Pink hair color – extravagant choice brave girls

Pink hair color, has become fashion

Car with a pink shade

But before you follow the new trends, you need
decide on the appropriate tone. Only in this case
an unusual shade adds a touch of brightness to the girl’s look and

  • 1 Who is the pink hair shade?
  • 2 Who is not suitable?
  • 3 Shades of pink
    • 3.1 Ash pink
    • 3.2 Golden pink
    • 3.3 Light pink shade
    • 3.4 Hot Pink
    • 3.5 Pale pink shade
    • 3.6 Light pink
    • 3.7 Pearl Pink
    • 3.8 Pink and Blonde
    • 3.9 Gray Pink
    • 3.10 Dark Pink
    • 3.11 Rose Red Tint
    • 3.12 Brownish pink
    • 3.13 beige and pink
    • 3.14 Peach pink
    • 3.15 Rosewood shade
    • 3.16 Rose Quartz
  • 4 Applying hair colors
  • 5 Using tinting agents
  • 6 Features staining tips
  • 7 Ash highlights
  • 8 Technique
  • 9 Ombre technique
  • 10 Hair coloring at home
  • 11 How to maintain shade?

Who is the pink hair shade?

Such hair will emphasize the beauty and lightness of women of different types.
To make this hairstyle look harmonious, you need to properly
choose the tone and type of staining.

Dark-skinned girls are better to prefer rich and bright
shades. For white-skinned beauties, faded tones will do. Length
hair does not play a role. This shade looks the same
effectively on long and short hairstyles.

Pink hair color

Who is not suitable?

For those who want to repaint curls in a bold color, there are some
restrictions. It is not advisable to paint over
in such a gray tone, because the results may not
to please.

It is not easy to get the desired shade brunettes. After all, dark pigment
It is difficult to paint over, and yellowness remains on the hair.

Note! Not recommended
pink color for girls with problematic skin, it will attract
attention to flaws.

Shades of pink

On sale pink hair dye is presented in large
assortment. When choosing it is important to determine the desired effect. If you
want to look romantic and feminine – then you should
focus on light and light shades.

For the production of furore and create a daring image – better
use bright and saturated tones.

Ash pink shade

Ash Pink

This shade is considered calm, neutral and harmonious.
emphasizes femininity. Smoky pink tone will be the highlight
any hairstyles.

Important! Ash shade is best combined with
pale skin and calm make-up. Brown girls recommended
pick a different tone.

Golden pink

Rose gold is best used in ombre and blonding.

golden In this tone harmoniously combined
locks of purple, honey and pale pink.


Light pink shade

The number of strands of a color depends on personal
preferences. It is necessary to paint overgrown roots only
after a few months that is pleasant

Light pink curls

Light pink goes well with all skin types. is he
harmoniously emphasizes the aristocracy of the pale faces
girls with bright eyes. Favorably shades the dark
skin and brown eyes.

Hot pink

This is a bold tone. Hot pink for girls who love
to shock and attract attention. Main disadvantage of this
colors in that it emphasizes rough features and
highlights wrinkles and defects.

Hot pink tone

Pale pink shade

Pale pink is suitable for experiments with any type.
appearance But better emphasize the beauty of blue-eyed women.
with fair skin. Pink blond itself looks like
calm and very attractive.

Pale pink shadeLight pink

This tone reflects tenderness and femininity. He never
looks and defiant. Pale pink is for
romantic, fragile women. And it looks harmonious in
technician calorie.

Pale Pink Hair

Pearl Pink

Use pink pearls need to be careful because he
produces redness and yellowness of the face. But on the other hand, pearl
pink tone goes well with any makeup
and style of clothing.


Pink and Blonde

A similar color is close to natural, and goes well with
natural shades. He is able to emphasize the beauty
girls with any color of skin and eyes. That tone will hide
flaws and will not look too defiant.

pink and blond

Gray Pink

It is a cold shade. Gray pink is suitable for all types.
women. The main thing is to have clean and smooth skin.
faces. Girls with blue and gray eyes can
use this tone without restriction and in any variations.

But the dark-eyed representatives of the fair sex, you need
Combine dirty pink with other shades.

Gray Pink

Dark pink shade

When choosing a color you need to forget about the monotony. After all
dark pink shade quite specific, and can behave
very unexpected. He will not paint over gray hair, but any
errors will expose.

Dark Pink Hair

Therefore, it is better to use it in combination with bright
shades. And also, with the help of a dark tone beautiful
color transitions.

Rose reddish

This is the warmest color possible. It corrects well yellow and
pale complexion. This is the only shade that is very
harmoniously with freckles.

