Phased weaving braid – an easy way to master braid hairstyle

braidChic long hair
All times were considered female adornment. Before short haircut
they undoubtedly have an advantage, especially if beautiful
stacked and have a lively look and shine. Spit – simple and at the same time
Exquisite hairstyle, which has many options. Weaving
braids will gradually help owners of long curls to create
with her hands beauty on her head.

Below we give several ways to weave braids. Of course,
weaving braids in stages in pictures would be clearer than
explanations in words, but we will try to convey to you everything
maximum available.

phased weaving braids

Three strands

To braid your hair in three strands, you first need to comb it
backwards Then divide into 3 equal parts, conventionally naming them
numbers from one to three. Put the third between the first and second,
thereafter, the first between the third and second and, finally, the second between
third and first. Again a third between the first and second, and in the same
spirit continue on. The result is a simple braid, which
can be fixed with the help of a bow, ribbon, clip, rubber bands, etc.

Four-strand braid

Divide the curls on the back of the head into four strands. Conditionally denote
each of them in a certain color. 1 – red, 2 – green, 3 –
yellow, 4 – pink. Braid with the first strand. Red (1)
impose on green (2), and yellow (3) on red (1). After
this under the red (1) we put the pink (4). In the same way
continue on.

Five strand braid

Add the fifth strand to the above symbol,
which will be white. We divide the curls of the neck into 5 parts.
Weave from the first strand. Red (1) impose on the green (2),
yellow (3) – to red (1). Then pink (4) pass under
red (1), and white (5) impose on the red (1). Next green
(2) we lay a lock on yellow (3), pink (4) – on green (2),
white (5) – under green (2), red (1) – on green (2) and so

Phased braiding of six strands

Add the sixth color to the strand symbol –
Violet. We divide the weaving into several stages.

Stage one: put the red (1) strand on the green (2), red
(1) under yellow (3), red (1) – on pink (4), red (1) – under
white (5), violet (6) – under the red (1).

Stage two: put on green (3) green (2), then green (2)
– under pink (4), green (2) – on white (5), green (2) – under
violet (6), and red (1) – under green (2).

The third stage: yellow (3) – on pink (4), yellow (3) – under white
(five). Then yellow (3) – to purple (6), yellow (3) – under the red
(1), and green (2) – under the yellow (3), and so on.


Hair comb down. Five centimeters from temechka to
occipital zone to separate the area of ​​curls and braid “spike”.
Strands left on the right, comb and braid them with a close up to
pigtail To perform the same operation on the left. Pin with the help of
hairpins to the central spit two side pigtails, finally making out
Haircut with a hairpin.


Curls comb back and separate on both sides of the fine strands on
parietal zone so that the mesh turned out. Bead up
the place of interlacing. To braid the braid is necessary from the right temple (with
braided) to the left. To fix on the temporal zones the resulting braid
and decorate with small flowers.

Rules for creating volumetric braids

If you are the owner of thin hair, but really want to wear
thick braid, you need to take strands that are suitable in color to
your hair (artificial or natural), and just complement them
to the bulk of curls.

Execution technology:

  • brush hair;
  • put them together and start braiding the braid;
  • Having finished one row, add an additional strand from the inside
    sides in such a way that the right hand has a long end, and in
    left – short;
  • the length of the strands change in the next weave (in the left hand
    the long end, and in the right – the short).

This should be done so that the spit is as strong as possible.


Execution technology:

  • Brush to comb hair.
  • Separate the crown area with a radius of 3 centimeters.
  • From the center of the crown begin to weave the usual braid of three
  • Take a small strand with your right hand and add it to the resulting
  • Weave this way (with braid on one side) braid around
    center of the crown all over the head. • Lay the ends under the strand and
    secure with studs.


This hairstyle is perfect for such solemn
cases like graduation party, birthday, etc. It is performed
in the following way:

  • in the area of ​​the temples on the right side take a strand of hair and braid it
    in an ordinary pigtail;
  • on the left side dopelet new strand to each subsequent
    weave, continue like this up to the left ear;
  • change the direction of the spit.

Three varieties of French braids

How is it done?

braidingWeaving begins
from the crown of the crown. Take a strand of hair on it and divide it into three equal
parts. To braid like a simple braid as follows: impose
right strand on the middle, then left on the middle. Before you
the second time to put the right strand on the middle, you need to add to it
part of the free curls on the right side and then impose on
middle strand increased right.

To perform the same operation on the left.

In the same way, continue weaving, alternating overlapping
left, then the right strand on the middle until you get to
neck level and there will be nothing to doblet. Continue weaving as
ordinary pigtail or “spike.” Weave the tape, reaching the tips
hair, or fasten braid clip (barrette).

Braided like the previous one, only strands from the temporal areas
braided down and not up. In this case, the pigtail will be
look higher.

Combined French braid. To do it, you need to
weave on both sides weave the upper half and the lower

“Two plait braid” (hairstyle for “to the light”)

Execution technology:

  • comb hair;
  • from the center of the forehead through the crown and occiput to divide the curls on
    two equal parts of the parting;
  • weave braids of three strands from the center of the forehead at the tips
  • two braids put together with hairpins and decorate

Now you know how many different hairstyles for any occasion,
whether it be a wedding or a regular weekday, you can make braids.
Those who do not quite understand the technology of braids, we recommend
see hairs in pictures in stages. We hope that the article was
useful to you. Successes in creating hairstyles!

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