Proper home hair care conditions

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  • Why do I need to care for hair?
  • Hair care products
  • How to care for hair at home?
  • Professional hair care

Well-groomed hair and a beautiful hairstyle is a real decoration.
any women. But what if the hair hangs lifeless and
thin lashes and do not want to fit into a good
hairstyle? Many believe that it depends on heredity, but
You can not listen to them. In fact, the condition of your hair –
exclusively in your hands. It is determined by what image
life you lead, how you eat and how much time you spend
appearance Need to know how to care for hair
timely and correctly, and be able to do it at least at home

Proper hair care

Why do I need to care for hair?

If you are not comfortable with the state of your precious curls,
certain point you need to stop and analyze what you
doing for health, not just for the outer beauty of their
precious curls.

Think about the stresses you expose:

  • Heat treatment (blow-dry, curling
    tongs and thermo rollers, straightening irons);
  • Chemical attacks: every time my head, you
    bring down on it a waterfall of phthalates, diethanolomina, benzols,
    sulfates, propylene glycol, synthetic flavors and many
    other harmful substances that are full in the store
    hair care: add here the same hairdressing and salon
    procedures based on very powerful ones most often
    chemical reagents – and you get a real chemical laboratory, with
    by means of which you slowly but surely shorten the life of your own
  • Aggressive attack from the outside (ultraviolet, frost,
    sea ​​salt, temperature drops);
  • Tests from within (disease and abnormal
    nutrition leads to vitamin starvation and hair depletion);
  • Mechanical damage (metal
    hairbrushes, tight hairpins and elastic bands, synthetic headbands

After analyzing all this, now think: what will happen to your
curls after such life tests and stress in the absence of
proper care and treatment? Here is the result: intensive
loss, premature gray hair, split ends, dryness,
brittleness, dandruff and many other problems that require
immediate solutions and are able to plunge anybody into despair

If you care about your own hair,
Be sure to start taking measures to improve them from the inside,
and do not engage in surface cosmetic repairs.

Hair care products

First, decide on hair care products,
which must be in your arsenal of beauty. On shelves
modern stores you can find them incredibly huge
quantity. But are they all necessary for healthy hair? To each
treat the subject very responsibly: you must know exactly
how they will care for your hair.

1. Hair styling products

  • Hairbrushes should be made of wood, since
    plastic and metal scratch the scalp and electrify the hair,
    the most damaging to their structure;
  • Hair dryer – a necessary, but very undesirable
    hair styling; if you just can’t live without it,
    use only cold air to dry hair;
  • Heated hair curlers, ironing and curling – it is deadly
    a weapon against your hair (let’s be frank): if you
    do not believe in their negative impact on the structure of the strands,
    touch the hot curling to the skin – the same feel the hair,
    getting thermal burns;
  • So heat rollers and curling irons are better to replace with more secure ones.
    foam curlers and
  • Lucky (fix hair)
    gels (give it various forms),
    mousses (make hair elastic and docile) for
    hair styling should be at your disposal only in case
    grand celebration: despite all the promises to protect hair from
    negative impacts, they will make them lifeless and

Hair care

Do you have greasy hair? Use the care guidelines.
greasy hair –

In the full hair care hair mask with
Kefir is your first mate.

2. Means for washing hair

  • Be very careful about the choice of shampoo:
    Try all possible modern lines and choose one
    which will really bring hair in order; today is
    companies that refuse chemical agents in their
    shampoos, and if they do not trust them, wash your head with a regular egg –
    it is by far the most natural and effective
  • Balm rinse need to use
    necessarily after each shampooing, and he should
    match shampoo;
  • Conditioners are used to make hair
    not electrified and hairstyle was not like a dandelion; if
    you have such a problem, it will be useful to you;
  • Hair mask of the same line as shampoo and
    balm is a must, but you can cook it at home from
    improvised products;
  • Masks can be replaced by very popular today.
    sera that combine functionality
    balsams, masks and mousses: they perfectly moisturize, heal and give
    laying the desired shape; and you can be sure that efficiency
    this tool is long lasting;
  • Regular use of oils (burdock or
    Castor) is also desirable: they can replace the mask;
  • For rinsing hair, the ideal option would be
    herbal infusions.

Arsenal may seem too crowded, but you
Want to become the owner of luxurious hair? Then you need all this
consider and use only beneficial care products
hair You have to give up a lot, but if you want
have your own beautiful curls, and not to buy a wig at 40,
it needs to be done. Experts advise to follow a number of rules
which will keep healthy hair for a long time.

Hair care at home

How to care for hair at home?

