Permanent makeup – always be beautiful

Renowned French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said:
women, of course, must be two very beautiful things: lips and
eyes. With her eyes, she can easily fall in love with herself, and with beautiful lips –
prove your boundless love. “Day by day, women spend
a lot of time to make these facial features expressive,
sometimes depriving oneself of the possibility of a good sleep and nourishing
have breakfast. And then also throughout the day worry about
appearance, constantly looking in the mirror and correcting makeup.
But with the advent in modern cosmetology of such a procedure as
permanent makeup (tattoo) about this problem can be forgotten for a long time.
Thanks to permanent makeup, lips and eyes are expressive at any
time of day and in any weather.


! Permanent makeup (permanens in Latin
“permanent”) is a penetration (introduction) into the upper
layers of the dermis special pigment. The process is carried out using
needles and implies the creation of a persistent indelible pattern on
face, in order to highlight, adjust, emphasize or improve
some facial features as well as create an imitation of the usual
make up.


  • Why do women choose permanent makeup?
  • What are the disadvantages of the tattoo is not correct?
  • Choosing a pigment shade
  • Preparation for the procedure – 50% success
  • How is the procedure?
  • The period of rehabilitation and care for a tattoo
  • To whom the procedure is contraindicated?

Why do women choose permanent makeup?

Tattooing in a frantic rhythm of modern life allows you to save
time in the morning, eliminating the tedious procedure of applying
make up. Beneficially emphasizes facial features, gives charm and
corrects minor defects, turning them into advantages.
The advantages of this makeup lies in the fact that you can
to look great always and everywhere – on the sea, in the pool,
fitness center during tourist trips when time is on
cosmetics simply do not. Tattoo will not spoil either the shower or the rain. He is not
blurs in hot weather, maintaining an excellent image
around the clock.


In addition, the permanent gives the opportunity to create
unique appearance by applying on face (or other parts of the body)
freckles and moles that look very natural and attach
zest one way or another way.

In addition to cosmetic advantages alternatives to daily makeup,
the introduction of pigment solves some aesthetic problems.
Micropigmentation helps hide scars, the effects of surgical
interventions, as well as brightens the absence of eyelashes and eyebrows.

And finally, permanent makeup allows you to maintain health.
skin, in view of the disappearance of the need for decorative cosmetics,
which clogs the pores and often causes all sorts of
irritation and rash.

What are the disadvantages of the tattoo is not correct?

Permanent makeup looks good on both young faces and
on the faces of mature women. With the help of a tattoo lainerger (so called
master permanent makeup) achieves a variety of effects,
which are individual for each person. After all, features of appearance
people are often unique. That is why a linerhist should be
certainly also a talented makeup artist.

And although most defects can be corrected, there are
some physiological features that correct
micropigmentation is almost impossible. These include: “bags”
under the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, hanging eyelids, deep
set eyes.

Choosing a pigment shade

The tone of the pigment is discussed in advance with the client. Good masters
are aware of the existence of the classical rules on dye compilation in
depending on the hair color and are guided by them when sharing
choosing shades of pigment.


Lip tattoo can be represented by thirty different
shades. It is better, of course, to give preference to shades as much as possible.
close to the natural.

The owners of light-haired hair, experts usually recommend
brown-gray shades.

For brown-haired women, pigments will be the best choice.
chocolate / dark brown tones.

Girls with red hair and blondes pick one of
four shades: light brown, olive gray, light gray
or tan red.

Preparation for the procedure – 50% success

Permanent makeup provides slight trauma to the skin.
covers. So that the procedure is successful and without unwanted
consequences, requires special training.

The day before the cosmetic procedure you need to abandon
blood thinning drugs – Aspirin, Clexane, Cardiomagnyl,
Fraksiparina and others.

On the day of the procedure and on the eve exclude the use of
seafood, alcohol and coffee. These products slow down
lymph and blood flow, which affects the effects of anesthesia and
interferes with the proper distribution of the pigment substance in

If there is a tendency to allergic reactions, it is recommended
pre-test on used in the procedure

5 days before applying permanent, cosmetologists recommend
take acyclovir tablets. This important need
due to the fact that damage to the outer lip tissue is often
activates the herpes virus that is present in almost every
the body. The drug is advised to drink more in the following days (5-7

How is the procedure?

All procedures for applying permanent makeup should
be held in a specialized office. Since the procedure
associated with the violation of the integrity of the skin, it should
performed by a qualified master with medical
education. The master must comply with all sanitary standards and
have knowledge of anesthesia techniques. In an extreme case specialist
must have a diploma from the special courses. Treat the procedure
seriously and do not hesitate to look at the qualification documents
masters, so that later you will not suffer the bitter

The procedure itself is an injection under the skin – to the depth
about 1 mm – vegetable dye. Duration of the first
The procedure can last about two hours. To the second stage
you need to start in three weeks, but not earlier. Hold it for
achieve a more pronounced effect at the request of the client. Lasts he
usually half as much, so as not to waste time searching for suitable
shades of pigment and the choice of the desired shape of the lips, eyebrows, etc.


After a consultative conversation, the lindery switch proceeds to the procedure
performing a series of sequential actions.

  1. Treatment of the skin with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Drawing a sketch with a pencil or a special marker,
    which must be approved by the client.
  3. Coating the treated skin area with anesthetic cream or
    use of an anesthetic injection.
  4. Introduction of pigment solutions using a dermopigmenter,
    resembling a ballpoint pen
  5. Application to the treated areas of the skin of a special cream,
    having bactericidal anti-inflammatory action.

The success of the procedure and its safety permanent makeup depend
mainly from the pigment injection technique. Depth is important here
introduction of dye, uniformity of coloring and sharpness of lines. AT
the first is the depth of puncture controlled exclusively
by the hand of a master. Therefore, the choice of a specialist is decisive.
a factor.

The period of rehabilitation and care for a tattoo

After the procedure there may be slight pain
swelling, a slight degree of irritation. Soften or
Cosmetologists offer to eliminate such symptoms with the help
care products – wound healing creams, ointments or sprays.
Inflammation at home can be removed by ice cube, cold
compresses, decoctions of medicinal herbs. Full recovery
comes in 7-10 days.

If, after this period, inflammation at the site of application
permanent makeup will not pass or a pronounced face will appear
swelling, you should immediately contact the specialist who conducted


On the first day after the procedure, a tattooed area is recommended.
rinse regularly with cool water to warn
thick crust formation. Means, accelerating the regeneration of the skin
cover, allowed to use from the second day.

Further, the treated areas must be protected from exposure
covering the lips with hygienic lipstick, and the skin of the eyelids and
eyebrow sunscreen. The healing process involves
exclusion of direct UV rays on the skin, as well as
visiting baths, saunas, other cosmetic procedures that require
steaming face. The crust formed in the process of rehabilitation,
It is forbidden to remove yourself.

It is a mistake to think that the desired features will appear on
the day after applying permanent makeup. Tattoo not
worth doing on the eve of any important events / activities. Lips
eyes and other parts of the body take on a beautiful natural look.
only two or three weeks.

To whom the procedure is contraindicated?

Permanent makeup is not recommended in the following

  • the presence of herpes on the lips;
  • wounds, scratches and other skin damage;
  • pregnancy / lactation;
  • diabetes;
  • neoplasms in the area of ​​tattoo (papilloma moles,
  • acute respiratory diseases (flu, cold);
  • high blood pressure.
  • conjunctivitis or an allergic rash in the eyelids.

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