Professionals reveal cards: 18 stylish hairstyles for every day long hair

neatly laid loose hairSince ancient times
women cared for their hair, decorating them with flowers, curling in
curls, braiding braids.

There was a time when short haircuts came into fashion, but long
head of hair remained to this day the pride of any
young ladies

Modern hairstyles from long hair will help bring
casual image of a woman’s charm and style.

  • 1 General recommendations
  • 2 Bundles
    • 2.1 Romantic bunch
    • 2.2 Retro Bundle
    • 2.3 Bundle with bagel
    • 2.4 Bundle of braids
  • 3 braids
    • 3.1 Volumetric braid
    • 3.2 Spit on its side
    • 3.3 Fishtail
    • 3.4 Braid around the head
  • 4 Waterfall
  • 5 Tails
    • 5.1 Smooth
    • 5.2 With curls
    • 5.3 Asymmetrical
    • 5.4 Tail inside out

General recommendations

A girl with long hair often suffers when choosing
everyday styling. What is the focus
long-haired young lady to keep up with new trends

bun for long hairFirst of all, you need
confide in intuition and choose exactly the model that
will be in harmony with the inner world of the lady.

So, bold and confident girls are more tails,
than curls and braids.

A gentle and modest person will be matched by romantic curls
or openwork weaving.

Pay attention to the recommendations of hair stylists:

  1. Today in the trend of naturalness and simplicity.
    Send back to the distant past filled with lacquer strong bouffant and huge
  2. Performing everyday styling, you need to consider your
  3. Moreover, it can be updated and made
    festive. This will help the following hairdressers
    decorations: woven braids, plaits, hairpins, brooches, headbands,
    flowers, bows, ribbons, beads, pearls. The main thing is to apply decorations to
  4. Having done a haircut with matched hair, you should release
    few loose curls – this will create air

Thus, hairstyles for every day for long hair each
the young lady must choose, given her taste, style, and also fashionable


This year 2017, beams are very popular (according to rumors,
next year, this mod will continue). pay attention to
movie stars

Perhaps there is not a single long-haired beauty who
today would have refused this item hairstyle. How can you
transform the “Hollywood” beam to fit for daily

Romantic bunch

To create such a bundle – comb the hair and divide it into

  • parietal;
  • top head;
  • occipital;
  • two side.

MK beam for long Collect the hair of the crown area in the tail.
using gum. Stir hair remaining areas. Now
smooth the brushed strands with a special brush and wind them up
them at the base of the tail, fastening all the studs.

Despite the fact that this hairstyle will suit a romantic girl,
She can look and strictly, she can be worn and to work, in

Retro bun

Retro hairstyles that came from the distant 40-50s of the past
centuries look amazing today. For example, hairstyles in style
pin-up today are increasingly popular, they are easy to make your own
by hands.

retro bunch mk

Below is one of the options for such styling:

  1. Wet bangs lay wave, applying barbershop
  2. Comb the rest of your hair.
  3. Apply to the top of the ends of the hair foam (length: not
    more than 15 cm in diameter: 2–3 cm).
  4. Wind up hair on foam rubber, gradually moving
  5. Reaching the base of the hair, fasten the resulting shape
    hairpins and hairpins so that it had an aesthetic appearance.
  6. The final step is fixing means.

bun on long hair MK

Such a bunch is very neat, discreet, elegant and sweet. is he
suitable for any occasion: flawless work
place and charming at the evening event.

Bagel bundle

A styling made with a roller, which
has a second name – “donut”. If there is no roller, you can

  • lightweight scarf, pre-folded with a harness and then
    the steering wheel;
  • cropped sock;
  • ring cut from foam rubber.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Make a high (or low) tail.
  2. Put a foam ring on top of it to make it
    covered the gum.
  3. Wind the tail on the ring clockwise.
  4. Fix hair with hairpins and spray.

low asymmetric beam

Thus, new hairstyles for every day for long hair –
become a reality if you use hairdressing
preparations and accessories.

Braid sheaf

Initially, the hair is collected in the tail, after one braids
several braids. Each braid needs to be wrapped around the base.
tail, pinning the shape of pins and stealth. Form such
way to beam.

bundle of braids

Sprinkle the resulting original model with a medium varnish.

Tip! If you want to emphasize the romance
image, it is better to twist the strands falling out of the beam.


Today there are many methods of weaving
braids for long hair. Hairstyles on the base of braids are different.
convenience and beauty. They are easily created at home.

