Problems with hair and teeth interconnected!

March 14 at the conference, which was dedicated to the decision
topical issues in the field of dentistry and other sciences,
scientists had a report. It was about
that hair loss and caries are caused by one
cause of The researchers found out the relationship of these two problems. She is
due to the lack of a specific protein that is involved in
shaping curls and in the construction of tooth enamel.

What is the connection?

Hair and teeth are made up of various components. Originally
they are formed from the embryonic layer of the embryo – ectoderm.
Next, the hair shaft is formed using keratin.
Tooth enamel is complemented by a variety of proteins. They are with growth and
as humans mature, phosphates are gradually replaced. Fully
formed enamel has organic
elements that researchers have not fully studied yet
made a list of them.

Pretty smile Scientists, conducting experiments on mice,
found out an interesting fact. In the body for the production of keratin
hair follicles meet a special protein DLX3, which
encoded by the gene of the same name. He is a structural
organic component of tooth enamel. Further, scientists have confirmed
that baldness, increased risk of caries can be
caused by disruption of the gene DLX3. It provokes a crash.
synthesizing the protein of the same name. Take a free course against hair loss!Pass the
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