Pharmaceutical dandruff shampoos – most rated best, description, composition, properties for whom it is intended, price

One of the most common and effective means in
anti-dandruff, as well as to prevent and prevent its
appearance is the application of a special
shampoo shampoos

This shampoo has a healing effect on the scalp,
and on the hair itself, perfectly coping with the problem of dandruff,
eliminating not only discomfort, but also the appearance factor itself
this skin disease.

Top 10 best anti-dandruff pharmacy shampoos

The content of the article:

  • Top 10 best anti-dandruff pharmacy shampoos
  • Antifungal Dandruff Shampoo
  • The best professional medical shampoos
  • The best shampoos for the prevention of dandruff
  • The best anti-dandruff shampoos for daily
    of use
  • The best dandruff shampoo complex action
  • The best inexpensive dandruff shampoos
  • The best dandruff shampoos: price – quality
  • The best anti-dandruff shampoos for children
  • Dandruff Shampoo for Men
  • For greasy hair
  • For dry hair
  • What dandruff shampoo to buy
  • What to do if dandruff comes from shampoo

Medical shampoos in a large assortment are presented in the pharmacy
networks, differing in the form of their actions, composition and active

Before you start choosing such a tool
you need to determine your skin and hair type, so
as often for oily and dry scalp, as well as for hair,
prone to oiliness or dryness, different shampoos are used,
working on the problem in different ways.

In case the skin and hair combine both dry and oily
the type of head wash must be chosen accordingly for
mixed type.