Pink-red hair shade

It is better to apply pinkish reddish on bleached
hair. This will evenly distribute the color according to

Brownish pink

This tone looks natural. Brown-pink is suitable for
women who want to make changes to their hair but are not ready
part with natural color. This tint is close to

You do not need to lighten hair before using it. And at
combined dyeing, individual strands recommended
to black out.


Beige and pink

Soft and calm tone. Beige and pink blends with all
color types and visually corrects the oval
faces. With it, you can hide small hair flaws,
especially if used in the ombre technique.

Beige and pink

Peach Pink

Hair, painted in pastel pink, resemble a doll
hairstyle This tone is incredibly popular.
The shade is suitable for different color types. With
the choice, it is important to prevent the appearance of red in clothes and
the image.

Peach Pink

Rose tree shade

A warm shade that suits different color types. Such
the tone is applied in the techniques of brondirovanie and coloring.

pink tree

This shade makes facial features much softer
more feminine and younger. Hairstyles, using this color,
suitable for women of any age.

Rose quartz

This shade is popular with western stars.

Quartz is equally good for girls with dark and
light curls. To get this color, you need
systematically lighten red by applying special

Rose Quartz Hue

Applying hair colors

If you dye your hair with a specialist, he will select the necessary
professional tool.

And for self-color change is better to use such
coloring tools:

  • L’oreal Feria by Preference “Pink Panther” S01;
  • LADY Color “Pink Blonde” 8/2;
  • Wella Collor Touch “Rosewood” 10/36;
  • Essex “Pink Blonde” 9/65, 10/65;
  • Matrix “Quartz Pink”.

L'Oreal Pink

The use of tinting tools

To get the desired color, fair-haired girls
no need to use paint. You can simply apply different
tinting agents. Pink tint balsam will allow
experiment with color a lot more often without harm

The most popular tinting products:

  • Loreal No7 tinting shampoo;
  • Tonic “Red Tree” 6/54;
  • “Rowan” No 113, Ekmi-Color.

Hairdressers recommend the use of tinting products.
before resistant paint. Thus, you can decide on
choosing the right shade.

Features staining tips

Coloring the tips refreshes the hair and updates the image.
This technique is suitable for those who are ready for the cardinal
to change.

Painted Hair Tips

To color the tips, you need to have:

  • paint, a special brush for its application
    and mixing tank;
  • single row comb;
  • gloves;
  • foil;
  • elastic bands, for fixing individual
  • shampoo and balm.

Tip staining technology:

  1. First you need to comb your hair.
  2. Curls need to be divided into four parts, horizontal and
    vertical work.
  3. Four pieces of hair – collected in tails and fixed
    rubber bands.
  4. Apply paint on tips and wrap
  5. To sustain the paint specified in the instructions time and rinse with shampoo,
    and then apply a balm.

Ash highlights

Ash highlights

Such staining is more suitable for girls with
fair skin and eyes. Ash highlights better
do on blond hair, so strands will receive a uniform color.

Note! Dark hair needs good
lighten up before the procedure.


This technique consists in vertical stretching of shades.
Looks great on long hair.

Technical equipment

Execution procedure:

  1. Comb and divide hair into zones.
  2. Dilute the paint.
  3. First apply paint on the tips and wrap
  4. After 15 minutes, randomly apply paint to the rest of the hair,
    but without reaching the roots.
  5. After 15 minutes, wash off the paint.

Ombre technique

This is a color contrast of dark and light roots.
tips. For the desired result, it is desirable to use
calm tones.



  1. Long hair going to the tails, above the shoulders.
  2. The ends are colored and covered with foil.
  3. After 15 minutes you need to paint on the rest
    hair, not reaching the roots.
  4. After 15 minutes, wash off.

Hair coloring at home

Before you dye your hair pink, you need to
take care of the presence of such items: paints, brushes,
plastic dishes for paint, combs, hairpins, greasy
cream and shampoo.

Painting process:

  1. Apply the cream on the forehead, ears, temples and neck. This will protect the skin from
  2. Divide the hair into 4 zones, and fasten them with hairpins.
  3. Apply paint in the direction from the roots to the tips.
  4. Wash off paint after the time specified in
  5. Apply balm.

This video shows how to properly dye hair at home.
conditions in pink color and what is needed for this.

How to maintain shade?

To preserve the saturation, freshness and brilliance of color, you need
follow these rules:

  • wash your hair no more than two times a week;
  • use relaxed hair products;
  • use special tools for cold colors;
  • use hair masks;
  • wash your hair with warm water only.

Pink hair color looks very bold and extravagant.
Despite this, he can be gentle, romantic and competently.
emphasize dignity. The main thing is to choose the right shade and
staining technique.

This video describes the secrets of pink hair coloring

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