Preparation d 95 for lice and nits – review, composition, reviews and price

Pediculosis – this unpleasant disease can overtake everyone.
Just sit next to the infected person. AT
Currently, there are many tools for its treatment.
That is why it is sometimes difficult to choose a pedicide remedy.
In the article you will get acquainted with one of the most effective drugs.
D95. Remedy for lice D95

Indications and contraindications

The content of the article:

  • Indications and contraindications
  • The composition of the pediculicidal agent D95
  • Instructions for use
  • Drug action
  • Reviews
  • Price and where to buy
  • Shelf life and storage conditions
  • Analogs and Alternatives
  • Folk remedies
  • Scallop

Due to its composition, which is not toxic
elements, this tool can be used by absolutely all groups and
ages. Pediculosis with the help of D95 can be treated:

  • in children;
  • in people of old age;
  • in pregnant and lactating women.


REFERENCE! The exception is women who
carry a child in the first trimester. Doctors proved that
the drug does not have any negative effects on the body
pregnant women and fetuses, however, it is recommended not
use it in this period.

In addition, before using this drug to treat
children under three years old parents should consult with

The drug is highly effective, but, despite this,
completely harmless and hypoallergenic. Therefore, it can
use those with sensitive skin.

The composition of the pediculicidal agent D95

Drug D95 consists of:

  • mixtures of dimethicans of different viscosity;
  • limonene;
  • cyclopentasiloxane;
  • capric-triglycerides.


Instructions for use

  1. Apply the product only on dry hair.
    Hair must be combed and laid on growth, especially long
  2. Means is applied on all length from roots to
    tips. First, the contents of the package are poured onto the roots, and
    Then evenly distributed along the length. To better distribute
    means combed out with a comb. For long hair procedure
    application is divided into three parts: first applied to the roots, then
    in the middle of the length and at the end on the ends of the hair.
  3. In addition to the hair process and scalp, so
    how exactly adults are maximally active and they feed
  4. Withstand the tool for 35-40 minutes. After
    make combing comb. Combing must be done
    carefully to remove not only the adults, but also their larvae
    – nits.
  5. The final step is to rinse the hair warm.
    water After the hair is washed with shampoo and
    Necessities are moistened with a balm or hair mask.


If necessary, the procedure is carried out after 10

Drug action

Means is ideal both for children, and for
adults. It can also cure pediculosis as
early and advanced stages.

The main active substance is dimethicone, which
It is a form of silicone. D95

This substance creates a shell around the hair and skin,
envelops lice and these blocks their access to oxygen.
It is because of this that they perish. Also a silicone layer
destroys the sticky mass with which the nits are attached to
curls. This facilitates the combing process.



Will you use the means D95? Yes

Price and where to buy

You can buy this tool in any pharmacy.
The cost of funds from 100 to 150 rubles. If a
consider that for the full course of treatment an adult can
need more than one package, then the cost of the full
treatment can cost from 150 to 450 rubles.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Storage of the drug requires compliance with certain conditions:

  1. Do not place the drug near food.
  2. Do not store with other medicines.
  3. Keep away from sources of flame and sunlight.
  4. Storage temperature should be at least 25 degrees.

D95 means

The shelf life of the drug is 24 months.

Analogs and Alternatives



The Belgian drug, which comes in liquid form,
tucked into a can. The active substance is clearol or
mineral oil. The tool is fed under pressure, which allows
quickly distribute it along the length of the hair and scalp. Nits
destroyed in 15 minutes after application, if you hold the tool
30 minutes, you can achieve one hundred percent result. Not
contains chemicals, therefore suitable for treating children. Paranit

The cost is about 650 rubles.


Production of Russia. Facility is presented
soapy liquid. The active ingredient of the drug is permethrin.
The peculiarity of this drug is that it not only eliminates
parasites, but also treats the scalp, the integrity and health of which
was broken. Knicks

The cost of 200 rubles.


Bulgarian shampoo with permethrin and acetic acid,
which softens the nits and helps to separate them from the hair. Because of her
it may feel like itching, but only when applied to
hypersensitive skin. In the soaped state must be kept
no more than 30 minutes. After processing it is necessary to comb out insects and
nits For children, this shampoo is applied from 5-6
years old. Hygia Shampoo

The price of the product is about 200 rubles.


Tablets are applied inside. Then they need to drink
small amount of water. Be sure to apply after
food. Most commonly used for lice outbreaks
collective or in cases where the use of outdoor
drugs is impossible. pills

ATTENTION! Apply these tablets to children under 4 years

A second course of the drug can be in 2 weeks.
In parallel with the use of tablets it is necessary to carry out combing
parasite nits.