  1. Klorane. Eliminates dry dandruff by softening
    while hair. Klorane
  • Country of origin: France;
  • composition: nasturtium water-alcohol extract,
    salicylic acid, vitamin B5, and antifungal and
    emollient additions;
  • Description: treatment and prophylactic shampoo,
    suitable for all hair types as a prophylaxis and for dry
    scalp as a remedy for dry dandruff;
  • properties: disinfection and healing;
  • action: heals and disinfects the skin
    head, relieves dry seborrhea (dandruff), disinfects and
    eliminates harmful microorganisms;
  • who is suitable: for the treatment of dry disease
  • cost: about 650
  1. Home Institut. A great way to fight
    dandruff on scalp and hair prone to oiliness. On
    herbal basis. Home Institut
  • Country of origin: France;
  • composition: panthenol, plant extracts
    nettle, ginseng, burdock, as well as French spring water and
    special patented formula of this company to eliminate
  • description: dermatological herbal shampoo,
    soothing scalp and improves hair condition;
  • Properties: relieves itching, peeling, gently
    cleans and regenerates the skin, helping to get rid of problems with
    dandruff using natural ingredients;
  • action: nettle extract as part of this
    means is a natural antiseptic that disinfects and
    cleanses the skin, destroying harmful bacteria
  • to whom approaches: for fat seborrhea and dandruff,
    caused by the production of excess subcutaneous fat;
  • cost: about 350
  1. Sulsen shampoo. Antifungal
    dermatological shampoo that perfectly removes dandruff caused
    yeast fungus. Sulsen shampoo
  • Country of origin: Ukraine;
  • composition: water, sodium laureth sulfate, disulfide
    selenium, salicylic acid, citric acid, sodium hydroskid,
    glyceryl olerate, glyceryl stearate;
  • Description: selenium disulfide based shampoo,
    struggling with yeast and dandruff;
  • properties: regulates fat production
    the skin of the head, fights fungi, destroying them;
  • action: exfoliation, cleansing,
    normalization of the sebaceous glands, easy drying;
  • suitable for: effective in dandruff,
    caused by yeast fungi;
  • cost: about 300
  1. Squaphane S. Universal remedy,
    used to eliminate acute forms of dandruff for all types
    skin. Squaphane S.
  • Country of origin: France;
  • composition: climbazole, salicylic acid,
    natural juniper essential oils, mild cleansing agents
    Surfactant and specially developed medical complex aimed at
    destruction of fungus and bacteria;
  • Description: treatment and prevention of dandruff and
    other diseases of the scalp. Mild impact, economical
  • properties: gentle cleansing of the skin and
    hair, destruction of fungi, strengthening hair and their lung
  • action: antiseptic, soothing and
  • who is suitable: effective for seborrhea,
    caused by fungi of various kinds, as well as
    relieving itching and other manifestations of dandruff;
  • cost: from 600
  1. Keto Plus. Fights Disease Caused by
    predominantly yeast. Keto Plus
  • Country of origin: Russia;
  • composition: ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione to fight
    with fungi and other standard cleansing ingredients;
  • Description: Suitable for treating dandruff
    the initial stages of its appearance. For all skin and hair types;
  • properties: antifungal and
  • action: fights the cause of dandruff
    – fungi, and also eliminates unpleasant sensations. The greatest
    the effect occurs when using this tool to combat no
    advanced dandruff, with a small percentage of skin lesions;
  • who suits: applies at the beginning
    diseases with various types of dandruff and seborrhea;
  • cost: from 600 rubles.
  1. Sebosol Used for skin lesions.
    fungi and mites. Sebozol
  • composition: the main active substance –
    ketoconazole, sodium chloride and other components for mild
  • Description: medical remedy successfully
    overwhelming fungal lesions;
  • properties: antiseptic and moisturizing
    properties allow you to apply this product for dry skin and
    dandruff caused by dry seborrhea;
  • action: disinfects the skin not only from
    fungus, but also from ticks, gently cleanses hair from impurities, it is easy
    flushes sebum;
  • to whom suits: applies at dandruff any
  • cost: about 300
  1. Vichy Dercos. In the Vichy lineup are presented
    anti-dandruff shampoos for different hair types. Vichy Dercos
  • country of origin: France;
  • composition: the main active component –
    aminoxyl, which strengthens hair, vitamin E, and sulfide
    selenium, salicylic acid to cleanse and combat the problem
    dandruff and other additional ingredients;
  • Description: Very effective for fighting
    different types of dandruff;
  • Properties: fights dandruff by regulation
    the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, eliminating unnecessary
    fat content;
  • action: exfoliating, drying,
    cleansing and soothing – relieves itching, eliminates
  • who suits: this shampoo is wide
    used for any type of dandruff and any degree of it
  • cost: about 800
  1. Brown Rice Anti Dandruff Shampoo. Cleansing
    agent based on natural oils. Brown Rice Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • production country: Korea;
  • composition: active ingredient – climbazole,
    brown rice and lemongrass essential oils, and proteins
    wheat, oats and rye, glycerin and d-panthenol;
  • Description: means for delicate cleansing from
    dandruff and pollution;
  • properties: eliminates dandruff by eliminating it
    root cause using the active ingredient in the composition and favorably
    affects the hair, strengthening them;
  • action: eliminates dandruff with
    natural ingredients, increases blood circulation, strengthens hair
    and makes them soft and obedient;
  • who suits: for all types of hair;
  • cost: about 500
  1. Hanaro Plus. A relatively new tool on
    medical shampoo market, which stands out for its predominantly
    natural composition. Hanaro Plus
  • production country: Korea;
  • composition: contains up to seven
    medicinal herbs as well as bamboo juice, which gently eliminates
    dandruff and cleans hair;
  • Description: one of the most famous shampoos
    anti-dandruff among biocosmetic products;
  • properties: skin cleansing, refreshment and
    strengthening hair. Does not require additional moisture
    conditioners or balsams;
  • action: eliminate dandruff, gently
    exfoliating its particles and preventing further appearance due to
    its natural ingredients;
  • who is suitable: for all types of hair and skin
  • cost: about 450
  1. Kapous Profilactic. Dermatological shampoo,
    drying and disinfecting antifungal drug.
    Kapous Profilactic
  • country of origin: Italy;
  • composition: based on zinc and tea tree oil –
    the most well-known components that are widely used to eliminate
    dandruff and mild cleansing supplements;
  • Description: medicated shampoo with a pleasant apple
    aroma, perfectly coping with the task of getting rid of seborrhea,
    cleans hair well;
  • properties: restoring the right balance
    oily scalp, dandruff of any nature and
    the reasons for its occurrence;
  • action: has a calming,
    antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
    impact. It also strengthens the hair, makes it soft and
    healthy shine;
  • who is suitable: suitable such a tool when
    any type of dandruff; any type of scalp;
  • cost: about 370

