Pomegranate Face Masks – Juicy Cosmetic remedy for skin rejuvenation and cleansing


Possessing a complex effect on the skin, facial masks from
pomegranate is universal in solving dermatological problems. we
tell you how effective they are, thanks to their
chemical composition. You will find here the best top brand products.
and the most effective homemade recipes.


  • The chemical composition of pomegranate
  • Action garnet mask
  • Rules of application
  • Brand masks with pomegranate for face
  • Homemade recipes

The main trend in modern cosmetics, which adhere to
almost all manufacturers are natural.
Hyaluronians, stem cells and silicone will not surprise anyone.
On the contrary: people are tired of chemical formulas. Within this
Destinations especially popular became cosmetics with
herbal extracts that contain a lot of organic
acids that have a positive effect on the skin. And today we will talk about
what properties does a face mask of
pomegranate – a subtropical fruit that is considered king

Home and brand pomegranate face masks

The chemical composition of pomegranate

The extraordinary benefit of pomegranate face masks is due to
the unique chemical composition of this fruit, each component
which performs its role:

  • amino acids treat acne;
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C) improves
    skin immunity at the cellular level and promotes rejuvenation;
  • vitamins of subgroup B (thiamin, riboflavin,
    niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid) are multifunctional, but
    their main purpose is to treat skin diseases, starting with
    minor pimples and ending with dermatoses in running
  • iron participates in blood formation;
  • unsaturated fatty acids are good for care
    for problem and sensitive skin;
  • potassium in combination with magnesium
    promote the formation of new cells, strengthen the walls
  • calcium is a member of many exchange processes
    substances at the cellular level;
  • organic acids have excellent
    lifting properties;
  • dietary fiber cleans clogged pores from
  • phosphorus calms.

It is the chemical composition of pomegranate that guarantees such a high
the effectiveness of cosmetic masks, prepared on its basis.
They act purposefully and almost instantly.

Origin of name. In ancient Rome, this
the fruit was either called malum granatum or malum punicum (Latin
titles). Malum punicum translates to “Punic Apple.”
The Punians called the Phoenicians, who sold the best grenades in
throughout Central Asia. Malum granatum – “grainy apple”.

The unique chemical composition of pomegranate

Preparation of face masks against skin avitaminosis:

Natural simple product instead of Botox – starch—

Action garnet mask

The main action that has a pomegranate mask for the face
on the skin – rejuvenation. However, in parallel with this, it is capable
activate and other cellular processes. If you do it regularly,
This is what will happen with the epidermis:

  • activation of metabolism at the cellular level, from which
    depends on the appearance of the skin;
  • return to the skin of former elasticity, smoothness,
  • recovery of microdamages (wound healing properties
    pomegranate was used in antiquity);
  • treatment of skin diseases;
  • rejuvenation: aging processes slow down, age-related changes
    become so noticeable, wrinkles are smoothed, synthesis
    collagen and elastin fibers restored, ptotic
    folds are tightened;
  • removal of fatigue: pomegranate masks soothe the most
    irritated skin and provide it with freshness for 24 hours;
  • toning;
  • moisturizing;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels, as a result – improved blood flow
    and cellular respiration, lack of delivery problems
    substances to the skin;
  • improvement in complexion;
  • increased cellular immunity: the skin is more resistant to
    external aggression from ultraviolet radiation, precipitation,
    low temperatures, wind;
  • elimination of acne, acne, rashes of various
    origin, postacne.

Such complex effectiveness of pomegranate face masks as
once and provides this cosmetic so unprecedented
popularity. And this applies to both homemade recipes, and
branded goods from eminent firms beauty industry. The main thing –
learn how to apply them.

Curious fact. Pomegranate tree
is mentioned several times in the Quran. First, its fruits grew in
paradise. Secondly, the Prophet Mohammed advised his followers
eat pomegranates as the best remedy for envy and

The rejuvenating effect of pomegranate mask

Rules of application

If you decide to cook this cosmetic in
at home, keep in mind that applying face masks from
A grenade is quite troublesome and responsible. Stay alert
and follow a number of helpful recommendations.

