Postacne on the face – stagnation after acne disease: causes and methods of treatment


You do not know how to remove post-acne on the face after acne?
Try to understand the reasons for their appearances, to prevent them
again. What might these stagnation look like? Their methods
elimination: medications (ointments), salon procedures,
cosmetics (creams) and folk remedies.

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases.
rash. It can occur at any age influenced by the most
various factors of exogenous and endogenous origin.
Accompanied by this attack are inflammatory processes that
affect and injure all layers of the skin: horny, epidermis, dermis and
even subcutaneous fatty tissue.

All this most often ends with unpleasant consequences: even
after acne and blackheads disappear, spots remain in their place
unhealthy colors, scars and hems (especially after home
extrusions), vascular changes, extended

All this in cosmetology and dermatology is called
post-acne – persistent and difficult to excrete
neoplasms at the site of rash on the face. Is it possible with
they somehow cope?

What is post-acne?

Causes of post-acne

It’s not enough to know what postacne is – you need to be able to
deal with this cosmetic problem. And for this it is necessary
find out why they appear. After all, some acne
after successful treatment passes without a trace, but someone
ends with the formation of such trouble here. If know
the mechanism of their origin, later it can be influenced
in a certain way and avoid harmful factors to which more often
total include:

  • prolonged course of acne;
  • deep inflammation of the skin on the face in the form of nodules,
    spherical and other neoplasms;
  • late or inadequate treatment;
  • acne and acne shell damage, as well as superficial
    skin layers with unskilled removal of neoplasms themselves
    by the patient.

Try to figure out your problem and understand why
after acne and blackheads, various traces of them remain on the skin.
This will allow you to work out a certain scheme, how to get rid of
post-acne on the face with the help of various achievements of modern
cosmetic art. But before that you will need to spend more
one diagnosis. Carefully study your skin and find that
It is not so with her, because the postacne can be different.

It is necessary to know. Many mistakenly believe
that post-acne has only one reason: self-extrusion
blackheads and acne. This is not true. In 50% of cases they are due to
lack of necessary treatment or unsuccessfully carried out salon

Types of post-acne on face

Before figuring out how to remove postacne on
face, identify your main skin problem. The thing is
that this concept involves a whole complex of secondary
very persistent changes. They can manifest all at once or by
separately. These are the consequences of the usual
acne disease:

  • enlarged pores;
  • scars that are formed due to
    damage to the dermal layer directly by the inflammatory
    process, a rough cosmetic procedure (attempts to open
    closed comedo, acne electrocoagulation, unqualified
    mechanical peeling);
  • dyschromia – color change of the affected
    the site (the appearance of unhealthy cyanotic, purple, red
  • vascular changes: dilated capillaries,
    erythema (persistent redness), spots, – all this appears due to
    circulatory disorders in injured tissues.

And only after you determine what specifically happens to
look for measures with your skin, how to deal with post-acne
face in accordance with the identified clinical picture.
The surest solution in this situation is to seek help from
a specialist. A dermatologist will be able to prescribe an effective treatment for
on the basis of drugs and cosmetic procedures.

Keep in mind. Scars – damage to the upper
the skin layer, while blemishes and erythema suggest that
traumatized deepened at the level of the dermis.

Types of post-acne


Self use information how to treat
post-acne on the face with drugs, not
recommended. Each drug is usually selected individually, with
taking into account the features of the skin and the course of acne. These moments
available to understand only the doctor. If you uncontrollably smear
a super-tool that helped some young lady who unsubscribed to
next forum, it may not end in recovery, but
aggravation of the situation. So all post-acne medications
listed below for reference only.

  1. Vitamin A with enlarged pores. You can – in the form of tablets or
    oil, you can – a course of injections. Pharmaceutical drug called
    “Retinol acetate”.
  2. Kojic and ascorbic acids, arbutin help with
  3. Medicines with copper, zinc, iron, retinoic and
    azelaic acids also improve complexion, eliminating the
    postacne in the form of various stains.
  4. Skinoren-gel against blemishes and scars after acne.
  5. Mederma gel.
  6. Sintomycin emulsion, zinc and ichthyol post acne ointment
    on the face can also be used.
  7. Hydrogen peroxide.
  8. Panthenol.

Many pharmaceutical remedies for post-acne on the face
sold freely available so some are abused
this and apply them without a prescription. The result – protracted
recovery, which ultimately does not occur, and numerous
side effects requiring separate treatment. So 100 times
Think before you do self-medication. To a specialist
turn where better. In extreme cases, at least sign up for
admission to the salon beautician if the dermatologist’s office is in the hospital
scares you so much

For your information. Most unpleasant
post acne is scarring. They are different: atrophic,
hypertrophic, keloid. The latter are difficult to even
drug treatment.