Antifungal Dandruff Shampoo

  1. Mycozoral Mycoral
  • country Russia;
  • Ingredients: ketoconazole as the main acting
    substance, as well as not hard surfactants for cleansing;
  • Description: common remedy against
    dandruff in the form of a shampoo for any kind of seborrhea and dermatological
    dandruff problems;
  • properties: stops the development of fungi and
    destroys them;
  • action: slightly drying the skin and exfoliating
    particles of existing dandruff this medicine penetrates deep into the skin
    cover, regulating the production of subcutaneous fat of the scalp;
  • appointment: seborrhea, dermatitis, dandruff of any
    nature and any intensity of manifestation;
  • cost: about 500
  1. Nizoral Nizoral
  • country: Belgium;
  • Ingredients: ketoconazole to eliminate dandruff and
    reasons for its occurrence, collagen, as well as means for
    leaching of dirt and mild sebum;
  • Description: shampoo, perfectly coping with
    dandruff of a different type. Feature: during application it is
    means recommended to stand on the head about five minutes before
  • properties: has a cleansing, antiseptic
    and antimycotic (antifungal) property;
  • action: normalizes the microflora of the skin and
    scalp, effectively eliminates fungi and other
    harmful microorganisms, rescues from repeated dermatological
  • to whom: this medicated shampoo will do
    any type of skin and hair, both for the treatment of seborrhea and for her
  • cost: about 560
  1. Dermazole Dermazole
  • country Russia;
  • Ingredients: ketoconazole, sodium chloride, sodium
    lauryl ether sulfate and other additional components;
  • Description: Highly effective drug for
    fight against many types of fungi and bacteria;
  • properties: antifungal, antiseptic and
  • action: penetrating the affected fungi and
    with harmful microorganisms, this shampoo skin slows down
    spreading dandruff, stopping the growth of fungi and destroying
  • when to apply: with fungal skin lesions
    any intensity;
  • cost: about 300
  1. Keto plus Keto plus
  • country Russia;
  • Ingredients: ketoconazole as the main active
    substance and additional ingredients for gentle cleansing of hair and
  • description: a delicate drug,
    eliminating dandruff gradually and in stages;
  • Properties: antifungal, peeling and
    soothing effect;
  • action: treats both dandruff and all of it
    unpleasant manifestations, facilitating and eliminating itching and irritation of the skin.
    Used also for the prevention of dermatological
  • for whom: for any form of seborrhea and dandruff
    the initial stages of their appearance;
  • cost: from 600
  1. 911 shampoo. 911 shampoo
  • country Russia;
  • Ingredients: glycerin, sodium chloride, coconut
    oil, tar, birch, citric acid and related
  • Description: a universal product that destroys
    the vast majority of bacteria and fungi;
  • properties: exfoliation, disinfection and
    removal of unpleasant manifestations of seborrhea;
  • action: penetrating deep into the skin,
    active ingredients in the composition of this tool suppress and
    neutralize the foci of spreading the disease, destroying fungi and
    microorganisms that contribute to the emergence of this disease are also
    shampoo cleans the skin and hair from pollution, without rendering
    irritating effects;
  • when to apply: used for disposal
    dandruff of any type;
  • cost: about 150
  1. Bioderma. Bioderma
  • country: France;
  • composition: betaine, natural
    extracts and oils, as well as additional ingredients;
  • Description: soft dandruff shampoo
    cleansing and moisturizing effect;
  • properties: antifungal agent,
    antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and soothing
  • action: softens the skin, exfoliating
    particles of dandruff with dry seborrhea, disinfects with
    present in the composition of natural substances and also gives hair
    softness and healthy shine;
  • purpose: can be used for chronic
    seborrhea predominantly dry, pruritus, psoriasis and prolapse
  • cost: from 430

