Reasons and ways to eliminate electrification hair

It seems to be regularly washing your hair, taking care of her, but at the very
inappropriate moment strands do not want to fit.

Electrifying Hair They stick out, stand, look like
halo. Before you begin to eliminate this phenomenon is
find out the reasons causing it.

Why is this happening?

The content of the article:

  • Why is this happening?
  • What to do if hair is electrified? Somewhat effective
  • Folk methods against static electricity on
  • Bonus video What to do if the hair is electrified?

Mass reasons: lack of nutrients and vitamins, cool
wind, precipitation, dry air, hats. Hair under a kerchief
or cap tightly in contact with each other, producing
static electricity. Hair is electrified at any time of the year.
but more often it happens in the winter. The strands lack moisture, also
affects the process of synthetics, which is part of
all clothes

Electrified hair

Improper care also refers to the main causes of education.
static electricity. Scales of healthy hair are located
to each other is very dense, so the electricity accumulates in
them in the minimum amount. Another thing is sick hair,
weakened by dyes (More about hair care after
dyeing), drying, styling through irons. However not
it is necessary to put up with this nuisance, because there are enough
effective methods of dealing with this phenomenon.

What to do if hair is electrified? Somewhat effective

So let’s see what to do if the hair

Intense moisturizing

Frequently dried hair is often affected
therefore, it is very important to moisturize them (Read more about moisturizing masks
for hair ). For example, washing your head every day can significantly
worsen hair condition. Therefore, water treatments are recommended.
perform once every 2-3 days.

Moisturizing hair At least once a week do
regenerating masks, they can be purchased in a specialized
the store also performs its task perfectly
products based on olive oil and eggs.

If the hair is electrified, and you urgently need to build
hairstyle, quickly remove electricity will help thermal, ordinary
or mineral water – it must be sprayed on strands or
moisten them with palms. This method will allow you to quickly eliminate
phenomenon, but unfortunately its effect is short-lived.

Indelible conditioner

An indelible product is applied to damp hair. Air conditioning
stays on the strands until the next wash, and its action is similar to
moisturizer for hands or face.

Hair conditioner Interesting: indelible
conditioners are made on the basis of glycerin, oil in a similar
tool missing. Glycerin moisturizes the strands and unravels them.
The tool shows excellent results on a long journey,
rest by the sea, and also has a protective effect from
negative impact of sea and chlorinated water. Indelible
conditioner recommended for use for women hair
who are frizzy and naughty.

Ion hair dryer

In order to reduce electrostatics, it is worth drying your hair.
ion hair dryer. Of course, any electrical device,
designed for hair, dries and weakens them. Strands
become more fragile and thin. For protection during drying
use hair serum, dry your hair with
ion hair dryer.

Ion hair dryer

Interesting: ion hair dryer has antistatic
properties. The basis of his work: the device produces a hot stream
air, while generating negative ions that
neutralize the positive charge accumulated in the strands. This
the device dries hair carefully and very quickly due to the fact that ions
split water molecules. After drying with an ionic hair dryer
get silky and shiny.

Proper combing

The combing procedure should be as rare as possible. BUT
the comb should be made of natural materials,
The most successful option is wood. And just before
Scratching a comb on a comb a few drops of any essential

Proper combing Believed to be a natural brush
bristles can cope with this problem, however this method
not suitable for everyone. You can also purchase special combs,
made of antistatic materials, namely silicone and

Folk methods against static electricity on

And finally, we suggest to get acquainted with several very
effective ways that “came out” of the people:

Means Mode of application
Oils: lavender or pink Using this tool is very easy: just rub it in
palms a couple of drops and spread over the entire length of the hair. These oils
can also be applied to a comb. Thanks to this you will get rid of
electrification as well as give the strands shine and
Vegetable little and rosemary Rosemary oil should be mixed in equal proportions with
olive or plain vegetable oil. Apply the composition to
hair and soak for 30-60 minutes, wash with shampoo. This mask can
leave and on all night.
Water Plain water will help to moisturize your hair, so that
no static electricity left perfect
chances! Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily.
Mango ½ mango fruit mixed with one egg yolk and a teaspoon
kefir through a blender. Apply the resulting compound to
hair, hold the mask for at least a quarter of an hour and wash off lightly
warm water. This mask will save you from a disturbing problem and
will make the hair soft and shiny. Also mango can be replaced
ripe pear.

Bonus video What to do if the hair is electrified?

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