Properly selected short haircut – a pledge success of your image

short hair cut photoDreaming
be like a movie star? Or vice versa, strive to be special,
not like anyone? To achieve any of these goals,
just change the count and make a fashionable short haircut. Yes,
Yes, do not be surprised, hair can completely change your appearance to
unrecognizability. And for this it is not enough just to go to
hairdresser, you need to decide what you want
and how to achieve this. This is what our article is dedicated to.

The relationship of the shape of the face and your hair style

face shapesAll people are individual, this
also concerns the shape of the face, which may be round,
square, triangular, oval, etc. Can not say that
some kind of face is good, and some kind of bad, not at all. Each
the face is beautiful in its own way, the main thing is not to spoil its poorly chosen one
haircut or hairstyle. If you decide to drastically change
hairstyle and do not know – what is the shape of your face, spend
necessary measurements: pull back up from the edge of the chin
centimeter and measure its width, then measure the distance
between the cheekbones and forehead width. Finally, you need to know the height of the face,
which is measured from the edge of the chin to the line where they begin to grow
hair on the forehead.

haircut for oval-shaped face photoIf, for example, the width
your chin turned out 5.2 cm, the distance between the cheekbones 13 cm
and the height of the face is 18.5 cm, then you have an oval-shaped face, which
It is considered classic and most widely distributed.
People with this type of face are best suited for short women.
haircuts and hairstyles of various lengths, both symmetrical and
asymmetrical. The only thing that is not recommended is uncool.
hair is long or medium length.

haircut for round face shape photoIf the height and width of the face
almost the same, then you have a round face. Usually
people with such facial features unconsciously cause instant
sympathy and trust from others. With this face shape is wrong
hairstyle makes it even bigger and coarser, so try
visually lengthen the face with short bangs and short
haircuts Not recommended to brush back, curling with large
curls, wear curvy long hair. Short haircuts for
round faces are not contraindicated, but be sure to leave
elongated bangs.

square face haircutSquare face shape somewhat
resembles a round shape, but with a wide lower part. The main thing with
choosing a hairstyle – give visual softness to the face. This can
achieve a haircut with a parting and oblique bangs. Perfect fit
bob hairstyle or skew bob, but with an extended front
hair so that the wide corners of the chin are covered. Not worth doing
looks even rougher with a haircut for short
hair with hair combed back.

triangular faceIf a
the width of your chin is 3.5 cm, the width of the cheekbones is 13 cm, and the width of the face
about 12.5 cm, it means you have a triangular face, but it is completely
not bad, especially as sculptors and artists prefer nature
just with that face. This form is recommended hairstyles and
haircuts with a long lush bang straight or oblique, as well as haircuts,
where the hair does not cover the ears or make the face more oval.
Avoid visually high forehead and short bangs.

rectangular face shape photoSomewhat less common
rectangular face shape where face height is much larger
its width, also stands out high forehead and elongated jaw.
Haircut for this type of face should be chosen in such a way
to visually expand and round it. Women’s haircuts on
short hair in this case is recommended with long curvy
bangs falling on his forehead. Also desirable to use in hairstyles
parted, shortened hair at the temples. It will not be profitable
look haircuts with too short bangs or without it, as well as
hair trimmed in a straight line.

In addition to the shape of the face, it is often necessary to pay attention to some

  • in the presence of a low forehead, wear a fluffy elongated bang;
  • if the forehead, on the contrary, is high, then the fringe should
    be short;
  • long nose is not a problem, it will visually shorten it
    additional volume of hair on the back of the head and long fluffy bangs;
  • too small nose will help to increase too small nose
    or lack thereof;
  • with a long neck try to wear long hair straight or
  • lengthen the short neck will help straight hair with a raised

Features thick hair and short female haircuts

All the above descriptions and recommendations to the full
suitable for owners of medium thick hair
owners of thick hair sometimes get much beauty
more difficult. Thick hair visually weights hair, so you can
its easier to cut hair layers, that is, the thicker the hair, the more
there should be layers, each top layer is slightly shorter
previous, with the total hair length should be approximately
shoulders. This method will help to significantly reduce the severe visual

If you strive to give your thick hair romance and
femininity, ask the hairdresser to make you a fringe, elongated
on the sides and smoothly turning into a cascade on the cheekbones. You
a haircut cascade for short hair is also suitable,
giving freshness and newness of style.

Such a haircut at the same time will make hair easy, and your image

Want to look stylish and ultramodern? Try short
or ultrashort haircut on your thick hair, but do not forget
at the same time observe the proportions of the face or in the case of a triangular or
square face shape visually round it up using a long
bangs or short square on the leg.

Whatever haircut you decide to do, think well, not
would you regret your thick hair. Long hair in our
time is rare, try to save them, despite the difficulties in
care for them.

The relevance of a stylish short haircut and her

Nowadays, many girls, women and women wear a short haircut.
men, but, as a rule, few of them guess about
variety of hairstyles that can be done on short hair.
A huge amount of styling products: mousses, varnishes, gels, wax,
skins allow you to experiment with a short haircut according to your
desire and mood. When creating your daytime evening
or holiday image to avoid mistakes, follow these
rules developed by professionals:

  • if you have natural or dyed blonde hair,
    Try to limit the application of the gel to them as much as possible.
    will give your hair the effect of dirty hair, if you use a varnish, then it
    should be as light as possible;
  • in the case of selection of hairstyles to oval or narrow face give
    prefer lush hairstyles and don’t use ultrashort
  • if the face, on the contrary, is too wide, the magnificent haircut is not
    strongly recommended, minimum volume in order to avoid
    already wide face.