How and what to treat post-acne on the face

Salon treatments

In the competence of the beautician is to tell how to remove
post-acne on the face with the help of salon procedures. They can
go along with primary medication therapy (if you
still visited a dermatologist). If residual effects after
acne are not so pronounced, they can be removed without
drugs, only with the help of hardware cosmetology. What can you
to offer in the clinics of aesthetic medicine:

    1. Mesotherapy with vitamins. With extended pores
      Retinol-based (vitamin A) cocktails are injected under the skin.
    2. Photothermolysis

  1. Facial cleansing: chemical, vacuum, laser,
    ultrasonic, combined or manual – effectively narrows
  2. Peeling face from post-acne with salicylic,
    azelaic acid, fruit acids.
  3. Ozone therapy.
  4. If post acne is formed as atrophic scars, at the stage
    their formations use hyaluronic acid injections,
    micronidling, ultrasound and microcurrent therapy,
    masks with mucopolysaccharides and collagen.
  5. Finally formed scars are removed with
    mechanical or radiosurgical grinding,
    peels with acids: trichloroacetic, salicylic, glycolic,
    fruit, but in low concentration.
  6. Deep post-acne dermabrasion is prescribed,
    if the size of the scars is more than 3 mm.
  7. Single scars are removed by electrocoagulation or
  8. Laser polishing showed maximum efficiency.
    Persons from post-acne, especially in the fight against scars.
  9. Plasma lifting.

In the salon you should be helped to choose one of these procedures and
explain how to remove post-acne spots on the face in
your case. For example, what to do if laser polishing you
contraindicated on individual indicators? Or are you afraid
injection, but the plasma in your situation – the best option?
A professional cosmetologist will surely choose your analogs.
suitable procedures and find a solution to the problem.

Helpful advice. Going on
Cosmetic procedures against post-acne, look for
a good salon, or even better – aesthetic medicine center or
cosmetology. And a specialist who will examine your skin,
preferably should have a medical education, because this
The problem is serious enough.

How to remove post-acne with the help of salon procedures


While the dermatologist prescribes medication, and the beautician selects
procedure, you can start to search and apply cosmetics: cream,
serum, mask, etc. They compare favorably with the drug
drugs that rarely lead to side effects and
complications. If you supplement the main course of therapy with them
use, the fight against post-acne will go much faster
at a pace.

  1. Expigment – lightening cream from post-acne on the face with
  2. Cream Baziron AU.
  3. Anti Acne Lotion – anti acne and acne lotion. Beauty hills
  4. Acno Lift Creme for Imp Skin 25+ – Anti-Lifting Cream
    acne and acne after 25 years. Biodroga (Germany).
  5. Keracnyl – soothing cream against skin defects prone to
    acne and post acne. Ducray (France).

Today, many cosmetic companies produce entire series
means to combat post-acne on the face. The main thing here is not
overdo. Do not need to use everything at once: as a supplement
cream will be enough for the main therapy with medicines and procedures. But
if you will only use it and on this all your ardor
end – it is unlikely you will reach any significant
results. Treatment should be comprehensive. And one of his points
– folk recipes.

We study the packaging. If on cosmetic
means indicated “annti akne”, most likely, it will fight with
post acne

Cosmetic and folk remedies for post-acne on the face

Folk recipes

There is nothing safer from postacne like folk
products based on various oils, common products
nutrition and medicinal herbs. They are natural, sparing
on a sick skin, promote the fastest recovery.
The only drawback is inefficiency: they are unlikely to bring
benefit if you do not give them the help of drug therapy or
salon procedures. Be sure to consider this factor so that later
Do not give up on the action of our beloved traditional medicine.

  • Green clay

Green clay is a famous cosmetic against many
stagnation. Based on it, excellent masks are obtained.
for face from post acne.

* Recipe number 1

Mix 20 grams of green cosmetic clay powder with a little
amount of water to make a cream. Add 4 drops
rosemary essential oil. Apply dotted on postacne 3-4 times
a day for 15 minutes.

* Recipe number 2

Mix 20 grams of green cosmetic clay powder with a little
amount of water to make a cream. Add 20 ml fresh
concentrated lemon juice or 5 drops of essential oil
lemon. Apply dotted on postacne for 15 minutes 1 time per day.

  • Honey

Mix 10 grams of honey and cinnamon powder. Dotted on
problem areas for 25 minutes three times a week. Honey in this
the recipe can be replaced with green clay, but then the powders should be
dilute with water to a creamy state.

  • Tea tree oil

Mix in equal proportions of tea tree, lemon and
lavender. Before applying to the skin, dilute with cool water.
the ratio of 50/50.

  • Parsley

Grind parsley, pour 20 grams of raw material with a glass of boiling water,
soak a couple of hours under the lid, pour in a liter of room water
temperature To wash twice a day and to wipe the face during the day.
instead of tonic.

  • Cosmetic paraffin wax

Melt cosmetic paraffin, hot on the spots
or scars with a cotton swab (dotted). Wait for drying, take off
film. Apply cream with vitamins A or E. If postacne in the form of
vascular changes, this remedy is contraindicated.

  • Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar (1 part) diluted with boiled water (3 parts).
Wipe face instead of tonic, but after that you must put
on the skin nourishing cream.

Despite the fact that the post-acne appears on the face
with great difficulty, and getting rid of this dermatological scourge –
business is difficult, it is impossible to put up with it. The faster you will be
to react to their appearance – the greater the chance of eliminating them
once and for all while they are fresh. Understand: if you do not
do it, then you have to mask these cosmetic
disadvantages by highlighters and tonal creams that do not
skin perfect, but only spoil it. Be sure to use
with our advice and start a merciless war with post-accent right

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