Placental therapy – a new word in the cellular rejuvenation

For centuries, man dreamed of the elixir of eternal youth. it
an unattainable, but so desired, dream today can partially
be realized. Progress inevitably brings us to the point where
the existence of certain techniques and techniques contributes
the realization of the centuries-old aspirations and hopes of man – the extension
youth and prevention of aging. One such encouraging
techniques is placental therapy.


  • What is placental therapy
  • Placental preparations in cosmetology
  • How do placenta-based drugs work?
  • How to placenote
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • Side effects and complications

What is placental therapy

What is placental therapy? To respond to
this question, let’s clarify what a placenta is. Placenta or
the child’s place is a fetal temporary organ that
exists in a woman’s body only during pregnancy. is he
interconnects mother and child during pregnancy and
provides the fetus with essential nutrients. Word placenta
derived from the Latin placenta – tortilla, and represents
round flat disk. Thus, the placenta is a biodegradable deposit.
active substances necessary for the maintenance of vital activity
fetus. We can say that this body is a mini-laboratory
where the mechanisms of the future life are laid.

So, placental therapy is an injection technique,
allows to introduce preparations based on the deep skin layers
human placenta.

Placenta-based preparations have pronounced regenerative
abilities. It is for this reason that it is highly valued and used.
both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.
The balanced content of a large number of growth factors in
composition of the placenta, has significant restorative

Growth factors are peptide substances that can activate
growth and division of living cells, therefore, injection techniques
based on the placenta are modern regenerative
technologies. A similar spectrum of healing active substances, impossible
get from no other body. Aggregate
components contained in the placenta perfectly fit
the human body that makes preparations based on it
unique in action and effectiveness.

Many modern studies have confirmed the ability
preparations based on placenta extract to the rapid healing of wounds and
ulcers, to the repair of liver cells and damaged nerves. Also
placenta extract has a pronounced antioxidant
action. It protects skin cells from free exposure.
radicals, and thereby contributes to slowing down the processes

Placental preparations in cosmetology

On the miraculous properties of the placenta drew attention in
30s of the last century. The effect of drinking was noticed.
masks and creams based on it. Then, scientists were carried out
studies confirming the pronounced anti-aging effect,
which is based on the composition of the hormones that make up the placenta.
But as they say, the devil is in the details. Hormonal cosmetics
has a number of serious contraindications and side effects, its
the use of non-therapeutic purposes is fraught with very serious
consequences threatening human health and life.

For this reason, modern manufacturers of drugs based on
The placenta must clean the raw materials from hormones. Nowadays
placenta-based drugs no longer provide such a rapid
rejuvenating effect as the first drugs with it, but became
absolutely safe in terms of daily reception and do not have
unwanted side effects. After all, the main appeal of any
Cosmetic manipulations – do no harm. Now the main
the effect of placental cosmetics is intensive nutrition
skin and in exposure to biologically active substances that promote
implementation of the natural processes in the skin.

How do placenta-based drugs work?

Placenta-based preparations have a wide range of regenerative
opportunities. Firstly, they improve blood circulation, secondly, from
tissue toxins are removed, thirdly, the skin gets enhanced
food, fourthly, it recovers faster and acquires
fresh look. The placenta contains a natural “vitamin
a cocktail “of amino acids, proteins and trace elements that
contribute to a stunning rejuvenating effect.

Well-known anti-inflammatory abilities of the placenta: it
copes well with acne inflammation, prevents
the appearance of age spots and irritation.

Thus, placental preparations are capable of
stimulate the activity of own cells, their reproduction and
renewal that directly leads to rejuvenation of both the skin of the face,
and the body as a whole. At the molecular level, improved
metabolic processes in the dermis, endogenous mechanisms are triggered
skin biorevitalization.

Placental preparations do not have a forced
therapeutic effect on the cell. The placenta is only the source
nutrition and energy for her. You could even say that the placenta
acts on the cell in an intelligent way: every cell
the body takes from it those elements that it needs and
strictly in the required doses.

Placenta-based drugs can work wonders. They
literally make the skin remember the youth in
resulting in:

  • skin acquires firmness and elasticity;
  • wrinkles are smoothed;
  • aging process slows down;
  • pigment spots disappear;
  • improves complexion;
  • improves regenerative processes in the dermis;
  • powerful lifting effect;
  • the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and

The drug is based on the placenta is used in complex programs.
to improve the immune system and normalize all functions
vital activity of the organism. Notice caused by placenta
effect of harmonization of all body systems.

Unfortunately, placental drugs in some cases
rejected by the body and cause individual
intolerance in the form of allergic reactions. And this despite the fact
that such preparations are obtained by molecular separation and
separation, which should not cause such problems.

For this reason, use only high quality
drugs, for example, well-proven drugs
Japanese production “Laennek” and “Melsmon”.

In order for substances to be better absorbed in human
the body is subjected to a chemical process – hydrolysis.

All the latest generation of drugs based on human
placenta exist as a hydrolyzate. Hydrolyzate is a product
obtained in the process of fractionation (separation) of any
substances using water.

Such methods of processing substances allow you to modify
the main product in the readily available for absorption by the human body
proteins, fats and amino acids. The aforementioned Japanese drugs
“Laennec” and “Melsmon” are based on drugs in the form
hydrolyzate. They have a high degree of purification, are
absolutely natural and environmentally friendly.

How to placenote

The procedure of placenta is based on the tactics of multiple
course impact on certain areas of the face. During the procedure
biologically active points are activated, or how
called “points of youth”. Placental therapy is a type
mesotherapy. Accordingly, this procedure is carried out in the same way.
way, like mesotherapy.

The drug is injected with thin needles locally in those skin areas
who need correction. Therapeutic course is from
5 to 10 procedures, the number of sessions determines only
cosmetologist. The frequency of sessions 1-2 times a week.
The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on
problems that need to be addressed.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Perform placenotherapy in all cases of age wilting
skin, hair loss and metabolic disorders.

Contraindications to the procedure is:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • idiosyncrasy drugs based

Side effects and complications

All injection techniques have side effects, as in this
case of violation of the integrity of the skin. But
the fact is that they should be minor and completely
disappear in a few days.

After the procedure in the places of punctures small
seals in the form of papules, possible swelling, bruising and microhematomas,
which usually dissolve within 1-2 days.

If the adverse conditions are harmless and pass within a short
time, the complications do not pass by themselves. Sometimes they require
medical intervention, endanger the patient’s health and
adversely affect the aesthetic result of the procedure. Because
placenta is a type of mesotherapy, then complications
similar to those that occur during mesotherapy. What is this

  • immediate allergic reaction;
  • vessel embolism;
  • fibrosis (compaction) of tissues;
  • granulomas (tiny knots on the surface of the skin);
  • keloid scars (proliferation of connective tissue).

To avoid unpleasant consequences should be carefully held.
pre-procedural research for allergic diseases, and
also be examined by related professionals. All these
complications associated with the level of training
cosmetologist. After all, it is important who makes the shots and how they are made. By
Therefore, the choice of a good specialist is of great importance.

The appearance of a person, the condition of his skin, grooming and
neatness plays an important role in social life.

The above characteristics affect not only self-perception.
and the self-confidence of a person in his identity, but also on his
success in work and career growth. And from that
how much we look good depends on our psychological
well-being and normal social interaction with others
the world.

Modern cosmetology offers a huge range
innovative procedures to improve the appearance of the skin,
that help overcome those barriers that prevent us from fully
realize yourself in life. The main thing is to find your “demiurge”
able to breathe confidence into us in its irresistible,
leading the way of success.

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