The best professional medical shampoos

  1. Fito. Fitoval
  • Country of origin: Slovenia;
  • composition: shampoo based on zinc and extract
    white willow, which are actively involved in eliminating the causes of
    dandruff, curing the affected skin;
  • Description: Soft Dandruff Remedy
  • properties: anti-inflammatory, emollient,
    moisturizing and exfoliating;
  • action: active ingredients in this
    medicinal products reduce the number and activity of bacteria and
    fungus while effectively eliminating itching and irritation
  • who suits: used to treat weakly
    or moderately severe dandruff;
  • how much is: about 450
  1. Dandruff Control Shampoo. Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Country of origin: UK;
  • composition: zinc myriton, leaf extract
    medicinal sage and additional cleansing agents;
  • Description: professional shampoo against
    dandruff with natural ingredients;
  • properties: restoration of normal microflora
    the skin of the head, eliminating dandruff and a large number
    fungi, bacteria and harmful microorganisms, exfoliation,
    treatment and prevention of dandruff;
  • action: gently cleaning the skin and hair,
    This shampoo perfectly fights dandruff of various types, eliminating
    while irritation and itching, this remedy is also very good
    washes hair, refreshing it;
  • who is suitable: for all types of hair and skin
  • how much is: about 1000
  1. Tervapuun Tuoksu. Tervapuun Tuoksu
  • Country of origin: Finland;
  • Ingredients: tar of Finnish pine, lauryl sulfate
    ammonium, glyceryl and other components;
  • Description: treatment-based shampoo
    natural extract of the Finnish pine;
  • properties: relieves dandruff by fighting
    fungus, cleanses and strengthens the hair, nourishing and slightly moisturizing
  • action: tar destroys fungal
    diseases, without irritating the skin and without causing
  • who is suitable: for hair prone to dryness
    or fat content, as well as for the mixed type;
  • how much is: about 400
  1. Instant clear from LOreal. Instant Clear from L'Oreal.
  • Country of origin: France;
  • composition: zinc compounds, eliminating the cause
    dandruff, vitamin E, as well as the unique formula of the company
  • Description: effective shampoo famous
    companies that help to forget about dandruff for a long time
    regular use;
  • properties: disinfection, cleansing,
    moisturizing the skin and strengthen hair;
  • action: zinc in combination with the rest
    components effectively destroy dandruff, saturating the skin and hair
    useful vitamins and trace elements, soothing and eliminating
    itchy sensations;
  • to whom suits: for normal and inclined to
    oily hair suffering from dandruff and for the prevention of repeated
  • how much is: about 800
  1. Grindex “Mikanisal”. Grindex Mykanisal
  • Country of origin: Estonia;
  • composition: base – ketoconazole, additional
    substances – sodium laureth sulfate, diethanolamide fatty acids
    coconut oil and other auxiliary ingredients;
  • Description: fast-acting antifungal
    anti-dandruff agent for all skin types;
  • properties: antifungal,
    anti-inflammatory and antiseptic;
  • action: main ingredient, when absorbed into
    patches of fungal skin of the scalp begins fast and
    effective fight with them. A marked improvement begins after
    first use of this drug;
  • who suits: used with seborrhea,
    caused by yeast, dermatitis and itchy sensations when
    dermatological disease of the scalp;
  • how much is: about 500