Pomegranate selection

  • The pomegranate peel should be dry;
  • through it must appear grains;
  • the peel must be free from damage and dark spots;
  • if you crush a grenade, there should be no dents on it:
    must be elastic;
  • the heavier the fruit, the more juice there is – it means that it is ripe and
  • the pale red skin, like the green tail, speak of
    fetal immaturity;
  • pomegranate does not smell.

Raw material

  • Pomegranate seeds are ground in a blender;
  • pomegranate peel is also pre-crushed in
  • pomegranate juice (natural) is squeezed out manually;
  • pomegranate oil can be bought at the pharmacy.


  1. Grains and rind should be crushed as small as possible so that the hard
    the particles do not hurt the skin, especially if it belongs to
    sensitive or dry types.
  2. Concentrated pomegranate juice is recommended to be used in
    Masks exclusively for oily or problematic skin types. For
    it is better to dilute all others with water in equal proportions.
  3. Pharmaceutical pomegranate oil is preferably preheated in advance.
    water bath to 35-36 ° C. This also applies to honey, kefir and all
    other oils, with the exception of esters.
  4. For the preparation of home masks is better not to use the dishes
    from metal that has the ability to oxidize under the action
    organic acids. So you can spoil your cosmetic
  5. The mask of pomegranate juice often turns out too liquid.
    So that it does not run down by the collar or cover the eyes (otherwise they
    may become inflamed) add wheat flour or white crumbs to it
    of bread.

Choice and preparation of fruit

Preparation for the procedure

  1. There are a lot of organic acids in pomegranate, which are often
    cause skin allergies. Even if you accept it without any problems
    in food, this does not mean that when applied externally, this is not
    will happen. Therefore, deciding on the use of pomegranate masks in
    As a cosmetic, pre-lubricate them
    wrist. Although this test control does not give a 100% guarantee.
  2. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed before the procedure.
    and pollution.
  3. It will be great if before that you steam it over the steam room (with
    herbs) bath.
  4. A distinctive feature of pomegranate masks from all the others
    lies in the fact that before it you do not need to do a face cleaning
    scrub. It itself contains abrasive particles that
    perfectly clean the skin.

Drawing on face

  1. Homemade pomegranate remedy needed
    apply strictly along the massage lines.
  2. Duration of action depends on auxiliary ingredients and type
    skin. For dry and sensitive – no more than 10 minutes. For
    normal – 15. For fat and problem – 20-30.
  3. Putting a mask of pomegranate on the skin, you should not perform massaging
    movements: you can injure your skin with hard grains.
  4. It is recommended to wash off the mask with a warm liquid, in the role of which
    milk, herbal infusion, and even plain water can come out.
  5. Then apply the cream. Well, if he will, too, with
    pomegranate extract. Recommended by The Skin House
    Pomegranate Cream, Natural Skin Pomegranate Nourishing Cream;
    moisturizing and firming cream for the face, eyes and neck with extracts
    pomegranate and ginger from Dr. Sea and others.

Knowing how to make a grenade face mask, you do not hesitate
get the most out of it. If for you this whole instruction
It remained a dark forest, it is better to buy a ready-made tool
in beautiful packaging from a well-known brand.

With the world – on a thread. Annually in Azerbaijan
Celebrate Pomegranate Day – October 26th.

Drawing on the face of a pomegranate mask

Brand masks with pomegranate for face

Top brand face masks from pomegranate will help
you choose a product of the appropriate price category and from
manufacturer you trust.