Auxiliary parts for weaving:

  • invisible;
  • studs;
  • suspensions;
  • gum under the color of hair;
  • floss threads.

Please note! When weaving it is desirable to use
gel. It should be applied evenly over the entire length before starting.
this process.

Volumetric braid

So, braids – a great option for everyday hairstyles. Not
needing to spend a lot of time and effort every morning to
surprise others with the elaborate hair dresser

Using even the simplest weaving can be done very
beautiful everyday head.


Now in a trend disheveled braids, which represent
light artistic negligence. One of the options for such styling
– volumetric braid. To create it will need skill.

Wind up the hair on the curler of large diameter in advance, holding it
upright. Braid not tight braid, but slightly
disheveled. Stretch its elements in different directions, moving
top down (or vice versa). All is ready!

Spit on its side

What other everyday hairstyles for long hair enjoy
popular? Charming braid, braided on one side,
can create a dazzling image, if you add to the netting
pearl thread. You can start working with the spikelet passing through

scythe on the side of MK

Fish tail

Weaving fishtail is also well suited for daily
styling. It usually starts with the top of the head. If you plan to bang,
then separate it in advance. Braided “tail” must be neat,
without “roosters”.

spit fish tail

This hairstyle is universal. Moreover, she
endows the fair sex with femininity and

Braid around the head

It is caused by a scythe, passing a kind of crown around
heads. To create an interwoven braid you need
experience. Below is a simplified version:

  1. Tie a low tail and braid it in the usual way.
  2. The resulting oblique wrap your head to make a crown of
  3. Secure model invisible and sprinkle it with varnish.

braid around the head

To save the hairstyle you will need a strong hold varnish.


Very popular romantic styling “waterfall”. Weaving
runs from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear,
through the occipital region.

Consider the step by step execution of this model:

  1. Separate the order near the ear and divide it into 3 parts. Next
    – braid it inside out (side strand under the middle one, etc.).
  2. Having made the first crossing – leave the bottom strand
    free, replacing it with another – taken next. That is – the top
    strands need to be tied with a third, additionally captured, and
    leave the bottom drop.
  3. At the end – fasten the braid with a barrette or rubber band.

The rest of the hair from the non-working area to dismiss on the shoulders. Can
curl the ends with forceps.

And here is a step-by-step photo lesson on how to make a waterfall with
double oblique:



The most common daily hairstyle option is
simple tail. But he can become unusual and original.
The main characteristic of this installation is a minimum of time at
maximum result.


Natural curly hair needs to be leveled with special

Attention! Before performing this procedure
should protect the hair with thermal protection that will save
her from the harmful effects of hot styling.

Step by step description:

  1. Tie a rubber band at a chosen level. Try to
    he was without “roosters”.
  2. Take a small strand of tail and wrap it around
  3. The rubber can be covered with a decorative ribbon (colors of the costume or
    dresses), the end of which should be properly fixed

high tail for long hair

Such styling is any style of clothing and can serve as a hairstyle.
for office.

With curls

Looks great tail with curls. Stages of implementation

  1. Hair thoroughly combed. In the area of ​​the head to separate
    several strands and comb them, retreating from the roots by 2 cm.
  2. Fasten up lacquer.
  3. From the fronto-parietal zone is taken strand, which you want to cover
    combed hair.
  4. All hair collected in the tail, which then should be curled on
    electric forceps to create cool curls.
  5. Fix the form with varnish.

tail with waves

Careless locks issued from the temporal zone, will give the image
romantic touch.


Asymmetrical tail is very popular today. Look at
step-by-step hairstyle technology:

  1. Well comb your hair.
  2. Using curling, make curls or straighten them
  3. After – collect the hair on one side, using
  4. Wrap the base of the tail with decorative tape and fasten

asymmetrical tail for long hair

To create this styling will take a minimum of time.

Tail inside out

This version of everyday styling is real.
magic wand in conditions of lack of time. Working process:

  1. Comb your hair and gather it down in the tail, securing
  2. Bring the gum down a couple of centimeters.
  3. At the base of the tail, split the hair into 2 equal parts to
    got a hole.
  4. Thread the tail into it.
  5. You can repeat the process.

tail inside out

Laying ready! To add elegance – decorate with a live flower
or delicate hairpin.

This video shows how to do it yourself 10 hairstyles
for long hair:

Thus, modern hairstyles from long hair to each
The day is beautiful and diverse. Applying creative
approach to creating your individual bow, you will
look amazing not only on holidays.

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