Preparation for laser hair removal: hair removal and effects

Laser hair removal can effectively remove hair in many
places. The basis of the technique is exposure using a laser beam,
which is carried out removal. Hair follicles are cauterized,
leading to their destruction. As a result, in the treated place
hair growth stops. The method is used locally, because
one procedure can only treat a limited area of ​​skin.
The use of the method is carried out only in special
clinics and professionals only.


  • Description of the impact of the removal method
  • Types of laser exposure
  • Features of use
  • Positive and negative aspects of the method
  • Preparatory activities and procedure

Description of the impact of the removal method

Laser epilation takes into account such features
human, as the level of metabolism, body weight, gender and age.
Attention is paid to ethnicity, hormone levels and
taking medications if the client uses them.

It is necessary to take into account the stage of hair growth, because laser hair removal
relies on this indicator. The anagen period is represented by active
hair growth phase. Its duration is from 2 to 6 years.
The duration of this phase decreases during life.

Laser facial hair removal

With the help of a laser, you can epilate hair on the face
(eyebrow area, chin, sideburn); remove problem hair in
bikini areas, arms and legs, armpits, chest and

The regression stage is represented by the catagen phase. Hair papilla
atrophies, power supply failure occurs, which leads to
the termination of division and growth of hair. Phase lasts for 1-3
weeks. The period of rest is called telogen. At this time, the removal
hairline leads to activation of the first phase, i.e.
hair begins to grow again. In a healthy person, most
the hair is in the first phase, the rest are in telogen and

Exposure occurs during laser hair removal.
monochromatic laser beam. Such flashes can
fall into the skin integument to the desired depth and destroy the follicles
hair. In the roots of hair there is a pigment – melanin.
He is responsible for the color of hair. When exposed to a laser, this
The pigment absorbs the energy of the laser light. At this time, heats up
the entire surface that causes destructive processes and leads to
cessation of growth.

For this reason, hair removal is performed on dark hair, since
they contain a lot of melanin. To eliminate light
and small hairs use other techniques. Not recommended
apply epilation to people who are tanned or tan
skin This is because the light will be diffused during
procedures and the result will not be achieved.

Types of laser exposure

A large number of methods of exposure, so you should call
some of them. Ruby type is often used for dark hair.
and light skin. The technique is suitable only for the specified parameters.
To achieve a positive result, the method should be applied.
many times.

The alexandrite laser has greater speed and power. is he
can be used with dark skin, processing speed remains
high. The method is often used in beauty salons. However,
the laser can cope only with strongly pronounced dark hair

The diode view acts on dark and tanned skin and
possesses good penetration. It allows to reach
best results from the removal procedure. However, the technique
held at a relatively low speed.

On blond hair, a neodymium type of laser is applied, which
Used to treat dark skin. He also possesses
good efficiency, which allows the beam to penetrate deep into
skin integument, ensuring complete elimination of hair.

Features of use

Laser hair removal has both indications and
contraindications to the use of methods. Should be familiar with
both items before using hair removal. Despite
the relative safety of using a laser, to such a procedure
must be treated with full seriousness.

Men's laser hair removal

Male hair removal with a laser occurs
slower than women. It is explained by the peculiarities of their
hormonal levels. Therefore, men will have to stock up a bit
Patience – will require 7-10 sessions.

The indications for using a laser include:

  1. The presence of light skin and dark hair on the surface of the body.
  2. Extremely sensitive skin that makes hair removal more difficult
    in other ways: waxing and razors.
  3. Presence of a tendency to ingrown hair on the face or in the zone
  4. The presence of excess vegetation in the neck and face.

It is strictly prohibited to apply the methodology in the following

  1. In the presence of a large number of gray, light or red hair.
  2. During lactation and pregnancy.
  3. In the presence of tanned or dark skin.
  4. In infectious diseases that are on
    acute stage of development.
  5. In the presence of purulent rash on the skin and herpes.
  6. In the presence of tumors of oncological type.
  7. It is forbidden to resort to the method with the decompensated type
    diabetes mellitus.

There are relative contraindications. They do not refer to
group of absolute, and therefore definitely not prohibit the use
laser hair removal. However, you need to be careful if
There are the following situations:

  1. Poor tissue regeneration.
  2. A large number of warts, moles and pigment spots
  3. The development of allergic reactions during the acute stage.
  4. Varicose veins.
  5. Menstruation.
  6. Problems with hormonal background.
  7. The presence of cuts, abrasions and other types of injuries.
  8. Respiratory viral infections.

