Pyrophoresis – the “second” life for the “tired” hair!

hair treatment by fireActual problem for modern
trichology is the development of new ways to deal with the syndrome
“TTT”: fragility (trichoporosis) , splitting (trichoptilosis), and
dry hair (trichoxerosis). Most often, such diseases result
damage to the hair shaft. There are many methods
restoration of the damaged structure, including hair treatment
by fire.

FIRE CUT pyrophoresis – the real name of the procedure in progress
which in the presence of a flame of fire are introduced into the structure of the rod
active reducing substances.

General information

The content of the article:

  • General information
  • Fire cut tools
  • Phased pyrophoresis technology
  • Hot scissor hair treatment
  • Thermal roasting or cosmetic treatment of hot hair
    scissors – which is better?

Olga KurbanovaThe authorship of the pyrophoresis method belongs to
well-known specialist in the field of beauty industry – Olga
Kurbanova. Its unique patented invention.
allows you to bring the active ingredients directly into the hair
the rod is at its maximum depth, acting with an ordinary flame.
As a result, dull, lifeless hair acquires a “second”
a life.

Innovative treatment method is absolutely suitable for all types.
hair, including dyed (melirovannyh, brondirovannyh, etc.) and
chemical curled. The procedure of “burning” is safe, does not cause
harm and does not cause any adverse allergic reactions.
Moreover, pyrophoresis significantly accelerates hair growth.

The most common treatment method has received
women, because they are more likely than men to experiment with new

Fire cut tools

When thermal effects on the hair shaft occurs
soldering (sealing) of the unfolded keratin hair scales. AT
the result is that the structure becomes hermetic, as if
leveling off.

The main tool for conducting thermal procedures Fire
cut serves as a torch, constructed from ordinary metal tongs
(any hairdresser has such!) and cotton wool, wound on the tips
these forceps. Such a device is immersed in the prepared
pre-alcohol solution, and then ignited. Pyrophoresis Next, a small strand of hair is taken
roasting. In this case, under the influence of temperature, the active components
vitamin cocktail penetrate deep enough into the structure

Phased pyrophoresis technology

The course of fire treatment is recommended to undergo no more than 1 p. in 2-3
of the month. The procedure itself lasts about 45 minutes and takes place in several

  1. Deep cleansing of the scalp.

    It is necessary to clean the hair completely, accompanying the washing process.
    intensive massaging of the scalp to stimulate enhanced
    blood flow. This will cleanse the skin of residues.
    subcutaneous fat and dead keratin scales.

  2. Intensive nutrition.

    Individually selected moisturizing mask complex
    and nutritious cocktails containing proteins, beneficial amino acids
    and trace elements. Applying protective masks prevents hair from
    drying out

  3. Burning strands.

    Performed by a trained master – it is absolutely safe.
    procedure. Hair strands are heat treated, but as
    As such, contact with open fire does not occur. Fire flame
    provokes the hair shaft to round off, which is completely
    eliminates the problem of split ends. In addition, heating the hair
    provides deep penetration of active nutrients into
    hair structure

  4. The final stage of the procedure.

    Re-washing the head with water with a contrast shower (alternating
    temperature), after which a special nutrient is applied to the hair
    composition for strengthening the tips and their laying.

Already after 1 hour after the procedure, dull, desiccated hair with
damaged structure becomes unusually smooth and voluminous,
get a well-groomed look. Such hair is easy to comb and
not electrified at all. (What to do if the hair is electrified

Hot scissor hair treatment

Ultra-modern medical procedure cutting hot scissors
allows you to solve some problems with hair. Tool itself
equipped with a minicomputer, due to which in the process of work
self-tuning of its temperature regime occurs.

Hot scissors

The maximum temperature of the cutting surfaces of the blades can
reach 180 ° C. However, working with scissors
Absolutely safe for the hairdresser and his client, because the tool
it is supplied with special edging protection.

“Solder” the tips of the hair, to achieve hardening of the keratin mass
hair structures, while maintaining metabolic processes – this is
The main goal of hair treatment is hot scissors.

split hair
Cutting hair shaft under the microscope

The appearance of the hair will change in the direction of improvement after the 1st
procedures. After heat treatment with scissors, hair becomes
uniform thickness over the entire length. Only 2-3 procedures, and
guaranteed solution to the problem of split ends!

Hot scissors

As a rule, the need for thermal cutting can occur before
perm (curls will become more resilient). However, more often
In total, such a haircut is indicated for the prevention of the tip section
long hair.

Thermal roasting or cosmetic treatment of hot hair
scissors – which is better?

As mentioned earlier, thermal firing by fire is one
Of the most noteworthy methods of hair care. It was she
gives you the opportunity to get rid of dryness and annoying split ends
tips, leaving the length unchanged. It would seem that hair treatment
Hot scissors in exactly the same way as the treatment
fire, however it is not so …

The main difference of fire exposure from hot scissors method
is the ultimate goal of the procedure. The fact is that when firing
soldering occurs not only the tip itself, but also the hair throughout
its length.

According to experts, after the procedure there is a thickening
hair structure, in general, by 25%.

Healing (“roasting”) with fire Hot Scissors Treatment
Indications for use for dull, lifeless hair indicated for the prevention of cross-section of the ends of long hair,
before perm.
Hair type for all types of hair, including dyed (melirovanny,
armored and so on) and chemical curled
for all types of hair, including dyed (melirovanny,
armored, etc.)
Tool a torch built from ordinary metal tongs (such
any hairdresser has it!) and cotton wool wound on the tips of these
Hot scissors are equipped with a minicomputer, thanks to which
in the process of work, self-tuning of the temperature
The time of the procedure In total, 45 min. time required for regular haircuts
A course of treatment no more than 1 p. in 2-3 months 2-3 procedures
Result soldering occurs not only the tip itself, but also the hair
its entire length (thickening of the hair structure occurs, in general, on
The appearance of the hair will change in the direction of improvement after the 1st
procedures. After heat treatment with scissors, hair becomes
uniform thickness over the entire length
Certificate (required / not required) Requires a certificate from the wizard Not required

Remember that to carry out the procedure Fire cut for cosmetic
hair treatments with fire can only highly skilled craftsmen,
have the appropriate certificate. In the original document,
As a rule, there is a signature of Olga Kurbanova – rightholders

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