Problem hair can be turned back into the subject of his pride!

porous hairAny girl wants to have
beautiful and healthy hair that would be her pride. but
sometimes the hair gives us a lot of trouble: it splits, then
break down, get confused. This is especially true of porous hair. But
if you know how to care for porous hair and regularly
perform all the necessary procedures, they will again shine
beauty and health.

Why does hair become porous?

First, let’s see what the concept itself means
“porous hair”. Porous is primarily damaged
hair. Unlike healthy, they look lifeless,
dull, they lack elasticity and brilliance. Porous hair
need proper care, treatment and recovery.

Now we understand what may be the reason that your
hair from healthy and beautiful turned into problematic. Reason
determine it is important because care will depend on it,
which needs exactly your hair. So, the most frequent
The reasons are as follows:

  • misuse of laying devices. Hair dryer, iron, curling iron, etc.
    D. – All this is a real evil for the hair, especially if you do not use
    thermal protective equipment;
  • regular dyeing, especially in radical colors;
  • washing with hard water can also cause scales
    hair “rise”;
  • ignoring harmful environmental factors: scorching sun,
    snow, wind, rain can quickly damage your hair if you don’t
    protect them from the vagaries of the weather.

Porous Hair Care: General Recommendations

These tips will give you any hairdresser, if you have porous
hair. It is important to make it the norm of your life and purposefully, not
being lazy and doing them, then the result will not take long
to wait. So, all the tips come down to the following rules:

  1. proper wash That means you don’t have to rub hard,
    pull the hair. It is important to wash them with water at the correct temperature.
    ideally cool;
  2. the right choice of shampoo. Better to use organic
    cosmetics, in which there is no aggressive detergents. Sure to
    use conditioner or balm after shampoo – these products
    moisturize hair, facilitate combing and “glue” the scales;
  3. regularly make masks for porous hair. You can
    use ready-made masks that are sold in stores, or you can
    do them yourself – it all depends on your preferences. Masks
    homemade products that have received great reviews from
    the girls using them will be discussed later in the article;
  4. Mandatory protection from environmental hazards. If a
    you want to restore hair, be sure to protect them from the sun and
    winds, wear hats for the season;
  5. avoid hair dryer, ironing, etc. Ideally, it is better to completely
    abandon them, at least for the duration of treatment. If not at all
    can do without laying devices, use thermoprotective
    facilities. The same applies to styling products: foam, varnishes, mousses,
    gels cause no less damage if used regularly;
  6. correct staining. You will do it right, if at least
    recovery time will refuse to paint. But it is clear that for
    For most women, this is simply not possible. In that case, perfectly
    it is necessary not to use aggressive paints and not to choose
    radical colors;
  7. proper combing. A very important rule – do not comb
    wet hair, start with the tips, gradually
    rising to the roots.

Now consider how to care for hair, based on
reasons that led to this problem.

Blond hair care

Blondirovanny hair require constant and complex care. Than
the greater the difference between natural and clarified, the
care will be more difficult. Aggressive dyes dry hair they
become thin, brittle, porous, dull, often
acquire a yellow tint.

Solution to the problem

care for blond hairFirst you must recognize
the need for constant hair care. Purchase
special products for colored blondes, which are in the range
represent manufacturers of professional cosmetics. If a
there is no financial opportunity, buy budget funds for dry,
porous, brittle hair. Your hair needs nutrition, moisture
and recovery, so pay attention to the presence of precisely these
words on labels with shampoos and balms.

Step care

We offer you a competent care algorithm that will help
restore hair and keep it healthy in

  1. wash them as little as possible;
  2. Be sure to use a balm or conditioner;
  3. use a balm that does not need to be washed off. Indelible
    the formula is the one that your hair needs.

Additional care recommendations:

  • make a mask 1-2 times a week;
  • use regenerating serum ampoules;
  • if you have medium or long hair, apply the product
    against split ends.

Repair masks for bleached, porous hair

  1. 1 tbsp. l honey, 1 yolk, 1 tbsp. l chamomile decoction, 2 tbsp. l
    olive oil mix thoroughly and apply to washed and lightly
    wet hair. Carefully rub the mask into the scalp, distribute
    over the entire length, put a plastic cap on top and wrap
    head in a towel. You need to hold the mask for half an hour, then
    wash it thoroughly;
  2. mix olive, castor and burdock oils in equal
    proportions, heat the mixture, apply and hold as well as in
    the first recipe.

