Professional hair care in the series funds from Estel and L’Oreal


It turns out that professional hair care is available to everyone.
even at home and not necessarily recorded on
reception to the master in the elephant. Our small reviews of the most popular
product lines from Estel and L’oreal
Professionnel) will help you make a choice.

Everyone understands that professional care
hair is significantly different from home in all
parameters: price for money, quality, results. Last
The criterion often turns out to be decisive, and many turn to
salons to curls put in order at a decent level.

And few people know that all these funds are on
today is freely available, i.e. they can be purchased
absolutely everything in specialty stores and use
self at home. There is a choice, a wide range
– it remains only to find and not get lost among this
stunning and seductive variety. Our short review
will allow him to competently navigate.

Professional Professional Hair Care

Specific line of professional tools

If you are seriously looking for professional tools
for hair care, first decide what specific
must have a line. Brands that produce products for salons,
assemble a complex to restore and improve some
a certain type of curls, solving their problems directly.
The most successful series are presented in this review, which
will help you make the right choice.

Curly hair

Professional curly hair care offers
Russian brand Estel, known to many. Under his
On behalf of all curly women and girls can turn to the line
means called Twist Otium, in which
includes the following tools.

  • Cream-care “Obedient curls”

Designed to restore hair structure, disciplines
even the most disobedient curls, retaining the flawless shape of the curl.
Known for its excellent moisturizing properties, it provides
softness and silkiness. Protects against external malware
impacts. Fits both naturally curly and chemically.
curled hair.

  • Spray-veil “Easy combing”

Protective lightweight but durable veil, enveloping everyone
a hair, instantly facilitates combing even the coolest and
naughty curls. Provides silkiness and softness
curls, filling them with impeccable brilliance.

  • Cream mask

Designed specifically for curly, curly, curled hair
professional creamy mask can provide instant
manageability of the most unruly curls with any styling.

  • Cream shampoo

Ideal after applying a cream mask from the same series.
It gives even more silky stubborn curls. Excellent caring
for naturally curly and chemically curled strands. Suitable for
daily use.

  • Balm conditioner

The final stage of professional care for curly hair
from Estel in this lineup. Provides clear and vigilant control
over curls, gives them softness and silkiness. Active
substances in its composition condense the structure of the strands, thereby
facilitating combing.

Nice design of convenient packages made in gold
color, reasonable prices, perfect results – everyone will get it
owners curly hair, if you prefer
Estel’s Twist Otium lineup.

Lightened and colored hair

The famous French company L’Oreal
Professionnel (L’Oreal website) offers professional
care for dyed hair, which found expression in a new series
Vitamino Color A-OX. Active substances in
the composition of the funds constituting the basis of this line: formula A: OX,
molecule incell, ioene G, vitamins panthenol and tocopherol, as well as

  • Shampoo

It has antioxidant effect on colored hair,
keeping their color beautiful and radiant for a long time.
Qualitatively moisturizes, able to return the lost curls
shine, gives an amazing feeling of lightness and freshness. Contains
UV filters that protect against UV light.

  • Air conditioning

Instantly penetrates the structure of colored hair,
restoring all its damaged areas, strengthening and returning
him vitality. It has an antioxidant effect that
for a long time keeps the new shade beautiful and radiant. In a few
minutes softens hair, gives them shine, silkiness, smoothness,
mobility. UV protection available.

  • Mask

The unique jelly mask from the professional series Vitamino Color
A-OX is able to penetrate deep into the structure of stained and
bleached hair, literally transforming them from the roots to the
tips. Smoothes their relief, intensively softens, gives
fantastic brilliance. Specially developed formula too
It has an antioxidant effect, with which the preservation of new
colors will be long lasting.

  • Color Protection Serum

The concentrate of vitamins and other beneficial substances provides
rapid penetration into the structure of the melirovanny, painted,
bleached hair and effectively restores them to the cellular
level Serum Vitamino Color A-OX for professional care
for dyed hair intensely moisturizes, makes curls more
obedient and silky. Able to enhance shine and depth
New shade, reliably protect it from burnout and gradual
washing out.

  • 10 in 1 multifunctional spray

This means there is definitely no more fields
professional hair care series. Spray was developed with
given that the newly painted strands
become fragile and vulnerable. And this product will give everything
necessary to restore their health and beauty. L’Oreal
Professionnel promises the following effect:

  1. protection of color from ultraviolet radiation and subsequent leaching;
  2. glossy shine;
  3. restoration and strengthening;
  4. smoothing;
  5. easy combing;
  6. prevention and prevention of mechanical damage;
  7. acceleration of drying time, allows styling to keep shape
    for a long time;
  8. prevention and prevention of brittleness and cross sections;
  9. elimination of curling and fluffiness even in conditions of excessive
  10. optimal hydration, nutrition and hair preservation
    immaculate appearance for a long time.
  • CC-cream for blonded shade correction

It’s no secret that after bleaching or bleaching
hair may have an unpleasant yellowish tint.
The innovative formula A-OX incorporated in the CC cream for
professional care for such curls penetrates deep
layers and very quickly improves their appearance. Remedy great
corrects the color of the resulting blond, eliminating yellowness and spots.
Able to return color to brightness, naturalness and saturation,
makes it “cold” and fabulously noble. Vitamino SS Cream
Color A-OX nourishes and moisturizes bleached hair, returning them
soft and silky. In the composition there are UV filters.

