Ragged haircut: is it worth deciding on her?

ragged haircut photoGirls who love to watch
hold the mirror, creating a unique image, are always
in search of original solutions for hair. If you want
look the best of all and arrest the views of men, then all that
need – this is a torn haircut.

The advantages of such a haircut just a lot – from giving hair
volume to multi-level staining. Hair falls naturally
The effect is a slight negligence, which makes the image
cute and charming.

Ripped cascade – unmatched line technology

One of the advantages of this technology is its
universality, because it is suitable for girls with different lengths
hair. Torn haircuts used to be based on the traditional
a sliding cut and using the cascade technique on the face.

Now, however, new technologies are being used for this haircut, and
one of them is the technique of non-aligned lines. Ripped haircut with
This technique implies the absence of a smooth transition in different
parts of the head between the strands, which is a classic
cascading type cascade.

The new technology involves cutting the hair not by a scythe, but by
straight lines, and most often this is done with a razor or
machines to create a perfectly even cut. This technique is suitable
and for short hair, and for long, it will also be appropriate to do
Such a haircut for medium hair is the most advantageous option.

Who is contraindicated torn haircut?

Such a torn haircut, like the heroine Sharon Stone in the famous
the film “Basic Instinct-2”, gave the image of the actress even more
sexuality and audacity. Such hairstyles are more suitable.
hooligans than share-girls.

Ragged haircuts can be done to anyone who loves risk and experiments.
Owners of charming curls, as well as young ladies who
have thin hair and thin hair, better not
to risk.

Curly curls will not allow to appreciate the beauty of a ragged hairstyle,
and thin and sparse hair will look even worse. Torn haircuts
suitable for girls with thick hair and even hair. Also
it is important that the hair is docile and can keep the hair on for a long time,
After all, styling is the main weapon of the beauty of the owners of such
hairstyles like ragged haircuts.

Of course, you need to remember also about the length – too long or
short hair with torn ends will not look so good
as average.

The center point of a ragged haircut

ragged haircutFor
those who come to the hairdresser with a request to do something
simpler, so as not to suffer with styling, torn haircuts are not
will fit. This hairstyle requires daily care and styling,
so that she does not lose sight.

It is important that a woman not only have the desire to mess with her
hair, but also enough time to exercise

In addition to the time for styling such hairstyles as ragged cascade,
You will need a lot of styling products: foam or mousse, gel or
wax and oil to feed the ends. In addition, it should
remember that devices such as
hair dryer and curling iron for leveling hair.

It does not matter how long the hair is – short, medium or
long, all these means need to stock up in advance.

What are the options for torn haircut for different types of faces?

As already mentioned, ragged haircuts are suitable for both long and
medium and moderately short hair, but with face types still
easier, because this hairstyle can be chosen for absolutely any
form. A ragged cascade with falling locks on your face will be visually
reduce it, but the hairstyle with strands flying along the sides
suitable for those who need not narrow their faces, but expand them.

Girls who face shape does not allow bob hair
or quads with straight and smooth lines, torn strands framing
A face in combination with multi-layered bangs would be the best option. AT
In this case, it does not matter if the hair is medium or short. For too
long hair is worth looking for another option.

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