The most effective lice pills are:

  • Levamisole; Levamisole
  • Butadion; Butadion2
  • Albendazole; Albendazole
  • Ivermectin. Ivermectin


Ointments are used in accordance with the instructions for use. Everything
ointment rubbed into the scalp.

ATTENTION! When using ointments for lice and nits
must take into account age. Children from 3 years use 2% ointment,
for children over 12 years old, 5% ointment will do. Serortuta ointment

The most effective ointment:

  • Sulfuric;
  • Boric;
  • Benzyl Benzoate Cream;
  • Sulfur-mercury;
  • Permethrin Cream;
  • Lauri.

There is an ointment that can be used to treat children from
6 months. This is Knicks ointment. Knicks

The sprays


The main purpose of the tool is to get rid of
animals from pediculosis. But some use it to
removing head lice. For this tool is rubbed into the hair roots and
stand as much time as they can. Further hair
washed with warm water and washed with shampoo. After hair
dried and carried out combing the dead parasites and nits.


Before applying comb hair.
Distribute the remedy from the roots to the ends of the hair. On
hair should be kept for 45 minutes. For promotion
processing quality can cover your head with a swimming cap.
After the right time, the hair is combed immediately, and only then
washed with warm water and shampoo. If necessary, through
week, you can repeat the treatment. here spray

Pedikulen Ultra

It is necessary to evenly distribute the product lengthwise.
hair. Next, to enhance the effect, put on a cap and
leave for half an hour. After washing the hair with warm water and
shampoo Pedikulen Ultra

Full Marks

The product is applied to dry, combed hair and is distributed.
over the entire length. Together in the strands processed and scalp. Then
wear a bathing cap and warm the head with a towel. Means
need to hold 10-15 minutes. After time hold
scratching After treatment, the hair is washed with shampoo.

Folk remedies

In addition to special drugs in the fight against the head
parasites use and folk remedies. Consider the most
effective ones.


There is an algorithm for the use of vodka or usually medical
alcohol lice:

  1. Brush hair.
  2. Then distribute the vodka over the entire length of the hair, without rubbing it into
  3. Wear a swimming cap.
  4. Keep 30 minutes after rinse with warm water.
  5. Rinse hair with shampoo or use to enhance the effect.
    lice shampoo.
  6. Comb with a special comb.


Tar soap

The use of this soap is safe for children and
allergy sufferers. There are several ways to apply
tar soap in the treatment of pediculosis. Most common
is this:

  • Grate tar soap and grate and soak with warm water.
    Get a thick homogeneous shampoo.
  • This means they wash their heads and leave them for 30
  • The head is covered with a cap.
  • Rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Tar soap


This combustible remedy can effectively get rid of
parasites due to its sharp smell. However his
must be properly used so as not to harm the scalp and
hair. You need to start with the preparation of the correct solution:

  • kerosene – 1 tablespoon;
  • vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons;
  • shampoo – 30 ml.

KeroseneFollow the instructions:

  1. Wet hair
  2. Apply the solution to the hair.
  3. Put on a hat and wrap a head with a towel.
  4. Hold 40 minutes.
  5. Rinse the hair with warm water and vinegar (per liter of water 2 tbsp. 9%
  6. Rinse with warm water and shampoo.
  7. Comb with a comb.


Use fresh cranberries rather its juice. Before use
freeze the berry, so she will give more juice. Thawed cranberries
squeeze cranberry juice

The hair is washed with ordinary shampoo and dried. Further across
length cranberry is applied and the hair is collected in a bun. To warm
hat and towel. Periodically need to knead the hair
under the cap. After 20 minutes, remove, rinse with warm water
without shampoo, towel dry and comb through thoroughly.


The treatment is based on the following algorithm:

  • Clean dry hair combed and applied vinegar on it.
  • Wear a plastic cap and warm the head
    a towel.
  • Hold for 30 minutes and take off.
  • Comb your hair with a comb.
  • Rinse hair with shampoo.



A necessary element in the fight against parasites.
There is a huge number of combs: metal, wood,
plastic and even electric. They all have long teeth with
very small clearance between them for better removal of lice and
nits On the teeth there is a special spiral notch.

Plastic combs can be purchased at any
pharmacy. However, they are not very reliable: they bend easily, do not
have notches that help in combing. Scallop

Wooden crests are stronger, but, also, do not have notches,
therefore are ineffective.

The most useful are metal
scallops. They have notches that improve quality.
combing, they are stronger and have a minimum clearance between

Innovation is electric combs. They
made of plastic, but the teeth are metal. The device works
from batteries. A parasite caught on the teeth receives a discharge current from
of which he perishes.

Pediculosis is a problem that each of us can face.
If it touched you, do not panic. Today there is
many tools and ways to combat pediculosis. Enough
choose the method of treatment that suits you best and you are as soon as possible
can get rid of it.

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