The best shampoos for the prevention of dandruff

  1. Mirolla Sulsen Forte. Mirolla Sulsen Forte
  • production: Russia;
  • composition: the main active ingredient is sulsen.
    The shampoo is also enriched with vitamins and herbal supplements.
  • Description: treatment and prophylactic shampoo,
    eliminating dandruff and its manifestations;
  • properties: disinfects, cleans, moisturizes,
    normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat and restores the structure
  • action: drying the skin and normalizing the work
    sebaceous glands, this drug is both medicinal and
    prophylactic in combating dermatological
    diseases, in particular with dandruff. Stops the growth of fungi
    reducing their activity and destroying;
  • appointment: oily seborrhea, dandruff caused
  • price: about 250
  1. Tar tarry Tar
  • production: Russia;
  • composition: birch tar, oak bark infusion,
    mint oil and lemon juice as the main active ingredients;
  • Description: effective and affordable shampoo,
    copes well with its task of eliminating dandruff and its
  • properties: anti-inflammatory,
    antifungal agent on a natural basis;
  • action: eliminates dandruff and seborrhea while fighting
    unwanted microorganisms, destroying them and disinfecting
    skin, helps relieve itching and skin regeneration
  • appointment: strong seborrhea, dandruff;
  • price: about 150
  1. Zinovit Tsinovit
  • production: Russia;
  • composition: zinc pyrithione and climbazole, as well as
    related substances;
  • Description: shampoo with comprehensive care and
    elimination of dandruff problems;
  • properties: antiseptic, antifungal and
    mitigating effect on problem areas. Used as for
    treatment and for prevention;
  • action: eliminates dandruff, its cause and
    manifestations, penetrating deep into the skin, destroying fungi and
    regulating the sebaceous glands;
  • prescription: oily, dry or mixed
    seborrhea, prevention and treatment;
  • price: about 250
  1. Tar Tar. Tar Tar
  • production: Russia;
  • composition: d-panthenol, citric acid,
    birch tar, glycerin and other additional
  • description: high-quality natural shampoo
    active ingredient in the composition;
  • properties: cleansing, softening,
    regenerating and drying;
  • action: relieves the scalp and hair from
    grease and dirt helps to cope with dandruff, regulates
    oily skin and strengthens the hair;
  • purpose: for frequent use when
    dandruff and oily hair problems;
  • price: about 400
  1. Panthenol. Panthenol
  • production: Czech Republic;
  • composition: dexpanthenol, sodium chloride, dairy
    acid and related constituents;
  • Description: shampoo curing not only
    dandruff, but also hair loss;
  • properties: healing, cleansing and
  • action: active components eliminate
    cause dandruff and prevent recurrence by cleansing the skin and
    saturating it with useful microelements;
  • Purpose: for prophylactic purposes
    dermatological problems with the scalp;
  • price: about 550
  1. Shampoo Tonic Witch Doctor “Prevention
    dandruff. ” Shampoo Tonic Witcher Dandruff Prevention
  • production: Russia;
  • Ingredients: burdock extract, burdock root and
    hop cones, as well as cleansing and moisturizing supplements;
  • Description: shampoo, which included
    there is a large amount of natural ingredients;
  • properties: emollient and cleansing. Also nourishes
    skin and hair with nutrients that make hair healthy and
    brilliant look;
  • action: very well nourishes, nourishes and
    moisturizes, which is especially important when prone to dry skin. In that
    The case of moisturizing and nourishing with natural ingredients is
    prevention of dry dandruff;
  • purpose: prevention of seborrhea and dandruff,
    mostly dry type;
  • price: about 100
  1. Friderm. Friederm
  • production: Italy;
  • composition: active substance – pyrithione
  • Description: Effective remedy to combat
    dandruff and for prevention;
  • properties: antiseptic, antifungal,
    antipruritic and cleansing;
  • action: absorbed in a large amount of skin
    heads and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria, gradually destroying
  • purpose: dandruff and seborrhea, itching and
    irritation, baldness;
  • price: about 800

