Pros and cons of funds from head lice and Paranit is it suitable for children

Remedy for lice Paranit

Pediculosis can infect both an adult and a child.
There are a large number of tools that will help to cope with
such a problem. One of the most effective – Paranit. Means
Available in the form of shampoos, sprays and lotions.


The content of the article:

  • Composition
  • Possible side effects, contraindications and measures
  • What are the release forms
  • Paranit lice shampoo (instructions for use,
  • Spray lice and nits (instructions for use, cost)
  • Lotion (instructions for use, cost)
  • Lice repellent (instructions for use, cost)
  • Is Paranit suitable for a child?
  • Pros and cons means

The composition of one of the best funds for lice Paranite depends on the form
release. In shampoos present kleprol – mineral white oil,
component for the formation of foam and substances to give a pleasant
aroma. As active substances in paronite lotions
mineral oil and dimethicone are used. In repellents
essential oils, denatured ethyl alcohol are present,
repellent IR3535.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is determined by
influence of oils on pathogens of the disease.

They disrupt the respiratory system and cause death.
parasites. A feature of the Paranit means is that the lice
do not get used to the action of active ingredients, so the drug does not
loses its effectiveness with time.

Possible side effects, contraindications and measures

Composition and side effects of Paranita

Paranit rarely causes side effects. The patient
an allergic reaction may occur, so before
using the drug must be tested for individual
intolerance to active ingredients.

It is recommended to refuse such means during pregnancy.
or during lactation.

The drug is not suitable for the treatment of children under 3
years and patients that have sensitivity to

To avoid the development of side effects, you must pay
attention to the shelf life of the drug. During the treatment not
It is recommended to drink alcohol.

Precautionary measures:

  1. During use, the drug should not get into
    eyes and nose. To do this, it is recommended to tie the forehead
  2. If it comes into contact with the mucosa, it should be carefully
    rinse eyes or nose with warm running water.
  3. Spray spray is best used on
    the street as the patient may feel a shortage
    of air.
  4. Wear protective clothing to protect hands.
  5. Wash thoroughly after the procedure.
    hands, all bathroom amenities and wash clothes.
    Hats should be washed in maximum mode

For the prevention of a week treatment procedure drug
need to repeat. This is to get rid of
The remaining lice that hatched out of nits.

What are the release forms

Paranit is available in different forms

Paranit is available in several dosage forms.

A complex of anti-lice drugs is presented as follows.

  • Repellent;
  • Shampoo;
  • Spray;
  • Lotion.

The action of each of the funds is aimed at eliminating lice and
nits However, they have different schemes.

Repellent – a liquid solution that is not absorbed into the skin
heads. This tool does not penetrate into the bloodstream of man. More often
this form of medicine is used to

Shampoo is perfect for lice in the home
conditions. It contains substances that clog up
respiratory organs of parasites. However, the shampoo does not affect
nits, since they do not have developed respiratory organs.

The spray has almost no odor.

With the comb that comes in the kit, you can not comb
only lice, but nits. In case of contact with human skin, spray is not
causes a negative reaction. Lotion is more complex
use, so it is rarely used at home.

Paranit lice shampoo (instructions for use,

Paranit Lice Shampoo

Parenit shampoo should be checked before use.
availability of nits for each family member. For this follows
use a special comb that comes with
drug. Especially carefully you need to inspect the roots behind the ears and
in the lower back of the head.

After each use, the comb should be thoroughly washed.
To prevent infection by nits and lice of other family members.
All infected patients should be treated on the same day.

The stages of applying shampoo Paranite:

  1. Means is applied on dry hair. It must be carefully
    spread over the entire length. Hair and skin should be a bit
    to massage.
  2. Shampoo is retained on the hair for 10 minutes. Thereafter
    it is necessary to lather the agent and then rinse thoroughly with
  3. With the help of a special comb it is necessary to remove all nits and
    lice. For convenience, the hair can be divided into 4 parts. Should
    inspect each strand carefully.
  4. Need to comb from the roots to the ends of the hair. Comb
    it is necessary to wipe with a cotton disc each time so as not to get infected
    lice reuse.

After 7 days, the treatment must be repeated. This is necessary in order
to remove the remaining nits. During combing lice continue
livelihoods during the day.

Experts recommend that you wash them after using the shampoo
all clothes, bedding and wash all the items that
in contact with the head. Apartment or house needs to be carefully

One bottle is enough for 8 uses. Shampoo cost
Paranit from lice – 900 rubles. for 200 ml.

Spray lice and nits (instructions for use, cost)

Spray lice and nits Paranit

Before using the spray, make sure that it is not
lice from other family members. Vial of the drug must
keep at a distance of 10 cm from the hair. Need to spray
the entire surface of the hair until it becomes wet.

If the hair is very thick, the treatment is recommended
by strands.

After 15 minutes, the product is rinsed off with shampoo or soap.
The next step is the removal of nits and lice with a comb. With
If necessary, treatment is repeated after 7-10 days.

One bottle should be enough for 4 treatments, depending on
thickness of hair and extent of damage.

The cost of the drug is about 824 rubles.

Lotion (instructions for use, cost)

Lotion Paranit

Lotion Paranit – ready-to-use product. Medicine
used only for the treatment of pediculosis, for
Prevention should choose a different form of the drug. Before
applying a bottle of lotion should be well shaken.

Algorithm of application:

  1. The product is applied only on dry hair massaging.
    movements. This drug is great for thick and long
    hair. They must begin to moisten from the roots.
  2. After 15 minutes, the product is washed off with water. During this time, the medicine
    must destroy all mature pathogens and their eggs. By
    the presence of essential oils lotion is washed off quite problematic.
    If necessary, the head can be washed several times.
  3. Wet and clean hair should be combed with a special
    scallop, which comes with the drug. In this manner
    You can remove all dead nits and lice. 1.5 weeks later
    repeated treatment with the drug. In its composition there is no toxic
    substances, so the tool does not cause discomfort. Efficiency
    drug over time is not reduced.

The price of lotion for 100 ml – 400 rubles.

Lice repellent (instructions for use, cost)

Repellent against Paranit lice

Repellent is recommended for prevention.
head lice in case of contact with an infected. Medicine
retains its protective effect during the day. He does not need
wash off.

The product is evenly applied to the hair. Pre them
need to wash and dry well. In this case, it is prohibited
use a hair dryer. It is important that when applying the medicine does not fall into
eyes, food and respiratory tract.

The cost of repellent Paranit – 540 rubles.

Is Paranit suitable for a child?

Before using the drug should consult a specialist

Spray, shampoo and lotion can be used to treat children
starting from 3 years. Paranit Sensitiv suitable for elimination
pediculosis in children from 1 year. Before using the drug
should consult with a specialist.

Pros and cons means

Paranite needs to be applied in several stages

The complex of drugs Paranit effectively eliminates lice and

It has the following advantages:

  • Simple use;
  • The possibility of use as a preventive measure;
  • No side effects;
  • Quick result.

Among the minuses is the need to re
processing. Paranit does not destroy absolutely all nits. Funds in
repellent form does not fight insects, but only frightens off

The shampoo is effective in eliminating lice, but cannot be used,
if inflammatory foci are present on the surface of the head
process or damage.

Remedies for lice Paranite allow you to effectively deal with
pediculosum. For the treatment of children is recommended to use spray
as it is considered the most effective. To process brought
the result is necessary to follow the instructions and stick to the main

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