Here is such a professional care for dyed hair
offers the French company L’Oreal
Professionnel. So look on the shelves
specialized stores means from the line of Vitamino
Color A-OX, if they decided to change the shade of their curls to
more recent.

Professional care products for dyed hair

Dry hair

Many women really need professional care.
dry hair that is prone to breakage and treatment. They
resemble lifeless tow, thin icicles hanging without
hint of glitter and power. For such painful and devoid of moisture
strands Estel has developed a special series of tools for
Otium Aqua.

  • Spray conditioner

Provides instant hair moisturizing. Saves
moisture inside the curls. Well conditioned, provides healthy
and natural shine.

  • Comfort mask

Contains a complex specially developed for dry hair.
active, very useful regenerating and regenerating
substances, which perfectly moisturizes the dried strands, gives
smoothness, returns elasticity. Capable deeply
restore the hair structure from the inside.

  • Light balm

Despite its lightness, it contains a powerful moisturizing complex.
dry hair. The active ingredients give the strands elasticity,
incredible silkiness. This professional tool for
care of dry curls facilitates combing and is able to remove
static stress.

  • Express Moisturizing Serum

The concentrate of vitamins and nutrients instantly moisturizes even
the most over-dried hair, making it smooth and docile. Wherein
Don’t overload them. A nice bonus – such a good serum
protects curls from adverse influences from the outside, as well as
has antistatic effect.

  • Delicate shampoo

The basis of professional care from Estel Otium Aqua. Provides
maximum moisturizing hair. After shampoo they get
silky smooth, healthy shine. Delicate because not
contains in its composition of harmful sodium laureth sulfate.

All this professional cosmetics care
hair is actively used by masters in
hairdressing salons, cosmetologists and stylists. She is different
high prices, but the quality of these products is much higher.
Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at these lines and purchase from them
several means to solve the most pressing problems associated with
your curls. To make your search easier, we offer more
wide overview of brands and their series.

Where can one buy? Professional funds
hair care products can be purchased directly at
a hairdressing salon at the master who uses products of that
or another brand. The second source is online shopping. Third place
sales – specialty stores in the respective

Professional hair care products

How to care for normal hair, what means

Do hair balayazh or not?

Rating brands and professional series

We offer to your attention a rating of funds for professional
hair care along with the brands that release them and
rulers, in which they are included.

Professional hair care from L’Oreal (L’Oreal
Professionnel), France

Absolut Repair Lipidium – the restoring complex with

  • shampoo;
  • air conditioning;
  • mask;
  • biphasic serum;
  • the restoring serum;
  • heat protection cream;
  • ampoules for recovery;
  • regenerating concentrate.

Intense Repair – intensive repair for split ends

  • nourishing shampoo for dry hair;
  • mask for dry hair;
  • moisturizing spray.

Pro-Keratin Refill – winter protection:

  • shampoo for weak hair;
  • conditioner for weak hair;
  • mask for damaged and brittle hair;
  • protective indelible cream;
  • serum for brittle and weak hair.

Fiberceutic – strengthening:

  • restorative care;
  • mask;
  • serum filler.

Solar Sublime – protection and recovery after the sun:

  • shampoo-protection from the sun, water and salt;
  • shampoo oil;
  • cream-hair conditioner after the sun;
  • mask balsam;
  • indelible protective spray from the sun;
  • hair oil;
  • sunscreen.

Vitamino Color A-OX – for colored hair:

  • shampoo;
  • air conditioning;
  • mask;
  • serum to protect color;
  • 10 in 1 multifunctional spray;
  • CC cream for correcting the color of blond hair.

Cristal Ceutic – a revolution in color protection for dyed

  • concentrate;
  • protective mask;
  • serum spray.

Lumino Contrast – professional care for melirovannye

  • shampoo for melirovanny hair;
  • mask for bleached hair;
  • serum for shine (gel fluid);
  • Thermal spray.

Shine Blonde – products for blondes:

  • blond hair shampoo;
  • conditioner for blond hair.

Professional hair care from L'Oreal

Professional hair care from Estelle (Estel
Professional), Russia

Otium – a line created with regard to innovative achievements in
Molecular Biology, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetology:

  • Otium Aqua – moisturizing for dry hair;
  • Otium Unique – medical series;
  • Otium Miracle – Recovery;
  • Otium Butterfly – volume;
  • Otium Twist – professional care for curly hair;
  • Otium Blossom – after staining;
  • Otium Diamond – for smoothness and shine;
  • Otium Flow – for long hair

Curex – Complete Professional Hair Care Series

  • Curex Volume – to create volume;
  • Curex Color – professional care products for stained
  • Curex Therapy – restoration of damaged hair;
  • Curex Brilliance – for shine;
  • Curex Versus Winter – professional winter series;
  • Curex Gentleman – for men;
  • Curex Sun flower – sun protection;
  • Curex Classic – professional tools for everyday

All of these professional care series
Hair can be purchased and used at home.
However, nothing enhances their effectiveness as skillful and
caring hands of the master. Therefore, experts strongly
still recommend to resort to using such powerful tools
signing up to the salon. After all, each of them has its own characteristics and
nuances of use, not all of which are set out in the instructions.

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