  1. Anti-Wrinkle 3Step Ampoule Mask – rejuvenating mask c
    pomegranate extract. Hello Care. South Korea. $ 41.6.
  2. Ginger and Pomegranate Mask – lifting mask with garnet and
    ginger Dr. Sea. Israel. $ 18.5.
  3. Pomegranate Cleansing Mask – cleansing mask for oily skin with
    pomegranate extract. Korres. Greece. $ 10.2.
  4. Anti-Mimikraften Gesichtsmaske – mask for mimic correction
    wrinkles on the face with pomegranate extract. Doliva.
    Germany. $ 2.7.
  5. Face mask with pomegranate extract. Sally’s Box. South Korea.
    $ 1.9.
  6. Eastem Pomegranate Facial Beauty – anti-aging face mask
    with pomegranate extract. TianDe. China. $ 1.7.
  7. Juicy Mask Sheet Pomegranate – a textile face mask with
    pomegranate. Holika Holika. Israel. $ 1.7.
  8. Pomegranate – face mask with pomegranate from
    Mediheal. South Korea. Narrows enlarged pores
    reduces the intensity of the production of sebaceous secretion, gives elasticity
    mature skin. $ 1.5.
  9. Express natur – a revitalizing modeling face mask
    with pomegranate extract and plant collagen. Dizao. China.
    $ 1.5.
  10. Pomegranate Mask – face mask with pomegranate. MJ Care.
    South Korea. $ 0.9.

Be sure to take into account the rating of store masks.
for the face of a pomegranate, which will allow you to orient in
modern cosmetics and purposefully make a purchase that meets
your aspirations. If you prefer 100% natural
means, choose a homemade recipe and cook a magical, juicy
a mixture of his own.

It is interesting! Pomegranate juice is the strongest
aphrodisiac, so that in many Turkish coffee houses it is listed in
Price as a love potion.

The best finished masks with pomegranate

Homemade recipes

Pick up recipes for homemade masks for pomegranate in the face
according to your skin type. The frequency of use will also be
depend on this factor. Oily and problem skin in this way
it will be possible to heal a couple of times a week, dry and sensitive –
no more than 1 time in 7-10 days.

For mature skin

  • Rejuvenating

Lifting effect face mask ginger and
Pomegranate is suitable for mature skin care. Pour 50 gr
grated ginger root 15 ml of pomegranate juice. Action time – 15
minutes Rinse better with cool, tightly brewed green.

  • From wrinkles

Soak oatmeal (15 g) in milk (30 ml). To add
pomegranate juice (30 ml) and honey (10 ml). It turns out a homemade mask for
pomegranate juice smoothing smooth
mimic and age wrinkles.

  • Pull up

Mix the pomegranate pulp (15 gr) with fat sour cream or cream
(15 g), jojoba oil (10 ml).

For oily skin

  • Drying

If you already tortured greasy shine, a face mask can help
from the pomegranate peel, which tightens the pores,
Dries oily skin. Crush the grain to a state of gruel.
Peel – grind in a coffee grinder or grate (but it is very
difficult). Mix them in equal quantities (1 tablespoon).
Add 1 egg white. Action time – 15 minutes.

  • Cleansing

If you have a lot of black dots, garnet
mask film for the face will save you from them for 1 application.
Mix 100 grams of pomegranate juice with 20 grams of gelatin powder.
Leave for 15 minutes for swelling. Thoroughly stir, keep
on fire until the lumps are completely dissolved. Cool it down. Time of action –
until complete drying on the face (20-25 minutes).

  • Acne

Mix pomegranate juice (15 ml), ground cinnamon (10 g), low-fat
sour cream (50 ml).

For normal skin

  • Nutritional

Soak the oatmeal (10 g) in milk (20 ml) for 15 minutes.
Add honey (10 ml), pomegranate oil (30 ml), 1 raw yolk.

  • Whitening

Mix pomegranate and lemon juice in a ratio of 2 to 1. Dilute
up to the required density of cucumber puree without peel and seeds.

For dry skin

  • From peeling

Grind 30 grams of pomegranate seeds, mix with the fattest
milk (30 ml), add a little moisturizer (½ tsp) and 1
raw yolk.

  • Moisturizing

Mix 10 ml of pomegranate juice with 20 ml of heavy cream. For the right
density to make a crumb of white bread.

Both shop and home pomegranate face masks are almost always
pleased with their results. No wonder this fruit is called
royal. Its miraculous composition, magical action on
the skin that literally transforms under these juicy grains, –
everything speaks to experience the effectiveness of this
unusual cosmetics. Are you not yet
have you tried?

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