Types of styling for short hair

Practically at all times female haircuts for short hair
were and remain relevant, with the possibility of creating hairstyles
a huge set, the main thing to trust an experienced master.

If the clothes you like a sporty style, then for the full
This harmony can be achieved in the hair. As a rule, sports
styling is chaotically carelessly arranged hair, for such
apply wax or gel on short hair and with the help of hands
give them the desired shape. You are cheeky and flighty
in kind? Make an appropriate hairstyle: leave the bangs smooth,
and the rest of the hair lift up, causing wax on them, you get
Stylish and naughty image in a sporty style.

Business meeting you have a short haircut with a long
bangs and at the same time you do not know how to put your short hair?
Ideal for strict styling with parting and brushing hair on
one side. In this case, the hair can be perfectly smooth or with
several loose strands, that is, with the effect

Nautical style in clothes and hairstyle for stylish short
haircuts are appropriate not only for rest, but also in everyday life. For
To achieve this effect, use a special gel with the effect
wet hair, especially true for short wavy hair.
Apply the gel and spread it over the entire length of the hair, lightly
pressing down strands with your hands.

The use of accessories in hairstyles for short haircuts
for round face

Accessories such as: invisible hairpins, hairpins, erasers are capable
assist in creating any image: bright, romantic, defiant,
business, etc. To do this, just choose the right accessory.
to hairstyle. To create an elegant and simple look with
short haircuts can be low side parted, lay strand
on the forehead and fasten stealth, you can add hair
decorative hairpin.

You do not know how to cope with medium curly hair
length or short haircut? Parting with
brush over the forehead. You can also make a parting, then separate
a small part of the face, bring it back and fasten a small
barrette crab. Short haircuts for fine hair also
You can easily decorate with hairpins, give a special charm
accessories with rhinestones and stones.

Do not be afraid to experiment, create your hair with any
decorative elements and accessories.

Curly hair: a gift or punishment?

Many owners
naturally curly hair often complains about the complexity of care and
try to straighten them by various means. Owners
straight hair, on the contrary, often curls them. So how
is it really? Is it better to have straight hair or curly?
There is no definite answer to this question, it is a matter of taste. But still
curly hair is somewhat complicated in the care and it is necessary for them
choose the right hairstyle.

For curly hair, you can make a beautiful haircut, but preferably
consult with the master, as most haircuts for curly
hair does not fit, hair does not fit into the hair. Not
use a razor for hair cutting, in your case it is better
use hot scissors to avoid split ends.

Try the following short haircuts for curly hair:

  • haircut with graded or milled strands of different
    lengths In this case, the hair will appear lighter and less
  • not bad on curly hair will look haircut with
    hanging curls of various lengths, especially if they have
    The owner has a round face shape.
  • curly strands, elongated in the area of ​​the temples, will help to hide
    excessively wide cheekbones and beautifully framed face.
  • with any shape of the face on wavy hair will be fine
    Look oblique square or “bob” to the chin.

Fashion models of men’s haircuts

men's haircuts photosMen in
most of them carefully follow the fashion, although they are afraid of it.
admit, sometimes even to myself. This also applies to haircuts. In that
year, the most popular again became short men’s haircuts and
medium length haircuts. You will say that such a fashion was
almost always, but no. Short hair length really was
popular at all times, but modern hairstyles that are sculpted
stylists look completely different than before. Take at least for
example shows of fashion designers and designers, agree that such
hairstyles are stylish, unusual and memorable.

Most modern haircuts for men suggest
daily hair care and styling, if you have no time
do or not want, ask the hairdresser to cut your hair
machine, that is, to make a classic short haircut. it’s one
of the few options for a haircut without further care.

If you want to have a haircut like a famous actor, singer
or just want to be stylish and modern, then try
The following popular models:

  • ask the hairdresser to cut your hair as short as possible,
    located on the side of the head and above the ears, the rest
    hair from the forehead line to the back of the head should be
    much longer. This haircut will give you a stylish modern
    image, but it will take time to care and daily styling, which
    needs to be done using gels, mousse or wax
  • haircut with elongated bangs looks somewhat unusual and
    youth Haircut implies the presence of short hair on the back of the head
    and long bangs, which can be smooth or cascading.
  • This year’s asymmetric haircut is also relevant and popular.
    This is one of the most daring and unusual options. Should remember
    that this haircut is not for everyone. For example, it is better to refuse
    adult men and men with thin sparse hair.

Do not strive to have ultrafashionable by any means.
hairstyle, if it does not suit you, it can only spoil your

Remember that both long or short men’s haircuts, and
also stylish short haircuts are not capable of you completely
change, for the most complete image must change
only appearance, but also the inner world, because your character and
feelings are always reflected in appearance. Basically,
try to be yourself and create a style at the call of your
hearts, in this case, it will suit you necessarily.

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