Professional masks for quality care for damaged hair

Professional hair masks – the most effective means
protection, nutrition and hair restoration. Not enough
wash your hair regularly with cleansing balms and shampoos that
make curls soft and silky. Hair needs a “top dressing”
and nutrition through professional means. (Browse popular

cosmetics Masks are able to improve and restore
damaged hair, making them supple and beautiful. Today
manufacturers offer to buy a lot of all kinds
repair masks.

Professional care – waste or necessity?

Many people believe that regularly apply a mask to restore
damaged hair is not necessary, sufficient measure – balm and
shampoo. (An article about choosing the right shampoo) However, this
opinion is fundamentally wrong. In fact, a mask is recommended.
use constantly, regardless of weather, climate and other
conditions. Professional tools designed specifically to
to protect curls from precipitation, windy weather or hot rays
the sun They are also used for increased dryness, brittleness,
low strength, lack of vitamins in
body and under many other adverse conditions.


Mask to restore damaged hair is capable of
reconstruct the hair structure, enrich them with important beneficial
elements, make curls shiny, natural, obedient.
There are many types of reducing agents.
intended for splitting ends, dandruff, for tired
and dyed hair, etc.

What to choose?

The main feature of professional hair products is
not only their cost, but also the impeccable quality of the product.
Keratin, ceramics, vitamins – all of these elements are molecular.
level restore and reconstruct the hair, showing
remarkable results in a fairly short time.

Moreover, masks for the restoration of dyed hair elite
segment not only restore, but also favorably affect
bulb, accelerating growth and saturating the roots with healthy minerals and
amino acids, which are extremely rare in the composition of the products
power supply. Such a powerful combination of components will effectively
work even with very weakened curls.

Many online stores today offer to get
consultations of experts who will help to decide on
by choice.

Most popular professional
The brand Effect
Loreal Will enrich hair with microelements. Effectively fights dandruff,
moisturize. Suitable for any type of hair.
Sebastian Penetrait Treatment Professional tool acting on the hair from the inside. With
long use the mask will help to restore the hair.
“Avocado and Karite” Garnier Avocado moisturizes and nourishes dry curls, retains moisture to
two days. Also fights dandruff well.
Mask for split ends “Estel Professional Otium
Comfort ”
Great night care for your hair. Deep
cleans, nourishes, does not weigh.
Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask Israeli mineral products, Dead Sea salt,
seaweed. Restore, clean, moisturize.
Schwarzkopf Professional Sun Fiber Force Designed for enhanced hair growth and lung
Horsepower A series of masks designed with a small amount of chemical
substances. Therefore, the tool quickly penetrates the hair structure,
increasing the level of strength, preventing the loss.
Mask for damaged hair ALFAPARF SLD R REPARATIVE
It nourishes, restores, moisturizes. Recommended for climbing
and dyed hair.

Recommendations for the use of professional masks for

It is believed that working with professional tools should
to conduct exclusively specialists, but this is not entirely true – many
masks are ideal for home use, you need to
just follow the instructions and follow the following rules:

  • Apply the mask evenly over the entire length of the curls, not worth it
    leave for a long time in the air, as some components
    susceptible to oxidation;
  • The time it takes to get the effect can
    vary from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the purpose and type
  • Do not rinse off with cold or hot water, for this
    recommended warm;
  • Dry your head naturally, and if there is no time for it,
    use hair dryers in the mode of cool blowing;
  • No need to apply daily restorative
    means. “Porridge cannot be spoiled with butter” – this principle is not here.
    works. The content of active ingredients in professional masks
    high, so several times a week is enough
    to achieve the desired effect.

Video.Masks for Natura Siberica hair against Estel

Before you buy a mask,
It is recommended to read consumer reviews that are already
took advantage of one or another brand. Learn all the benefits
disadvantages, nuances, subtleties and properties of products.

Video.Shampoo and mask for hair Loreal Professional Absolut
Repair, expert series

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