The best anti-dandruff shampoos for daily
of use

  1. Wellreal dandruff shampoo. Wellreal dandruff shampoo
  • production: Belarus;
  • Ingredients: d-panthenol, piroctone olamine extract
    aloe vera as main active substances;
  • Description: quality remedy against
    dandruff, aimed at careful adjustment of skin oily skin
  • properties: normalization of the sebaceous glands,
    exfoliating and soothing itching, relieving irritation and
    dandruff prevention;
  • action: cleansing from excess fat,
    drying of the skin without drying out and irritation, nutrition and
    moisturizing with natural aloe extract;
  • Indications: oily or oily skin
    heads and hair as well as dandruff caused by excess
    fat content;
  • cost: about 100
  1. Perhotinet anti-dandruff shampoo. Perhotinet
  • production: Russia
  • composition: birch tar, chamomile extract,
    castor oil, citric acid, vitamins and additional
  • Description: a means of tar and other
    natural ingredients that can be applied daily;
  • properties: deep cleansing, adjustment
    fat content, softening;
  • action: cleansing without drying,
    normalization of subcutaneous fat production and, as a result, elimination
    dandruff problems;
  • indications: oily scalp and dandruff,
    caused by fat;
  • cost: about 90
  1. Himalaya Herbals Dandruff Shampoo for Fatty
    hair. Himalaya Herbals
  • production: India;
  • composition: tea tree oil extracts
    rosemary and indigo and auxiliary components;
  • description: natural composition with a minimum
    chemical additives allows you to use this shampoo often, not
    for fear of addiction;
  • properties: getting rid of excess fat and its
    normalization, strengthening and nutrition of hair;
  • action: washing and cleansing of the skin
    from fat, regeneration and healing of the skin and hair;
  • indications: oily scalp, hair,
    greasy and oily dandruff;
  • cost: about 200
  1. Biokon.
  • production: Ukraine;
  • composition: active ingredients – tea oil
    wood and ketoconazole to fight fungal infections;
  • Description: gently cleansing shampoo
    natural anti-dandruff actives;
  • properties: soothing, cleansing and
  • action: relieves symptoms and gradually
    eliminates dandruff itself by killing fungi with active
    components of this tool;
  • indications: seborrhea weak or medium
    severity, dandruff prevention;
  • price: about 150 rubles.

The best dandruff shampoo complex action

  1. MaYu Healing Shampoo from Secret Key.
    MaYu Healing Shampoo Shampoo
  • manufacturer: South Korea;
  • composition: horse fat, many medicinal
    herbs and their oils and extracts, for example walnut extract,
    peach leaves, black soybeans and Chinese wolfberry as active
    working substances;
  • Description: drug wide
    spectrum of action with natural components;
  • properties: hair growth stimulation, moisturizing
    dry skin and the elimination of excess fat in the case of
  • action: anti-inflammatory,
    antiseptic and fortified action aimed at
    elimination of lesions of the skin of the head;
  • who is suitable: perfect for anyone
    hair type, including mixed;
  • price: approximately 800
  1. Libriderma.
  • manufacturer: Russia;
  • composition: zinc perition and allantoin based
    working substances;
  • Description: successfully eliminates the cause of the appearance
    dandruff and dandruff itself without excessive draining;
  • properties: antimicrobial,
    anti-inflammatory and firming;
  • action: eliminates dandruff, itching and
    irritation, normalizes oily skin and hair, moisturizes and
    softens hair, and also fights against hair loss;
  • who is suitable: perfect
    drug hair prone to fat or normal;
  • price: approximately 500
  1. Jason Natural Danruff Relief. Jason Natural Danruff Relief
  • manufacturer: USA;
  • composition: colloidal sulfur, salicylic acid,
    jojoba oil, oat milk, tea tree oil, folic
  • Description: very effective medicinal
    agent with natural substances in composition
    sebaceous glands and revitalizing hair;
  • properties: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
    and antifungal;
  • action: deeply and thoroughly cleanses and
    disinfects the skin, eliminating the root cause of the disease even in
    quite neglected, nourishes the scalp and improves
    blood circulation, due to which the hair becomes stronger and better
    grow up;
  • who suits: people with love type of hair and
    skin prone to seborrhea and dermatological problems;
  • price: approximately 700
  1. ALPECIN ALPETSINE with caffeine. ALPECIN ALPETIN with caffeine.
  • manufacturer: Germany;
  • composition: the main difference from this shampoo
    Others are that the composition of this tool is
    caffeine. In addition to it, the composition contains panthenol, salicylic
    acid, menthol and other supplements;
  • description:
  • properties: dandruff removal, antiseptic and
    antimicrobial effects, nutrition and fat management;
  • action: biphasic – first removed
    dandruff using salicylic acid and other cleansing agents in
    composition, and then cleansed skin and hair roots are saturated
  • who suits: all types of hair;
  • price: approximately 500

