Placental masks for face skin

Placental face mask has a magical effect:
it makes the skin younger and fresher, improves skin condition
covers. Use the mask easily at home
conditions. The positive effect can be felt after the first


  • What is included in the mask?
  • Effect of use
  • How to use?

What is included in the mask?

Placental face mask from different manufacturers has its own
certain composition.

Therefore, they differ in the degree of impact on the skin.
Consider the components that are used most often:

placental mask

Any placentas mask contains only natural
components that do real miracles of rejuvenation with

  1. Placenta extract. Is the main component of all
    placental masks, is an extract from the placenta
    animals. The composition contains amino acids, proteins, enzymes,
    complex of vitamins and trace elements. This framework is chosen.
    no coincidence: the placenta is like a human, so
    contributes to better absorption of nutrients and achieving
    best quality result. The mask helps in the fight against
    fading of the skin, promotes cell regeneration. Most often in
    masked used sheep placenta.
  2. Hyaluronic acid. Restores damaged skin
    cells, contributes to the change of the old layer of the dermis to a new, more
    elastic and young.
  3. Pearl powder. Natural freshwater pearls are applied in
    Chinese medicine for several millennia. It slows down the process.
    aging, prolongs life, strengthens the immune system,
    provides reliable protection against various bacteria, infections and
    harmful effects of the environment. In modern cosmetology powder
    from pearl is used because of the increased calcium content,
    which is characterized by good digestibility (up to 60%).
  4. Biogold. Noble metal is another component actively
    used in antiquity. This component is active.
    conductor, which enhances the effect of other useful
  5. Fat shark liver. The product contains squalene and
    squalamine, which have a disinfectant effect on the skin,
    destroy fungi and bacteria.
  6. Collagen. A protein molecule that, penetrating into the thickness of the dermis,
    contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin. Wrinkles disappear, skin
    becomes elastic and resilient.
  7. Silk proteins. Promote nutrition and soften the skin, improve
    complexion, give the skin elasticity and firmness.
  8. Seaweed. They contain a huge amount
    nutrients: calcium, iodine, magnesium, etc. They are all beneficial
    affect the condition of the skin.
  9. Red caviar extract. Beneficial effect on hormonal
    skin background.
  10. Vegetable and fruit juices, extracts of various plants. To
    give the placental mask certain properties
    All sorts of components of the plant world are added.

The composition of the placental mask includes only natural
components, so it is characterized by maximum efficiency and
security. In addition, there is no age limit on

Mask of Bodyagi

A similar effect has a face mask for acne (but
it is impossible to affect the eyelid area). Badyaga (“badaga”: often mistaken
call it bodody) – a natural component, about its positive
properties have heard many. However, use it as a mask
few are solved. Badyaga helps to get rid of wrinkles, but after
her skin turns red, flakes, it takes several days to
restoration of the skin.

When using masks from badyag should be aware that you can not
apply the composition if the girl is dry or very sensitive
skin, there is kuperoz and neoplasms, increased hair growth on
face. In all other cases, the use of the composition is not
contraindicated. Badyaga perfectly helps against wrinkles, blackheads,
freckles, age spots. When using need to be
Careful, rinse off with a strong burning of the skin. It is impossible
prevent badyra in the respiratory tract and mucous membranes

Effect of use

The use of a placental mask has beneficial effects.
effects on the skin of the face. After applying the cosmetic
The following effects are observed:

  • traces of fatigue and tension are eliminated;
  • improves complexion;
  • skin elasticity increases;
  • provides reliable protection from negative factors
    the environment;
  • cell regeneration occurs;
  • skin inflammations are removed;
  • wrinkles are eliminated and aging processes slow down (but not
    impose on the eyelid area);
  • skin moisturized;
  • normal fat balance.

How to use?

If you decide to use a placental mask, then you should know
rules of its application, which will allow you to get
positive effect. These include:

Effects from the mask

Placental masks are an excellent preventative.
remedy for premature aging of the skin. Taking advantage of them
regularly, you can be sure that strangers
will give you much less years than you really

  1. Use the mask can be from 25 years. At this age, the skin
    starts to get old.
  2. The mask should be applied 3 times a week for 3 weeks.
    (some masks can be used daily). Next is done
    break during the crescent and you can again take a course of rejuvenation
    (with a mask from a badyag need to be careful).
  3. It is necessary to use a mask according to the instructions, performing
    preparatory procedures.

Apply placental mask should be as follows.
Pre-face should be steamed, cleaned with a scrub and dried.
Next, you should apply a mask. It is a tissue
a napkin that has slots for eyes and eyelids, nose and lips. Napkin
impregnated with a special cosmetic composition. Product completely
ready to eat To face mask went without folds,
it should be applied from the nose, straightening the remaining parts around
to face.

Placenta-collagen mask is maintained
specific time, as specified in the instructions. Recommended
at this time calmly lie down. After this napkin is removed.
The liquid that remains on the face is rubbed into the skin of the lungs.
massaging movements. Next, the face is rinsed with warm water and
processed with nourishing cream.

Positive effect can be seen immediately after the first
application. And with each procedure, the skin condition will improve.

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