Preparations for pubic lice are the most effective. pharmaceutical drugs and folk remedies

Pubic pediculosis or phthyriasis is unpleasant and very delicate.
problem. It is not always the result of promiscuous genital
ties and neglect of hygiene. In some cases get infected
can be quite harmless ways. Therefore, you need to know what
features of this disease, and what methods it should be treated.
pubic lice

Features and appearance of pubic lice

The content of the article:

  • Features and appearance of pubic lice
  • How can I get pubic lice
  • Symptoms and methods of treatment of phthyriasis
  • Medicines for pubic lice in the pharmacy
  • The most effective pubic lice ointment
  • Spray from pubic lice
  • Effective cream
  • Pharmaceutical tablets for pubic lice
  • Cheap and effective drugs
  • Folk remedies
  • Insecticidal products
  • Pubic Lice Shampoo
  • Disease prevention
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Pubic lice are the smallest of all existing. Torso length
adults usually not more than 2 mm. Just come from eggs
offspring also has a small size – up to 0.5 mm. These lice
live in the pubic region, where their name comes from. In rare cases, they
can occupy eyelashes, eyebrows, axillary hair.

REFERENCE. In appearance, the parasite resembles a crab. is he
always has three pairs of paws.

Pubic louse resembles a dark point on the body.
It has a shorter body and more massive legs than the wardrobe.
and head lice. On the paws you can see large growths,
allowing insects to fasten on hairs. pubic lice

Another feature of pubic lice is that when you bite
they leave small dark mauve spots on the skin. But
it is difficult to notice with a low degree of infection. Outside human
body parasites can live no more than two days.

How can I get pubic lice

To become infected with phthyriasis in the following ways:

  • through sexual intercourse with a patient with this disease;
  • in close contact with the patient’s skin;
  • when using someone else’s bed linen, towels, wearing
    someone else’s clothes;
  • when visiting common saunas, baths, showers.

liceIf a person becomes infected with pubic lice as a result
sexual intercourse, they will be localized in the pubic area,
perineum and around the anus. When
contamination due to domestic contact the parasites are on
eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, chest.

IMPORTANT! From the place of its initial localization
The pubic louse can spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms and methods of treatment of phthyriasis

Phthyriasis has few characteristic symptoms. The main is itching
in the locations of the parasites. In some people it is insignificant,
others – unbearably strong. This is due to the fact that
the parasite’s bite penetrates the saliva of a person’s blood, and itching is a reaction to
her At night, he becomes stronger. Also
The disease makes itself felt the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of gray-blue spots on the skin;
  • little white dots in the hair talking about the presence of eggs
  • dark brown dots on underwear;
  • combing on the body.

symptomsBecause of the itch, a person can comb their skin
leads to redness, irritation, eczema, and also increases the risks
infection. Affected skin may become rough.
and start to peel off.

Small spots appear due to small hemorrhages when
sucking blood parasites. Their bluish color is due
destruction of hemoglobin due to louse saliva.

Sometimes patients have an allergic rash.
When running forms on the affected skin appear
blisters, itching gets worse. If the lice are on the eyelashes,
they can trigger blepharitis. Hair due to parasites
confused. This is due to the fact that, laying eggs, parasites
release sticky substance, giving them the opportunity to gain a foothold on
hair roots. itch

The treatment should be prescribed by a dermatologist either
venereologist. Usually therapy is to use
sprays, ointments and other drugs. Can be applied and
popular recipes, but they need to be coordinated with the doctor, so as not to
hurt yourself even more.

ATTENTION! Diagnosis and, if necessary, therapy,
need to be carried out and have a sexual partner – this will enable
prevent re-infection.

Medicines for pubic lice in the pharmacy

In the pharmacy, you can buy a lot of effective medicines for
struggle with pubic lice.

They should be prescribed by a specialist, because the funds
contraindications. The following have proven themselves well

Medipox (from 100 r.)

Inexpensive and effective tool that often
used with phthiriasis. The drug is rubbed into areas
affected by parasites, and almost immediately begins to act.
The active ingredient in its composition immobilizes parasites and
provokes their death. Medifox

Pedilin (about 300 rubles)

The tool is available in the form of shampoo and emulsion.
It should be left on the affected areas for a while. For
removal of parasites is usually enough for two applications. Pedilin

Vitar (approx. 500 r.)

Special soap that needs to lather hair and
leave for 20-25 minutes. Frequency of use
is twice a week. Vitar

The most effective pubic lice ointment

To combat pubic lice often used
ointment They are strong enough and aggressive, so for
prevention of negative effects on the mucous genitals of their
need to use caution.

Boric ointment (from 30 rubles)

Boric ointment 5% is used to combat lice and
nits It is rubbed into the affected areas. Need to
avoid funds on the genitals, and also consider
contraindications for use. Boric ointment



Sulfuric ointment (approx. 50 rubles)

Sulfuric ointment has a detrimental effect on
parasites. It should be carefully applied to the affected
plots, then remove insects with a brush or comb. Means
toxic and has a number of contraindications. Including it is impossible
use for pregnant women. Sulfuric ointment

Tar ointment (from 200 rubles)

Due to antiseptic properties tar tar
detrimental effect on parasites. She needs
treat the groin area overnight with a course of 9 days. Tar Ointment

Ointment 20% benzyl benzoate (approx. 20 p.)

Inexpensive, but effective means provoking death
parasites for 2-5 hours after application. Him
use overnight by uniform distribution in the pubic zone.
After the first application is a break in two days. On the fourth
day treatment is repeated on the fifth affected part of the body
washed thoroughly with soap and water. benzyl benzoate

Spray from pubic lice

High performance in the fight against pubic lice demonstrate
sprays. They are easy to use and fast.

