Plastic and other popular massages faces

Facial plastic massage – the latest technology non-surgical
suspender. During this procedure, an experienced cosmetologist.
or a masseur deeply works through the muscular frame, kneads
mimic and static muscles, like a sculptor, creates a shape
faces, clear contours and lines. Plastic massage
contributes to the preservation or return of facial contours of youth and
helps to prevent changes in its outlines in more mature
age This procedure is not easy
rejuvenating and cosmetic, but also healing, relieving stress
facial muscles. This kind of massage allows you to achieve the desired
results in a fairly short time and supports the effect
long time. Plastic massage has a different name –


  • Who needs a plastic facial massage?
  • Massage Technique
  • Contraindications to the performance of plastic massage
  • Chiroplastic massage
  • What is useful chiroplastichesky massage?
  • Myoplastic massage
  • Blepharoplastic massage

Who needs a plastic facial massage?

Facial plasticizing massage affects facial tissue and
neck, after a course of procedures they improve blood circulation, pass
swelling, skin color becomes healthier, certain
wrinkles, cheeks look more toned, and nasolabial folds
smoothed out. The face looks much more attractive, the skin is fresh and
elastic, as in adolescence. This procedure is an alternative.
surgical intervention or injection methods of correction
appearance. It helps to remove toxins from the skin, nourishes
its oxygenated and relaxes muscles.

Face massage

Facial plastic massage is a unique
advanced non-surgical brace technique during which
the masseur, like a sculptor, “sculpts” the shape of the face, creates contours and
lines, working through the “problem” zones.

Thanks to plastic massage, the sebaceous glands work better.
there is a positive effect on the nerves, the subcutaneous fat
fiber and blood vessels.

This facial massage is recommended for the following problems:

  • presence of edema on the face;
  • flabby, aging skin with wrinkles;
  • with reduced muscle tone;
  • in the presence of the second chin and other fatty tissues;
  • fatigue of facial muscles.

Plastic massage is most often prescribed to women after 30 years,
but there are rare cases where, as a preventive measure,
recommend it to younger women as well as having
acne. The technique is quite complicated, so do
the procedure is followed by a specialist with medical education. Course
lasts from 10 to 15 procedures. It is very important not to interrupt and stable
visit a beautician every other day. After the course is completed
should be in the next 2 months to maintain
procedures. If a woman’s skin is prone to dryness, then during a massage
use talc or special cream for dry skin.

Massage Technique

Technique in plastic massage consists of the following movements:

  • vibrating;
  • clamps;
  • fixing.

Only an experienced specialist will be able to properly affect
skin to tighten it, and not vice versa, stretch and exacerbate

Technique of plastic facial massage

Plastic massage should be carried out only
highly qualified specialist – cosmetologist with the highest
medical education, as the technique of execution is strongly influenced
on the end result.

In the first stage of the procedure, the masseur performs stroking strictly
along the massage lines at the end of which makes fixation.

In the second stage of the procedure, he kneads the facial muscles of the face in
certain order.

At the third stage, the specialist performs kneading of the neck, starting from
areas under the jaw and ending with the earlobes.

The first part of such a massage is included in these stages. Further
The complex consists of more difficult exercises. These include:

  • deep kneading;
  • tapping that is performed along the massage lines along
    from bottom to top;
  • vibration;
  • the last step is stroking.

At the end of plastic massage, it is common to wipe the face.
special cosmetic lotion or decoction of herbs. Often in
salons after such a procedure offer to impose a mask with
lifting effect, matched by skin type.

Contraindications to the performance of plastic massage

The procedure is not recommended in such cases:

  1. If there is damage to the skin. It could be cuts,
    burns or ulcers.
  2. In infectious diseases.
  3. During pregnancy.
  4. With blood disease.
  5. If a woman has a fever.
  6. With allergic rashes.
  7. With pustular lesions.
  8. If a woman has large birthmarks or papillomas.

A properly completed plastic massage course will bring
the desired effect, removes the second chin, gives the skin a healthy
radiant appearance, increase skin elasticity, narrow pores, reduce swelling,
smooth nasolabial folds and much more.

Chiroplastic massage

Chiroplastic facial massage promotes rejuvenation and
toning the skin perfectly helps to eliminate certain
defects. This procedure is common in most salons.
beauty. Its developer is Enrique Castells Garcia. is he
combined modern medicine with oriental style of massage. In Russia
Chiroplastic facial massage is very popular and recognized as the best
among similar procedures.

Chiroplastic facial massage

The course ranges from 10 to 20 sessions, the duration depends on
the age of the woman and the appearance of her face.

What is useful chiroplastichesky massage?

With this procedure you can improve the nutrition of the skin,
reduce face swelling, smooth wrinkles, cut dark circles
under the eyes, eliminate acne marks and black spots on the face.

Technique of chiroplastic massage is as follows. At first
cosmetologist-massage therapist performs relaxing actions. Then
produces lymphatic drainage, through which the muscles of the face are stretched and
passes tension. In addition to the face, the massage therapist is working on such
areas of the body like arms, elbows, back and side of the neck and
collar area. This is necessary because the face is associated with
given areas of the body. Massage includes many techniques
due to which there is a deep lifting of the skin. Result
not immediately noticeable, but after completing the full course all clients
are satisfied. Oval face acquires the correct contour color
becoming fresh and healthy, the attendant effects are
improved vision, hearing due to the positive effects on

Since women rarely exercise,
then most of the breasts become saggy over the years. Via
chiroplastic massage can be tightened.

In addition to the above, using chiroplastic massage
there is a cleansing of the skin from dead cells, it becomes
more elastic and elastic metabolism significantly
is improving.

All movements do not aggressively affect the face.
women, on the contrary, they are very delicate, neat and do not cause
skin injuries.

To immerse the client in an atmosphere of complete relaxation, a massage therapist
Includes quiet, relaxing music and ignites incense.

Contraindications to this type of procedure are different.
skin damage, the presence of an infectious-allergic disease,
recently conducted peeling of faces, moles and papillomas.

Myoplastic massage

Myoplastic facial massage helps to restore contours, except
In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the tissue,
excess fluid and toxins, renews skin cells, tone it up and
improves blood flow. It makes the cheeks elastic, optimizes the complexion,
removes the second chin, tightens the neckline, and
eliminates acne and mimic wrinkles.

The course of massage ranges from 10 to 20 sessions.

The technique of myoplastic facial massage is identical to the technique
plastic massage, in addition to standard actions, a massage therapist may
make the author’s technique.

Blepharoplastic massage

Blepharoplastic facial massage perfectly removes wrinkles on
female face and other age defects. Procedure technique
includes effects on the tense muscles of the face, on the area
around the eyes and on the scalp.

Blepharoplastic massage

Blepharoplastic massage is direct work.
to eliminate wrinkles and fixing the result. Massage technique
implies a complex impact: it includes
study of the neck and neck area, the eye area and the hairy part

Blepharoplastic massage includes facial lymphatic drainage, procedure
eliminates swelling, corrects mimic wrinkles.

During the procedure, the beautician presses on the points around the eyes.
With smoothing movements, it relieves skin fatigue,
pulls it up. At the end of the procedure reflex points
activated, bruises and swelling pass, normal intracranial
pressure, tired eyes as never happened.

Massage is performed with a special cream, which is selected
specialist in accordance with the client’s skin type.

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