Products that give and take energy

There are products that take energy from a person, and
products that give it. If you want your whole body
the day was full of strength and energy, find out what food is worth

Energy Sampling Products


A slice of cake, cake and ice cream first dramatically increase glucose
in the blood, and then it rapidly falls. As a result, you will
feel a loss of strength. Therefore, for snacking something sweet
choose fruits or dried fruits.

Bakery products

Muffins and rolls of sandwiches are also capable of lifting
glucose level. Some flour products contain gluten,
which swells in the stomach. Because of this, a person feels weak
and general fatigue.

fried food

Appetizing crisp on meat or potatoes is very tempting
for hungry eyes and nose. However, fried skin is very difficult and
long digested, and then takes away too much from the body


Turkey meat is considered dietary and very useful, but still
contains certain proteins that have a “relaxing”
act. If you eat turkey for lunch, then about active work
You can forget the rest of the day. So turkey dishes are better
eat at lunch or dinner.

Strong alcoholic drinks and cognac

Many people mistakenly believe that strong alcohol gives
necessary energy to the body. This can be true only if
use them in small doses at dinner, while
the body produces “daytime” hormones.

If you drink a glass of brandy before bedtime, the effect will be
completely opposite. Strong alcoholic beverages come into
conflict with the hormone melanin, which is produced before bedtime.
The person will feel sleepy, but will not

Night sleep will be deep, but not at all healthy. Cognac
dilates blood vessels and then narrows them, so the brain will experience
lack of oxygen during the night.

If you want to relax before bedtime, better drink
red wine and eat a slice of hard cheese. In these products
contains substances that facilitate falling asleep and relieve
tension from vessels.

What products restore energy

If you feel tired and exhausted, eat
products that saturate the body with iron. Add to
daily menu of buckwheat porridge, apples, beans, spinach and

Also high-energy products are rich
vitamins B1 and B12. This is a variety of nuts, seafood, oatmeal
porridge, green peas and others.

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