Paranit (approx. 600 rubles)

Spray includes coconut oil, anise,
ylang ylang. It needs to be distributed on sites
affected by parasites, and then remove them with a comb or tough
a sponge. Before use, make sure that there is no
individual intolerance to the components. Paranit

Pediculen Ultra (from 67 rubles)

The composition contains anise oil and alcohol.
In just one application, the spray kills everyone, and then
need only comb out. The product must be sprayed carefully.
avoiding his eyes. Pedikulen Ultra

Pax (from 350 rubles)

Combined tool, which includes
neurotox. The component helps to remove parasites, and in
simple cases, it is enough to apply it only once. After
aerosol applications; treated areas thoroughly rinsed
water and soap. Pax

Effective cream

Pharmaceutical creams from pubic lice are based on
components leading to the rapid death of parasites.

Nittifor (from 124 rubles)

Permethrin-based quick care agent
Coping with different types of lice and nits. Cream
used after hygiene procedures for the treatment of affected
zones. In just 10 minutes, the drug is able to destroy all insects,
then it needs to be washed off with water and warm soap. Nittifor

Knicks (about 300 rubles)

Means for local use with a minimum of contraindications.
Can be used in patients of different ages, but the highest
demonstrates the results in the early stages of the development of phthyriasis.
The cream should be applied to the affected areas several times in
day. The duration of therapy is determined individually.

Pharmaceutical tablets for pubic lice

Tablets for internal use with pubic lice are prescribed
rarely, but in some cases they are more effective than local remedies.
Most often such medicines are aimed at
make human blood poisonous to parasites. Can be
The following drugs are shown:

  • Butadion (from 99 p.);
  • Albendazole (from 170 p.); Albendazole
  • Ivermectin (from 220 rubles); Ivermectin
  • Levamisole (from 67 r.). Levamisole

They have a number of contraindications, so they should be prescribed

Cheap and effective drugs

You can pay attention to the following tools, combining
reasonable price and good quality.

Veda (approx. 200 rubles) – shampoo with
antiparasitic properties to help eliminate lice and
larvae. It should be applied to the affected area, and after half an hour
wash off with soap. After 7-10 days procedure
repeats. Veda

Avalanche (from 300 r.) – Helps
to cope not only with adult lice, but also with nits. Active
component of the composition, acting on the nervous system of parasites,
provokes their paralysis and death. Avalanche, spray, bottle 100 ml

Mercury-sulfur ointment (from 23
rubles) – Means detrimental effect on pubic
lice, but it must be applied carefully. It is rubbed into the affected
plot course in two weeks. Mercury Sulfur Ointment

Folk remedies

Help in the fight against phthyriasis can folk remedies. Their
the application must be coordinated with a specialist.

Vinegar (from 16 r.) – Acetic
a solution of 3% is applied to the hair in the groin area, then
washed off with soap. The procedure is repeated for three days.
Vinegar treatment

Kerosene (from 20 r.) – His
can not be applied in its pure form, otherwise the burn is inevitable. Before
using a substance diluted with sunflower oil in proportion
1:10. In the resulting liquid must be impregnated with gauze and
apply it to the affected areas. Compress remains for a while.
until three o’clock, then washed off. After application recommended
lubricate the skin with cream. Kerosene

Chemerichnaya water (from 15 rub.) – Safe and
affordable facility. A few drops of hellebore water need to be applied.
on the hair follicles, massage and leave for half an hour, then
rinse with water. For prevention, a couple of droplets can be added to
habitual shampoo Chemerichnaya water

Insecticidal products

Preparations with insecticidal action contain components
provoking the death of parasites. They usually act very quickly
after application, it is enough to remove the lice.

Avicin (approx. 1500 rub.) –
The active ingredient in the composition of the drug is permethrin,
provoking asphyxia lice, which is why they are dying. After application
drug need to comb out the dead insects and rinse the skin.

Medilis (from 150 rubles) – Medicine works
both on adult lice and on nits. It has a natural composition,
the active ingredient in which is clove oil. Means
applied to the affected areas and envelops insects, after
what are they dying of? The drug remains on the skin for half an hour. Then him
you need to wash off with water and comb the dead lice. Medilis

Pubic Lice Shampoo

In some cases, shows the use of shampoos. Are popular
the following means.

Pedilin (about 300 rubles) –
Contains two insecticides – malathion and tetramethrin. Due to
This drug will act in the event that the lice have lost
susceptibility to one of the components. Shampoo able
destroy pests in 1-2 applications. pedilin

Parasitosis (approx. 300 rubles) – Safe
a drug that can be used for small children, but it does not
always shows the result from the first application. In set
there is a special comb used for combing.

Disease prevention

For the prevention of the disease should take into account the following

  • Follow all personal hygiene measures.
  • Do not use someone else’s towels and linens, do not wear
    someone else’s clothes.
  • Avoid sleeping in places that are potentially dangerous.
    in terms of infection.
  • Wash and iron the bedding regularly.
  • Be picky about sex.


Also, the risks of disease are reduced by removing hair in the intimate

Did the article help you get rid of pubic lice? Yes

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is dermatol ointment applied to the treatment of pubic

The list of indications for the use of dermatologic ointment according to the instructions is not
includes pediculosis, but the people know its use
to fight him. Will the drug be effective in
The specific case, the doctor must decide.

Pubic pediculosis – a disease that causes severe and
physical discomfort. But modern medicines allow
get rid of it in a short time and warn again
occurrence. If you have any unpleasant symptoms
consult a doctor.

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