The best inexpensive dandruff shampoos

  1. Librederm.
  • production: Russia;
  • composition: based on zinc, panthenol, glycerin and
  • description: one of the most common
    dandruff shampoos of various types;
  • properties: hydration, nutrition, elimination
    bacteria and fungi of various types;
  • action: cleansing and eliminating dandruff
    occurs with zinc, and the remaining components help
    strengthen hair, returning them vitality and shine;
  • who suits: people with skin
    any type;
  • cost: approximately 500
  1. Hair Vital. Hair Vital
  • production: Italy;
  • composition: zinc perition and auxiliary
  • Description: effective anti-dandruff remedy
    adjustment of fat content;
  • properties: disinfection, cleansing from fungi
    and harmful microorganisms, removing itching and flaking;
  • action: antiseptic and antifungal with
    using the main active component, as well as normalizing
    scalp hydrolipid balance and warning
    dermatological diseases;
  • suitable for: used for dandruff
  • cost: approximately 450
  1. ESTEL Otium Aqua. ESTEL Otium Aqua
  • production: Germany;
  • composition: zinc pyrithione, piroctone olamine,
    allantoin and plant extracts;
  • Description: anti-dandruff without
  • properties: lipid balance normalization
    epidermis, elimination of seborrhea;
  • action: controls the balance of the scalp,
    prevents dandruff, soothes and soothes irritation
    and itching, gives the hair softness;
  • who is suitable: for the prevention and treatment
  • cost: about 400 rubles.

The best dandruff shampoos: price – quality

  1. Horse Force Horsepower. Horse Force Horsepower.
  • manufacturer: Russia;
  • Ingredients: based on ketoconazole and citric
  • Description: shampoo for the prevention and treatment
    dandruff of any kind;
  • properties: antiseptic, antimycotic and
  • action: slightly dries and reduces
    fat content due to citric acid, and with ketoconazole
    effectively fights dandruff and its symptoms by destroying cells
  • to whom suits: will suit all types of hair;
  • cost: approximately 400
  1. Ducray Kelual. Ducray Kelual
  • manufacturer: France;
  • composition: active substances – ciclopiroxolamine
    and zinc pyrithione;
  • Description: A powerful agent to combat
    moderate to severe dandruff;
  • properties: antifungal,
    anti-inflammatory and soothing;
  • action: destroys any fungal infection
    degree, inhibits growth and the number of fungi, and also eliminates
    unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching, redness and irritability
  • who is suitable: for people suffering from severe
    a form of seborrhea and frequent recurrence of dandruff;
  • cost: approximately 1000
  1. Matrix Biolage Anti-Dandruff Scalpsync.
    Matrix Biolage Anti-Dandruff Scalpsync.
  • manufacturer: USA;
  • Ingredients: main anti-inflammatory
    component – peppermint, and a substance that cleans the skin from dandruff –
    zinc pyrithione;
  • description: professional shampoo from
  • properties: peeling, cleansing and
  • action: normalization of salivation,
    getting rid of dandruff, nourishing and strengthening hair;
  • who is suitable: effective in fatty form
  • cost: about 800 rubles.
  1. LOreal Professionel Experts Clear Pure.
    L'Oreal Professionel Experts Clear Pure
  • manufacturer: France;
  • composition: zinc pyrithione, laureth sodium sulfate,
    proteins and amino acids, as well as vitamins and special
    “caring formula”;
  • description: deep cleanser,
    restoring water-fat balance;
  • properties: nutrition and saturation, cleansing and
    regeneration as well as reduction of skin irritation;
  • action: fixes hair roots,
    strengthening them and eliminating dandruff with zinc;
  • who suits: best for
    treating oily dandruff and eliminating excessive oily hair;
  • cost: approximately 800

The best anti-dandruff shampoos for children

Choosing the right dandruff shampoo for children is a challenge.
responsible, because you need to make sure not only
the effectiveness of the action of a drug capable
deal with an unpleasant problem, but also in his
hypoallergenic. baby with shampoo on his head

A few rules to make the right choice:

  • The tool must be exactly the same age
    child – it is strictly forbidden to use detergent
    facilities for adults;
  • The drug should not contain aggressive
    dyestuffs or perfumes, and sulphates and
  • In case of accidental eye contact, they should not corrode.
    or pinch.

