Postacne: how to properly treat

The acne problem is not just about teenagers. With this
unpleasant phenomenon can face people of different ages.
The disease is characterized by the presence of inflammations on the skin, which
subsequently, in varying degrees, damage its layers. Sore
Acne on the face spoil the appearance of a person, so many, wanting
independently get rid of them, begin to make erroneous
actions, thereby aggravating the problem. As a result on the skin
appear post-acne – scars, to get rid of which is very
complicated. But you can.


  • More about the causes of post-acne
  • Clinical methods for correcting “errors”
  • Post-acne treatment at home

More about the causes of post-acne

The term “post-acne” is used to define secondary skin
changes of persistent nature, provoked by a long course
acne and the wrong methods and actions that
used to treat it. Cosmetic defects of a similar type
usually manifested as pigment spots, enlarged pores
(due to hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, hormonal changes,
malnutrition, immunity disorders and nervous
system), scars, erythema (redness of skin appearing in
the result of a strong mechanical effect on the skin,
for example, removing acne by squeezing).


All of the above symptoms can also be caused.
using poor-quality cosmetics or irrational
using various cosmetics. Violation
blood circulation leads to the formation of vascular spots. Traces
pigmentation also does not look aesthetically pleasing, however they are much
harmless than scars, which are not easy to remove.

Active sebum production causes formation of
comedones (a type of cyst, the formation of which is caused
occlusion of the mouth of the hair follicle by horn masses). Hit
in them, microbes and bacteria initiate the inflammatory process – so
pimple is formed. Lack of appropriate treatment and use
inadequate measures significantly reduces the chances of recovery

Clinical methods for correcting “errors”

Laser skin resurfacing. This method allows maximum
align the skin structure by eliminating traces of postacne. During the procedure
Specialist with a laser gently removes the top cornified layer.
The laser beam activates all biochemical processes, including
production of collagen, providing skin elasticity. amount
sessions is determined by a beautician individually for
each patient. It is caused by the condition of the skin in
general and individual problem areas. As a rule, spend 4-8
sessions with a mandatory interval of 1-2 months.


Microdermabrasion allows smoothing with special
apparatus irregularities of the upper layer of the epidermis. Procedure
performed only in a specialized institution
a qualified beautician. The essence of the process – in the impact
sterile aluminum microcrystals that are served with high
speed and simultaneously absorbed along with keratinized cells
the dermis.

Deep chemical peeling. The method involves the use of
various acids, for the purpose of dissolution of the cornified epithelium.
The procedure starts the process of enhanced division of young cells,
thanks to which the top layer of the skin is leveled.

Mesotherapy. A modern, effective way to recover
damaged skin, by saturating the body with essential substances and
useful trace elements. The principle of the method is in the subcutaneous
injecting compounds containing biologically active substances,
various enzymes, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. In particular
in the treatment of post-acne, the composition necessarily contains compounds

Post-acne treatment at home

In addition to hardware procedures and medical products that eliminate
skin defects, there are many folk remedies for post-acne.
The course of treatment at home is, of course, longer, but the result
more resistant.

Clay is a natural antiseptic and has a drying
effect, so the clay mask gives a great result.
Dilute clay (2 tablespoons) in a small amount of water. To add
in a lot of rosemary oil (2-3 drops), apply to clean skin.
Wash off after 20 minutes.

Parsley. The plant helps to get rid of pigmentation and
stagnant stains. Prepare a decoction of parsley and freeze it,
spill in molds. Wipe with ice cubes previously
steamed face in the morning and evening.

Lemon. Whiten skin and narrow pores, relieve pigment spots.
lemon mask Mix lemon juice (2 teaspoons) with whipped protein
(1 PC.). Mask can be applied only on problem areas.

Hypericum Medicinal tincture with daily use
surprised by the result. For the preparation of St. John’s wort (2 tablespoons)
pour ethanol (200 ml), kept in a dark place 10
days. The number of scars and blemishes is significantly reduced.

Bodyaga Defects on the skin smeared with a special pharmacy cream,
containing bodyagu. No less effective mixture of bodyagi for treatment
post-acne: drip a few drops of peroxide into the powder
hydrogen. Means to put on the problem area. Hearing a hiss
on the skin, do not be alarmed. This is a natural reaction, indicating
about the beginning of the healing process.

Scrubs. To combat post-acne at home often
use different scrubs. They can be made from natural
products that are always on hand. Most effective
The scrub recipe that I usually use for post-acne consists of
of the following ingredients: olive oil (1 tbsp.), sea salt
(1 tbsp. Spoon) and lemon juice (2-3 drops). Apply circular
movements the mixture on the face and rub for 5
minutes Then you need to wash, rub your face with a cube of frozen
decoction of chamomile, series, calendula, parsley.

Regardless of the way you get rid of postacne, be it hardware
procedure or application of folk remedies, visible result
will come only after some time. To complete or
maximum disposal of the consequences of burdening you long
years of acne will take not only time but also your actions –
intensive and regular care Home procedures that
are held with a large time interval, it is unlikely to help
eliminate scars, scars and old spots.

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