Preparation and use of reducing hair masks

Return hair beauty, strength and health help
regenerating hair masks. Their use allows
improve the condition of the hair of any type, provide the necessary
nutrient saturation, hydration and recovery
structure of each hair.


  • Preparation and use
  • Selection of trains
  • Recipe mixes

Preparation and use

Restorative hair masks prepared at home
conditions in no way inferior to products made by industrial
in a way. They restore the curls after dyeing and
straightening, help fight brittleness and cross-section, soften and


In order for the use of the tool to bring maximum benefit,
it must be properly prepared and used. More often
regenerating masks are applied to dry hair, but in some
In cases, it may be applied to freshly washed and wet.

Apply the mask with your hands. Light massaging movements
rub it into the scalp. Next, distribute the entire length of the hair.
A flat comb will help to make it more evenly.
need to gently comb your hair. Caring for fat strands
the focus when applying funds must be paid to the roots
and the scalp, and with dry hair type – the ends.

For the preparation of any means of home cosmetics you need
use only clean dishes. Better if it is glass
or ceramic cups. Components to be included
masks, you need to choose only fresh. As for the quantity
ingredients, you need to take so much to the finished product
enough for once. Preparing them for the future is not worth it, because
storage lost all the useful qualities.

To enhance the effect of the mask, you should keep
head warm. To do this, after applying it wear on the head
polyethylene cap. If there is no such item on the farm, then
An ordinary plastic bag will do. Above the head turns
a towel.

When the procedure has come to an end, you need to wash off the mask. If a
the product was applied to dry hair, then wash it off with your own
shampoo, and then use the balm. Means,
applied to pre-washed hair, washed off at once
warm water. If an egg is part of the preparation, then wash it off.
need a neat, warm water. Hot water can not be used,
otherwise the egg will fold and wash it will be difficult. Use
home care products no more than 2 times a week.

Selection of trains

When preparing masks for hair restoration at home
conditions use a variety of components. It all depends on the type
hair and the result, which is planned to get after the procedure.
For example, to improve, strengthen and accelerate growth, they use
means on the basis of onions. Vitamins and trace elements in this
vegetables help to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, bring in
the normal allocation of fat, prevent dandruff. Recipe
preparations involves the use of onion juice or gruel from
him And onion peel is used for cooking broth,
which is good to use for rinsing.

Young ladies with oily hair are recommended to use
means on the basis of kefir. It is able to dry the scalp and
remove excess fat. This tool will add a “tired” hairstyle
brilliance and energy, will increase the volume, will restore damaged
the ends.

Masks for hair restoration, cooked on rye bread,
suitable for all hair types. Vitamins and trace elements,
being in their composition, strengthen, prevent their loss and
accelerate growth.

Well proven mask for dry hair, in the composition
which includes mayonnaise. This product is famous for its nutritious
properties that are ideal for weakened hair. is he
moisturizes and strengthens them, returns a healthy shine and softness,
makes them silky and docile.

Recipe mixes

Choosing a regenerating mask for dyed hair should
distinguish compositions for brunettes and blondes.

For fair-haired ladies suitable oil composition. To his
prepare you need to mix 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice with castor and
burdock oil, taken on 1 tsp .. The composition applied on damaged
curls, hide them under the cap and wrap a towel over the top. Through
hour wash the composition using warm water with shampoo. For
rinsing use a decoction of chamomile.

Brunettes can restore hair with makeup,
cooked from eggs. 2 yolks must be thoroughly mixed with 1 tbsp.
natural coffee and 2 tbsp. cognac. To distribute the composition of the hair
and leave for 1 hour. This tool will help to revive even
badly damaged curls.

Special care requires dry hair. In complex
activities should include funds to restore the structure
hair that can make them stronger, moisturize, add shine.
Olive oil is considered one of the best products. Practically
each mask for dry hair includes it in its composition. It
provides hair with nutrients, eliminates damage and
accelerates their growth.

The regenerating mask works effectively for dry strands,
cooked from olive oil only. Before using it
need a little warm up. Rub it into the skin in circular motions.
heads and hair roots, gradually spreading over the entire length.
The head should be covered and held for at least 60 minutes.

Well proven mask for dry hair, consisting of
2 tbsp. any vegetable oil and 1 tsp. sea ​​buckthorn
The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied. Duration
procedures 1 hour Then the mixture is washed off with warm water and shampoo.
The procedure is carried out no more than 2 times a week for 30-40.

You can restore dry hair with the help of an egg mask. Into her
may include whole egg or just yolk. 2 are added to it
st.l. castor oil and 1 tsp. vinegar and glycerin. Composition
to stir thoroughly. Apply to hair and rub into the roots. On
put on a plastic cap
towel and leave for 30-40 minutes. After the towel
It cools, it must be replaced with heated. Procedure must
repeat 1-2 times a week.

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