Positive and negative aspects of the method

Laser hair removal of the face is a very effective method of elimination.
unwanted hair that spoil the look. Often women
suffer from the presence of excess hair not only in the face, but also on
neck and chest. The procedure does not cause any special negative emotions.
how unpleasant sensations are reduced to zero.

The duration of the technique is small: laser hair removal top
lips held in just 20 minutes. For the bikini zone procedure
will require therapy lasting more than 1 hour. Laser hair removal
Individuals and other places can be held at any time of the year. None
however, you should not sunbathe 1 week before the visit.

Laser hair removal of the upper lip and other parts of the body does not
to the development of allergies. The beam has anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial effect, which explains this effect. Not
skin injury occurs even when laser is performed
epilation of the upper lip, which is quite sensitive
part of the body. This is due to the dark pigment absorption process.
exposure to the beam. The adjacent skin cover is not
are injured.

Depilation and bioepilation bring a lot of unpleasant to patients, and
sometimes illnesses. This does not apply to laser
method. The advantage of this method is called long-term
effect, as the hair is eliminated for a lifetime, and not temporarily.
The mechanical method of removing irritates the skin integument, and the laser
epilation of armpits and other areas does not cause similar

Although the method has many advantages, the disadvantages
too. Previously it was stated that the technique is not suitable for people with
fair hair and dark skin. Big minus the procedure
is its price, which many seem too high.
Laser hair removal of the legs and chest is included in this very category
expensive procedures.

To completely get rid of annoying hair, the patient must
go about 5, and sometimes even 10 sessions. Between procedures follows
pause about 1-2 months. In some cases, using the technique
may be long. If you use a laser when processing small
plots, the time of therapy does not take long, but with
handling areas such as legs, back and arms is recommended
use alternative ways to eliminate hair

Although the technique is relatively painless, but laser hair removal
underarms, bikini lines and other sensitive areas can still
cause some pain in the client. therefore
you need to carefully prepare for the procedure.

Preparatory activities and procedure

Preparation for laser hair removal should begin in a few
months before the procedure.

Should stop plucking hair and carry out other actions,
which cause injury to the hair follicles. If you neglect this
rule, the result of the procedure is very disappointing.

1 month before the procedure, you need to start going out only
pre-using sunscreen cosmetics. it
not only due to poor laser exposure
treatment of tanned skin, but also to prevent the formation of blemishes
after the session is over. The situation is similar with tanning beds and
means for tanning, which you need to forget to complete

The process of laser hair removal in the armpit

Considered the most effective diode laser, reviews of it
mostly positive. He makes the procedure practically
painless, however slight pain may occur.

Too long hair should be neatly cut. Hair length at
conducting therapy should not exceed 2 mm. This is due to the fact that
during the procedure, the hair can melt, which will injure the skin
covers. 1 week before the event should stop applying
alcohol-based lotions and tonics. On the day of the procedure you need
abandon cosmetics and deodorants. To decrease
degree of sensitivity, you need to use the technique in a week
after completion of menstruation or 1 week before its occurrence.

Laser hair removal of armpits and other areas is carried out in several
stages. The specialist must determine the phototype of the client’s skin, when
this given the susceptibility of the skin to the effects
sunlight, skin and hair color. The necessary parameters are selected.
procedures based on previous indicators. In most
cosmetology rooms often test skin for
laser radiation portability. This way you can pick up
effective and safe method of exposure.

If the threshold of sensitivity is high, then means can be applied.
anesthesia. Creams are used as painkillers.
They are applied 1 hour before the event. Recommended this
the question should be solved in advance so that no awkward

For safety, the patient and the specialist use safety glasses.
The technique is carried out only on a dry and clean skin surface.
The specialist directs the laser source to the skin, while creating
impulses between which the cooling system is activated. She is
has analgesic effect on the skin and has
anti-inflammatory property. The next reception takes place through
a few weeks, because during this time will grow those hairs that
previously in the inactive phase.

Many are interested in the question – what consequences does this have?
procedure? In principle, the technique is absolutely safe. That harm
which she can bring is related to the category of contraindications.
If present, do not resort to laser hair removal. AT
Otherwise, allergic reactions may worsen, start
herpes or develop inflammation of hair follicles –

Hair removal on the face and other places using a laser requires
certain skin care after the procedure. If there is
doctor’s recommendation then regenerating sprays, ointments and
creams with anti-inflammatory action. After therapy may
persist redness that lasts for about a day. When strong and
prolonged reaction need to consult a doctor.

Often, patients experience pushing hairs that
died during the procedure. It’s not worth worrying about because
this phenomenon will cease after a while. Those hairs that
intensified after the procedure will be eliminated during
next therapy. Do not use cosmetics and wet treated
area, you need to abandon the sauna and bath.

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