This instruction how to care for your hair is a must
observe in order to keep the hair healthy and beautiful. Everything
items are feasible at home, will require concentration and
even some victims. But when the question is too hot, women
ready to do anything just to prolong the youth of their injured

  1. Brush your hair as often as possible. Before bedtime
    tilt your head so that the hair hangs down and comb it
    carefully: blood will flow to the roots of the hair and provide them with food.
    Aromatic scrubbing has an excellent effect when combed
    2-3 drops of ether drop that soothe the scalp and improve
    hair condition. Of the essential oils for this purpose it is better to choose
    grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, patchouli, eucalyptus (for oily hair);
    geranium, tea tree, rosemary, lavender (anti-dandruff);
    juniper, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, cloves, fir, cinnamon (for
    hair growth).
  2. Try to keep your hair always clean: dirt and greasy
    discharge clog scales, blocking the access of oxygen.
    Wash your head as it gets dirty.
  3. Determine the type of your hair (oily, dry,
    normal) and choose funds only in
    according to your type.
  4. Shampoo, balsam conditioner, conditioner, mask use
    within one cosmetic line.
  5. 1-2 times a week make masks for hair,
    and the store can be easily replaced by home cooked
    from common products – milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, vegetable
    oils, etc.
  6. Try to rinse herbal hair
    infusions: for the health of the strands are considered the most useful
    nettle, birch, burdock, calendula, oak, dandelion,
    chamomile, coltsfoot, sage, basil, mint. Can buy
    pharmaceutical preparations, and you can do the summer collection yourself
    these herbs that will make your curls beautiful,
    well-groomed appearance, and most importantly – health for the whole year.
  7. Do not wash your hair with hot water. She must be
    warm or room temperature.
  8. Wear hats: winter hat, summer –
    a hat to keep hair from frost and ultraviolet. And
    wash or change them more often so that they are not soiled. It is better,
    if they are from natural materials:
    synthetics electrify strands and damage them.
  9. Stay up with bedding
  10. Do not over tighten hair with too tight hairpins.
    and rubber bands.
  11. Eat right: vitamins derived from
    products, be sure to be delivered to the roots of the hair and nourish
    their essential elements.
  12. Try to protect yourself from stress and
    nervous experiences: all this will affect your
  13. Quit smoking: nicotine is not the most
    best friend for the health of your curls.

This is a mandatory minimum, how to care for hair, which
you must comply if you want to become the owner of chic
curls. However, there are times when the usual care is not enough,
because the hair condition is neglected: in such cases it is required
professional help.

Dandruff and prolapse are serious diseases with which
It is worth contacting the trichologist.

Professional hair care

Professional hair care

Hairdressers are great professionals in the hair business, but honestly and
Think frankly about the purpose of their professionalism: for a hairdresser
– Beauty by any means. It often has no
relationship to the health of hair. Virtually all services at the hairdresser
– this is a real stress for them: they are treated with all sorts of
means based on the strongest chemicals, and then
exposed to the highest temperatures. All these procedures
curative are not.

  1. Lamination does not actually restore
    damaged hair, but only protects them with a film, visually
    increasing their thickness, preventing the formation of static
    electricity, which will facilitate installation.
  2. Glazing – ceramide saturation, that
    makes curls shiny, provides easy styling and
    easy combing.
  3. Elumenirovanie – gentle staining task
    which – do not harm the hair: under the influence of the dye, they
    smoothed out, become more dense.
  4. Molecular glossing – application to hair
    therapeutic oils and other beneficial drugs that strengthen and nourish
    hair structure Hairdressers call this procedure curative.
    Indeed, the active substances affect the damaged
    hair cuticle, strengthening it from the inside, resulting in curls
    Get a glossy shine for 3-4 weeks. But the fixing effect
    occurs using high temperatures using
  5. Cautery – Power and Recovery
    damaged hair structure, which is achieved by drawing
    from a bamboo stalk. Maybe this drug is more beneficial, but
    the effect is fixed again by heat sealing
    hair that harms his health.

Most of these professional procedures
provide a wonderful external result that through
a certain time will disappear, leaving only the dull,
brittle, lifeless hair. They will be restored later
difficult. So even if you decide on one of these procedures,
Think: you really really need it? Maybe much
more useful (and literate) to go to a beauty salon and
make a hair mask? Or to be treated by a trichologist? Yes,
here, too, will not do without chemistry and synthetics, but here your
doctors who will solve not only a problem
the appearance of the hair, but above all – their health. Think
weigh, decide.

  1. Biorevitalization – an introduction under the scalp
    cocktail of hyaluronic acid, amino acids,
    vitamins, vasoactive substances. The procedure copes with
    hair loss, their slow growth, increases the volume
    restores damage, regulates sebaceous gland secretions,
    moisturizes, eliminates dandruff.
  2. Darsonvalization – physiotherapy
    exposure to follicles with a special device pulsed
  3. Cryomassage – short term exposure
    cold with liquid nitrogen, which improves circulation and
    metabolic processes in the scalp.

The question of how to care for your hair properly is open to
discussions are still very individual for each individual
case. So try to start to do everything in your
strength, for the health of their curls. And the consequence will be their
natural beauty.

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