Ready Land Peeling ABR Peeling – Fast cleansing

More recently, to return the youth and beauty of the face,
I had to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Today
There are many non-surgical methods of cleansing and rejuvenation.
facial skin. One way to effectively deal with time
ABR is a peeling of the famous Israeli company Holy Land.
The abbreviation in the name of this chemical peel means
“ALPHA-BETA & RETINOL”, i.e. a mix of alpha and beta acids with
retinol in various proportions.

A mixture of retinol, salicylic and fruit acids form the basis
ABR peeling. In addition, the composition of this drug is enriched
extracts of pumpkin, chamomile, green tea, fig, lemon balm, pomegranate,
seeds and fruits of red grapes, as well as akay oil. it
ideal composition for external and internal skin rejuvenation,
developed by the specialists of the Holy Cosmetics laboratory

ABR peeling has long been appreciated by modern women with
all over the world, having experienced the effects of its effects:

  • Minimum pre-training;
  • The softness and painlessness of the procedure;
  • High efficacy of the drug;
  • A negligible proportion of the likelihood of complications;
  • Elimination of a wide range of skin problems.

Holy Land ABR Peeling is a great technique for
almost instant and at the same time long-lasting effect is smooth,
smooth, radiant and fresh skin. This remedy effectively fights against
acne and postacne, like an eraser wiping any face off
flaws, including facial wrinkles and capillaries. Also
the procedure helps to even out skin tone and remove oily shine,
giving the effect of dullness.

ABR peeling

ABR peeling – professional cleansing from Holy

Features of ABR Peeling

Holy Land is positioning ABR peeling as a means for
restore healthy complexion and skin texture of any type.
This drug is classified as chemical.
surface median action, i.e. chemical mixture
penetrates the entire depth of the epidermis, but the basal layer of the skin with
this is not affected.

Thus, ABR peeling by peeling removes
the upper layers of the skin along with its problems – wrinkles, scars,
enlarged pores, pigmentation. Appears clean, fresh,
renewed skin without all these flaws.

This effect is created thanks to the main active substances.

  1. Alpha-acids – carefully dissolve old dead
    particles, accelerate the point of cell regeneration, activate metabolism
    substances in the dermis, increasing the overall tone of the face.
  2. Beta acids – contribute to the exfoliation of the epidermis,
    clean pores, have keratolytic and anti-inflammatory
  3. Retinol – eliminates free radicals, promotes
    improvement of metabolic processes and skin recovery, regulates,
    sebaceous gland activity, collagen synthesis, melanogenesis, process
    cell division.

Thanks to this 3 component formula with
of the above natural substances, this peeling acquires
high degree of efficiency and a wide range of applications,
solving a number of problems: fine wrinkles, stagnant spots, traces
acne, hyperpigmentation, dull complexion, enlarged pores,
skin imperfections, acne, etc.

Peeling ABR Holy Land

Solving skin problems with Holy chemical peeling

How does the ABR peeling procedure work?

First of all, the skin must be cleaned with a special
sugar or ichthyol soap. To achieve maximum
effect, it is desirable, but not necessary, put on the face of another
product from Holy Land – preparatory lotion ABR Prepping Lotion.
If the procedure is the first, then surface peeling is applied.
Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator based on the same acids, but in
concentration of 8%. This composition will prepare the skin for a deeper

After 5 minutes of waiting on the surface of the face, including
eyelids, apply the ABR peeling itself in a sequence from the forehead to
chin and ears. You can also treat the neck and décolleté.
The latter are treated around the eyes and lips. 10 minutes later
the composition is applied again, and aged for another 15-20 minutes. Will be
feel easy, quite tolerant, tingling.

After the specified time, the mixture is gently washed off
warm or slightly cool water with a sponge or
soft sponge. On the entire surface and face and other processed
the area for 10 minutes is applied neutralizing composition. Then again
again everything is washed off and drained. The final chord becomes
special ABR mask also from the Holy Cosmetics series
Land, which provides whitening and antiseptic

After this, the ABR peeling procedure can be considered complete.
The face is treated with a toning lotion, moisturizer and
sunscreen It is recommended to complete a course of 5-7 procedures.
with an interval of 10 days.

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