Plasmolifting of the scalp

Plasmolifting of the scalp is
manipulation that is designed to combat hair loss and
general strengthening of the hair system. The essence of the procedure for the introduction of plasma
blood through injections under the scalp. This is a unique opportunity.
prevent and stop alopecia, and also make curls
healthy and radiant.

The essence of the procedure and its benefits for hair

The content of the article:

  • The essence of the procedure and its benefits for hair
  • Photo Before and After
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Preparation for the procedure
  • Procedure technology
  • Care after
  • Price plasma-lifting
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • What is better plazmolifting or mesotherapy for hair?
  • Recommendations on the selection of a beautician
  • Reviews
  • A short video about what plasma hair lifting is.

The main purpose of the methodology in the stimulation of processes that
responsible for tissue repair. For this manipulation
human venous blood is used. Plasma is released from it
which is saturated with platelets.

The release of plasma from the collected material allows you to increase
platelet activity that is responsible for the functioning
numerous processes in the body. Due to this effect
can prevent hair loss.

In addition, plasma improves microblood circulation and
metabolic processes, enhances local immunity, suppresses
pathogenic microflora. After the manipulation of the hair begin
actively grow and strengthen.

Plasma shots are performed with a medical syringe, some
patients claim that the first results from the procedure can
see almost immediately.

Photo Before and After

Some photos of results or photos BEFORE and AFTER.


This technique is used by women and men who
wish to overcome the following problems:

  • alopecia;
  • rare and thin strands;
  • dandruff;
  • broken and loose strands (such problems occur after
    frequent use of hair dryer, iron, hair dye).


Initially, the cosmetologist asks the patient to pass tests. By their
results can determine the ability to perform the procedure.

There are a number of contraindications:

  • infectious and chronic diseases in the stage
  • allergy to anticoagulants – drugs that reduce
    blood clotting;
  • childbearing and lactation period;
  • hematomas;
  • cancers;
  • HIV;
  • low immunity.

Side effects of the procedure

Extremely rare discomfort and pain, but it happens with
those patients who, despite contraindications, decided to
various kinds of cosmetic manipulations after plasma lifting.

Other people may develop slight redness, swelling.
and itching at the site of infection, which after a few hours
will pass.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the method:

  • security procedures – client injected
    own blood plasma, purified from chemical substances and
  • no general anesthesia – for manipulation
    just enter the local anesthetic;
  • hypoallergenic – allergic symptoms or
    plasma rejection is rare;
  • no long preparatory period
    to the application of the method, rehabilitation and restoration at the end
  • plasma lifting is based on natural processes
    recovery of the human body;
  • lasting effect with the possibility of it
    extensions using a firming procedure
    plasma lifting;
  • no seams and keloids.

The main disadvantage of cosmetic procedures
in the price of course extraction. Also there are the following

  1. The possibility of infection with serum infections
    can cause the development of viral hepatitis. Prevent this
    You can, if you go to a specialized clinic. Institution
    must provide certificates confirming the possibility
    carrying out this medical service.
  2. Autoinfection may develop due to activation
    virus found in human blood. Passing the danger will help
    medical examination and delivery of the necessary tests.
  3. Allergic reaction to anticoagulants. it
    the consequence can also be prevented if
    perform an allergen test.

Preparation for the procedure

Those who decided to restore hair with a plasma-lifting,
must ensure that there is no
contraindications. Only then can the doctor set a date.

It is necessary to start preparation in 2-3 days.
before performing the manipulation. At this time, to be observed
The following recommendations:

  • limit drinking intake and eliminate alcohol intake
    drinks, also prohibits food that is too fat;
  • It is forbidden to take anticoagulants (Aspirin, Heparin).
  • Plasmolifting cannot be combined with other cosmetic
  • the session is better to come in the early afternoon fasting or eating
    in the morning light foods rich in carbohydrates.

Precautionary measures

Be sure to pay attention to the tools they need
be sterile and disposable. Local anesthesia will
ineffective, reduction of painful sensations is achieved by frequent
change of needles and the quality of the material from which they are made.