List of baby shampoos:

  1. Chicco. Italian drug recommended for
    use since birth. In the composition there are natural
    ingredients like wheat proteins and extracts
    hawthorn and chamomile. Positive effect on hair and skin, gently
    eliminating dandruff; Price segment: around 300
    rub; Chicco
  2. Mustela. Means of the French manufacturer
    from children’s seborrheic crusts and dandruff. Consists of standard
    cleansing and soothing ingredients: zinc, ketoconazole.
    Price segment: around 600 rubles; Mustela
  3. La Cree. Drug of domestic production
    at a very affordable price of 200 rubles will save
    from children’s dandruff and dry scalp. In the presence of
    bisobalol, keratin, panthenol, as well as wheat proteins, husks
    jojoba and olive oil. Cleans, disinfects and
    feeds. Cree

Dandruff Shampoo for Men

The composition must contain antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory components, as well as natural and natural
skin soothing and nourishing ingredients
cover. man washes his head

Rating shampoos for men:

  1. Nizoral (Russia). Ketoconazole effective
    kills fungi and relieves itching. The cost of such a drug will be in the area
    700 rubles;
  2. Sebosol (Russia). Drug, practically not
    having contraindications that allows you to use it when
    sensitive and dry scalp. At the heart of ketoconazole.
    Price – 300 rubles;
  3. Ducray (France). The working substances are zinc, and
    also a fortified complex that not only eliminates
    problems with seborrhea, but also perfectly nourishes and nourishes the skin and hair
    minerals. The price segment is about 750 rubles.

For greasy hair

Dandruff remedies caused by excessive oily hair,
must first regulate the lipid balance of the scalp and
effectively clean the skin and hair. For greasy hair

For greasy and oily hair the following

  1. Tar based shampoos for example
    Friderm, Tar Tar or simple Tar for
    severe dandruff. Tar helps clean and disinfect, and
    additional natural ingredients nourish the skin. Data
    drugs of domestic production and cost from 200 to 800
    rubles; Tar Tar
  2. Indian Himalaya Herbals shampoo for fatty
    hair. Perfectly regulates lipid balance, delicately cleaning and
    saturating with natural ingredients: tea tree oil,
    indigo and others. The combination of an affordable price of 200 rubles. and
    high efficiency.

For dry hair

To get rid of dry dandruff the skin of the head is necessary
moisturize and saturate with beneficial trace elements.

  1. Hair Vital (Italy). At the base – zinc, due to
    which achieves a good effect and is fixed for a long time – with
    periodic use of dandruff will disappear completely, and unpleasant
    symptoms will disappear after a couple of use of this
    facilities. 450 rubles; hair vital dandruff
  2. Vichy Dercos (France). Use of this
    means for dry hair helps to cope with dandruff for a very
    short term. In addition to cleansing and antiseptic
    salicylic acid components, there are also many oils and
    natural extracts that helps to cope with the problem of dry
    seborrhea. 800 rub. Vichy Dercos

What dandruff shampoo to buy

If it is difficult to determine the cause of dandruff, as well as when
skin of mixed type or normal fat content is rational to choose
“Panthenol” or “Zinovit”;
choice of shampoo

For sensitive skin, “Librederm” and
Hair Vital;

At the initial stage of the disease, you can use the drug.
Keto Plus or Estel Otium

For prevention – “Biokon” and MaYu
Healing Shampoo;

Get rid of severe dandruff will help effective American
Jason Natural Danruff Relief Shampoo;

If preference is given to natural drugs –
Himalaya Herbals for hair prone to fat and
Hanaro Plus for all types.

What to do if dandruff comes from shampoo

Sometimes the use of improperly selected shampoo can
cause dandruff. Also this problem may appear by
cause of an allergic reaction to any component in

In both cases, it is recommended to stop using
detergent by switching to neutral
soft drugs such as baby shampoo. trichologist

In case of an allergic reaction of any type
it is important to visit a specialist who will help
to establish the reason in order to avoid similar
troubles, identifying the allergen and avoiding it as part of the means

Defeating such a dermatological disease as dandruff can be with
using the right shampoo that will be applied

Preventive measures are among the
most important, so anti-dandruff shampoo will help not
only in the treatment, but also in the prevention of relapse.

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