

Price in the cabin

In large cities:

  • Bangs – 5000,
  • Short hair – 7000-10000,
  • Medium hair – 10,000-18,000,
  • Long hair – 18000-30000.

In small cities:

  • Bangs – 3000,
  • Short hair – 3000-8000,
  • Medium hair – 8000-12000,
  • Long hair – 12000-18000.


Important. Long-lasting smoothing effect
Provided only by chemicals. At the same time cost
treatments based on natural ingredients are more expensive, and
the effect does not last long. When choosing a wizard, you should clarify
dosage of the active substance in the preparation.



Several reviews from popular resources |
and |

How to do at home

Before use, you must read the instructions.
Straightening products are labeled from 0 to 3. 0 means
strong impact. Means marked 3 are suitable for
loose and dyed hair. Also on the tube can be found
the inscription “1 + 1”. In this case, the active substance must be diluted.
water in the ratio of 1: 1. Therefore, before using the tool
need to consult with a familiar master.

Important. Selection of funds is carried out only
knowledgeable technology master. Improper use of the product
leads to exhaustion, dehydration and hair loss.

Procedures are best done in several

  1. Allergy testing facility.
  2. Thoroughly rinse hair with shampoo. Drying hair dryer. Parting
    hair strands.

Important. At this stage, some manufacturers
provide for moisturizing hair with a special mask. In this case
the hair is re-washed and the head is prepared for
direct straightening.

  1. Evenly apply the rectifier, starting from the back of the head and in
    the direction to the temples (with gloves). Put on a special cap and
    leave the tool to obtain the desired result (20-60 min.,
    instructions). Wash off the mixture and dry hair.

Important. Some manufacturers provide for
At this stage, the application of a special ceramic ironing
Thermal spray. In such a case, wait for a long effect.
from the procedure is not worth it.

  1. Apply fixing cream (neutralizer). He usually has
    thermal protection. Enriched with nutrients. It is kept in
    for 30 minutes and wash off.
  2. Additional styling with moisturizing

Top 9 Home Products

Your attention the best brands for home use:

  1. RioBottox
  2. Cadiveu
  3. ConstantDelight,
  4. NirvelArtX,
  5. Schwarzkopf,
  6. CHI,
  7. Maxima,
  8. FarmaVita,
  9. Zimberland.

Care after permanent hair straightening

Some useful tips on how to care for your hair after
permanent straightening:

  1. Do not wash your hair for the first 48-72 hours.
  2. You can not use gum, hairpins, scallops, braid braids
    and resort to other types of weaving and styling.
  3. You can not wet your hair even slightly. High humidity also
  4. Care must be taken to ensure that the strands do not fade during
  5. It is necessary to refuse hairbrushes with sharp teeth.
  6. You can not clean the hair behind the ears.
  7. It is necessary to use only sulfate-free shampoo.
  8. 2 times a week it is necessary to make masks with oils, unlike
    care when keratinizing.
  9. It is possible to dry hair with cold air supply.
  10. Correction is carried out on the recommendation of the brand and the master.

Analogs and similar procedures

  1. Keratin straightening (Brazilian, American,
  2. Thermal straightening (ironing with ceramic
  3. Bio-straightening.
  4. Molecular hair straightening.
  5. Lamination.
  6. Hair dryer and a special comb-straightener.
  7. Folk remedies (vinegar, beer).
  8. Special means (cosmetology).

Frequently asked Questions

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

How often do you need to do the procedure and how much
holding on?

The procedure must be repeated as the hair grows. Average –
once every 5 months. In this case, the tool is applied only to regrown
hair roots. The effect of the previous procedures is kept to full
hair accretion.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

It is impossible. The active substance is toxic, although in many cases it is not
has a smell. Even the most gentle composition based on natural
components is a contraindication to the procedure.

What is the difference between permanent hair straightening and

In both cases, they belong to the chemical method
alignment. Derivatives are used in keratinizing.
formaldehyde, ammonia or alcohols, which completely destroy
protein bonds. But the fixing effect allows them to recover.
In this case, the hair is already becoming straight and enriched with keratin from
packaging. When straightening permanently, the protein bonds themselves are not
violated. Hair becomes straight due to the disruption of disulfide
bridges in cysteine ​​molecules with an alkaline or other composition. Procedure
also supplemented with nutrients, but such a volume
keratin as keratinizing is not required. Plentifully enough
moisturize and nourish curls.

How to enhance the effect of the procedure?

With the proper use of technology, the effect will be fixed
perfect on any hair. Do not overdo the composition or
fix it with a regular ironing if the manufacturer does not require it
(usually used by craftsmen). If straightening was done
poorly no measures can help to achieve the right
result. In this case, the hair should also be actively
take care and make firming masks. At least six months can
try contacting another master and choose another

The procedure of permanent hair straightening is expensive and not
always suitable for home use. In case of failure
the client will spend more money to restore the hair or even
lose it. Despite the obvious rectification methodology requires
experience, and sometimes the advice of the trichologist. Therefore, when choosing between the price
and quality, it is worth choosing the latter, so that later

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