Procedure technology

Plasmolifting for hair

The cosmetologist performs manipulation in several

  1. The patient is taken into the tube a small amount of blood to
    prevent coagulation. Plasma is required for the procedure.
    blood platelet rich. Filled tubes are sent to
    centrifuge to divide the blood into its components.
  2. After that, the doctor proceeds to the procedure. He injects
    autoplasma in the epidermis of the head. If the patient feels a lot of pain,
    then the doctor uses an anesthetic.
  3. The duration of the procedure plasma-lifting is 1 hour.


  • It is proven that the effectiveness of a cosmetic procedure for
    treating hair loss is 70%.
    These rates are quite high. After such a recovery,
    hair follicles atrophy stops, they become stronger,
    in 2-3 sessions the follicles, which were previously “in
    hibernation. ”
  • On the head begins to break through the growing “beam”, while
    hairs are tight and plastic. In addition, it normalizes
    the work of the sebaceous glands, resulting in
    dry scalp is eliminated and leaves
  • Plasmolifting has a positive effect on the hairline from the inside and
    externally. Hair becomes silky and shiny over the entire length.
    leaves the section and breakage. Since the procedure
    expands the diameter of the hairs, the hairstyle becomes fluffy and

Number of courses

To get a thick styling, one procedure will be
not enough. In total, you need to go 5-7 sessions
plasma lifting. Each session lasts 40-50 minutes. To the second
The procedure can be started only 1-2 weeks after the first.
The duration of the break is determined by a cosmetologist.

Care after

To the effect of plasma lifting pleased, as long as possible,
You must adhere to the following tips:

  1. After each manipulation and treatment of hair in
    Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days.
  2. Refuse to visit the bath, hairdresser and
    the pool.
  3. You can not be in the sun.
  4. Vitamin complexes with
    minerals. The best option will be able to choose a beautician.
  5. Customers who notice non-stop hair loss
    after the first procedure, do not worry, because after 2-3
    manipulation strands gain strength.

Price plasma-lifting

The price of the course is 6000-20000 rubles, it depends on
the number of events and the size of the zone on the scalp, where
to perform the procedure.

Analogs and similar procedures

the girl is doing hair treatments

There are a number of other cosmetic and medical procedures that
aimed at improving the hair and dermis of the head:

  1. Mesotherapy. Special injections are made into the skin of the head.
    cocktails, which consist of individually selected drugs.
    Mesotherapy enhances the growth of the strands, makes their structure strong,
    eliminates dandruff. In addition to the classic injection there are
    no injection options: current mesotherapy or electrophoresis,
    laser mesotherapy, ultrasound, cryomesotherapy.
  2. ACR method. The essence of the procedure in obtaining autogel
    and autoplasma in order to reduce hair loss and improve their
  3. Beauty shots Fibersyutik. Procedures usually
    performed before painting, | but you can also use it to
    hair that is frequently affected by ironing or chemical
    waving. The essence of the method in the injection of the drug, the components
    which fill the structure of damaged strands, giving them shine
    and elasticity.

What is better plazmolifting or mesotherapy for hair?

What is better plasma-lifting or mesotherapy

For the recovery of curls, eliminating loss, you can apply
not only plasma lifting, but also mesotherapy. These techniques differ
compositions used for injections. For mesotherapy
What is needed is not a pure client plasma, but a chemical drug
a mixture of substances matched for each
person individually.

When comparing the two methods, it is noticeable that the tasks and achievements
they are similar. The difference is only in security. Plasma lifting
refers to safer manipulation. In mesotherapy
There may be cases of development of customer allergies to the input
a drug.

The methods differ in terms of effectiveness. After plasma lifting
soft, restorative, but delayed effect occurs. Other
the procedure guarantees immediate, but weakened
tissue and cell phenomenon. Differences also affected long-term
result. The effect of plasma-lifting lasts longer, and after
Mesotherapy to repeat the procedure will have 6-12

Recommendations on the selection of a beautician

girl with sharptsom

Plasma lifting is carried out in cosmetology rooms. It is better
just pay attention to the capital centers, when choosing a salon
It is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • type of equipment used;
  • availability of training certificates from specialists
  • character reviews.

It is important that the beautician uses in the process.
disposable syringes, also after each manipulation tools
must be processed.

Plasma lifting is one of the most effective procedures.
to combat hair loss and improve their structure,
it is completely safe, although it brings a little discomfort during
injection time. It can be performed by both women and
men to make hair strong, thick and healthy.



A short video about what plasma hair lifting is.

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