How to care for problem hair brunette

Painting in black, though not so detrimental effect on
hair like discoloration, but over time and they become
dull, tough, porous, dull, dry and naughty.

Solution to the problem

Your hair needs constant restoration and moisturizing,
therefore, it is precisely to solve these problems that you must do
Accent. Turn by care:

  1. in addition not to injure hair, wash them after 2-3
    day, in extreme cases – every other day;
  2. choose the right shampoo. If the hair is not badly damaged,
    You can choose a shampoo for colored hair, and if they leave
    to be desired, then stop your choice on shampoo for dry
    hair. Do not try to buy a special tool for
    brunettes – sometimes they make hair tougher;
  3. after washing, be sure to apply a balm or conditioner for
    additional moisture.

Additional care recommendations:

  1. apply an indelible formula on the hair;
  2. if you have long hair, in your arsenal you must
    be indelible serum against split ends;
  3. Regularly do a moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week, and if
    hair is damaged strongly – restoring;
  4. reduce the use of rubber bands and pins.

Masks for brunettes with porous hair:

1 yolk, 1 tbsp. l mix cognac, apply over the entire length,
wrap in a plastic cap and a towel. Withstand at least
half an hour, rinse thoroughly;

1 yolk, 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp. olive or any other
vegetable oil mix, apply and withstand the same way as
previous mask.

Curly hair care tips

It doesn’t matter if your waves are natural or you have created
curls are artificial, but wavy hair is usually
porous. They are prone to damage and breakage, do not look
well-groomed, often owners of such hair have oily skin

Solution to the problem

Such hair first needs to be moisturized. Time from
time you need to use deep cleaning shampoos.

Step by step care:

  • wash them only as needed. At the same time choose
    moisturizing shampoos or products created specifically for curly
  • washed hair gently squeeze, keeping the natural structure
  • use balsams, which include silicone. Wherein
    do not apply the product to the scalp – distribute only over

Additional care recommendations:

  • regularly mask once a week. If the hair is not
    give you special trouble, you can use moisturizers
    facilities. If they cause a lot of trouble, use
    restoring masks;
  • do not use means for volume or against curliness –
    get the opposite effect;
  • 1 time in 3 months do a course of the restoring serum (in
  • use indelible means. Very good effect will give
    moisturizers, they will add shine. But do not apply them on the skin.
  • Once a week apply fluid to the tips to prevent
    their section.

Masks for curly porous hair:

1 banana pereteret mashed, add 1 tbsp. l grape oil
bones, 2-3 tsp. cream and apply over the entire length. Soak about
40 minutes and rinse thoroughly;

1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp.
Argan oils mix, heat the mixture, apply and hold on the hair
within an hour, then rinse thoroughly.

Thick straight hair: care tips

tips on caring for thick porous hairIf that hair
well-groomed, they are the subject of admiration and envy.

But they often have a porous structure, naughty, dry, their
unreal to put in a hairstyle.

Solution to the problem

For you, the most important is softening and moisturizing, which
transform the look of your hair. If your hair has been exposed
regular chemical and thermal effects, add more
active recovery.

Step by step care:

  • wash your hair with a moisturizing or emollient shampoo as
  • Be sure to apply a balm or conditioner;
  • rinse with cool water and wrap in half an hour
  • use products with an indelible formula, in particular
    moisturizing and straightening.

Additional care recommendations:

  • watch your haircut – for your type of hair is extremely
  • use smoothing agents – some firms produce
    whole special series;
  • if you have long hair, apply serum regularly against
    split ends;
  • Regularly do regenerating and moisturizing masks.

Masks for thick porous hair

1 tbsp. l aloe juice, 1 yolk, 2 tbsp. l sour cream or cottage cheese
mix, put on length and hold for about 40 minutes, after which
rinse thoroughly;

pumpkin seed oil, flax seed oil, argan oil, vitamins
A and E (liquid) mix in equal parts, apply to the scalp and
full length, put on a plastic cap, warm with a towel and
hold on the hair for at least half an hour, then carefully
wash off.

If you regularly follow all the recommendations, then soon
notice how your hair looks healthier and more beautiful.

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