Properties of the mask of viburnum for the face

The mask of viburnum for the face has a truly amazing
properties. It is made in the cabin and at home
basis of viburnum berries. This is an amazing berry that is useful when
treatment of many ailments and to give beauty to the skin of the face. Interesting,
that it is possible to grow this tree on your own
summer cottage, and then make healing masks and rejuvenate
skin Viburnum berries are suitable for all types of skin: fading,
combined, oily. This allows you to safely use

Face mask from viburnum

According to cosmetologists, there is so much in one berry
vitamins and trace elements that are enough for the recovery of any
epidermis. Among the properties of viburnum such as bleaching, disposal
from freckles and age spots, normalization of the sebaceous glands,
improvement of skin color, toning, moisturizing. And this is far from
a complete list of what the berries of this tree are capable of.

Preparation and application of the mask of viburnum

It is very convenient that viburnum to maintain health and beauty
can be applied in various forms. This is actually the berries inside and
in the form of a mask. It is easy to make yourself, at home.
Variations of nutritional masks can be different. For oily skin
it is preferable to prepare the gruel of grated viburnum with the addition of
egg white. Strengthen the effect of such a procedure will help lemon juice
and grated zest. But the yolk in combination with honey and olive oil
– a great tool for fading skin. It is worth only regularly
apply a mask on clean skin, as wrinkles become less
visible, and the skin younger.

Kalina thanks to the large amount of vitamins can help
skin in minutes. Beauticians and experienced women
Share the recipe of the express method: you need a spoon with grated berries
Viburnum add 10 grams of fat sour cream, olive and rose oil.
The tool is applied to clean skin, and after 15 minutes, it pleases
freshness and vivacity. Even if before this procedure, the lady did not sleep
all night, the skin will never give it away. All this thanks to Kalina.
It, in combination with sour cream, also has powerful bleaching.
effect. This is true in the spring when the skin is covered with freckles.
If it is not possible to prepare a mask at home, then in a specialized
a store or a pharmacy, you can buy funds, in which
enters the miracle berry.

Other options for cosmetics based on viburnum

Everyone knows that a face mask is not a means to
daily use. It is applied with a frequency of 1-2 times
week or less. However, if there is a desire to use the tool
with viburnum daily, lotion is perfect. For his
cooking a quarter cup enough berries, two yolks, two
tablespoons of honey, one spoon of olive oil, vodka and a few
lemon juice drops. To create this tonic, you must take
liquid honey, so as not to get a thick mass. Ready tonic need
wipe your face daily in the mornings and evenings, washing with water.

viburnum tonic

Viburnum berries bring tremendous benefits to our face.
Berries are primarily rich in vitamins, trace elements iodine,
manganese, iron, fruit acids, tannins and
other elements.

Along with tonic juice, regular use is allowed.
viburnum in the form of ice cubes. To do this, mix the berry juice with water and
freeze in the form of ice cubes. This tool can be cleaned
face in the morning and in the evening. After a while the skin will become more
fit and beautiful. Especially good juice berries in cubes suitable
for oily skin, because under the influence of cold pores narrow, so
that excess sebum no longer stand out.

Thus, viburnum is a berry that fits perfectly.
for carrying out cosmetic procedures with skin.

This means that we must not be lazy and harvest berries
independently and then at home make masks, tonics and
other skin care products. Remember, always better
natural remedy.

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