Prevention and treatment of foot fungus

The fungus can appear on any part of the body, but more often – on
feet. Behind them, as with all other bodies, we need a special
care to keep them healthy and prevent disease
fungus. However, most people underestimate the importance
foot care and start paying attention to them only when
there are problems.

Fungal infections, also known as mycoses,
causing discomfort severe itching that constantly worries
person In addition to the foot, it extends to the nails and even
can lead to their complete destruction.

To prevent disease on the foot and nail fungus, it is important
provide good foot care and, most importantly, carefully
monitor hygiene daily. Remember this
the disease often spreads through swimming pools,
sports clubs, as well as through shoes.

How to prevent the disease?

To prevent the disease on the foot and nail fungus,
observe the rules of foot hygiene every day, especially when
wear shoes.

  • Be careful in public showers: large amounts
    people use showers in sports clubs, gyms,
    swimming pools, campgrounds, etc. This is where there is a big risk.
    get foot fungus through high humidity. That is why in such
    In places it is very important to wear shoes for the shower and wash your feet thoroughly.
    after returning home.
  • Always dry your feet well: moisture and heat are two factors.
    , which increase the likelihood of infection of the foot fungus and nails.
    Every time after washing the feet, it is important to dry them well, especially between
    with your fingers. In addition, it is recommended to dry them frequently if you
    suffer from excessive sweating.
  • Moisturizing: On hot summer days, the skin on the legs is usually
    suffers more than under other climatic conditions. To
    avoid the formation of cracks on the feet, it is important to moisten them well
    every day using moisturizing foot creams.
  • Talcum powder: Talcum powder and foot use is fine
    Suitable for the prevention of nail fungus. Use Talc –
    antiperspirant is important for those people who suffer from
    excessive sweating.
  • Shoes: For the prevention of fungus, it is recommended to choose shoes
    which has ventilation because it allows the legs
  • Use a separate personal foot towel: this is necessary
    foot care element Everyone should have their own
    towel that should be used only for the feet. After
    use it must be air dried to complete
    drying to prevent the fungus from spreading to

Treatment of foot fungus and nails

Usually, the fungus affects the foot and toenails at the same time. TO
fortunately there are natural remedies that can help
relieve the condition and get rid of this problem and your legs
will be healthy again.

  • White vinegar

This product has shown positive results in the treatment of such
problems like “athletic foot”, blisters, nail fungus and other
infectious diseases of the feet. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in
Basin, immerse there feet for 15 minutes.

treatment of foot fungus

Tea tree oil will also help to significantly improve the condition.
with foot fungus. Apply a few drops to the feet.
every day, or make baths for 10 minutes, adding oil
tea tree into the water.

  • Garlic

Garlic is known to act as an antiseptic, antibiotic and
disinfection means that helps him effectively deal with
fungus of the foot and nails. You need to crush the garlic and put it in place
who suffer from fungus. Cover the top with a bandage and leave on
all night long. Another treatment option is garlic oil.
on the infected zones several times a day.

  • Lemon

Lemon is another product that has antiseptic properties.
that effectively fight the fungus. To do this, rub
lemon in the infected places and leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse
its a little water.

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