Recipes for hair masks with gelatin at home

A gel mask with gelatin can give shine and
silkiness drooping hair, after which they will get a beautiful
and healthy look. Nowadays, lamination has become very relevant.
applying to the hair a mixture of components, such as biologically
active substances and proteins that will cover every hair very
thin film. This allows long time hair
remain protected from the external environment.


  • What is the use of lamination?
  • Proper preparation and application of gelatin mask
  • Varieties of gelatin masks

What is the use of lamination?

Our hair does not always look healthy and needs good hair.
care for various reasons: it is the color or the same hair curling,
poor quality hair care products, use of a hair dryer,
unhealthy diet, frequent overworking of the body, contaminated
ecology, in summer a long stay in the sun, and in
winter – wearing hats, and this is not the whole list.
Therefore, the hair and need constant support and makeup.

Every girl wants her hair to look
perfect. And beautiful hair always requires careful and
proper care for them. Often for this it is necessary
resort to some secrets of cosmetology – use
various balsams, rinses and masks. Lately
such a process as lamination is gaining in popularity. Him
the duration is about half an hour, then applied to
hair means is carefully washed off. Hair gets shine
well maintained and healthy looking. It is worth noting that the lamination is very
useful, but rather expensive procedure, and its duration
action is about a month. Gradually film covering
hair, washed off with shampoo and again you have to contact the master,
moreover, to a qualified specialist of his / her business, otherwise it may well
not the effect that is expected.

Proper preparation and application of gelatin mask

In order not to waste your time and money on visiting
beauticians, you need to remember that there are a lot of folk
means for strengthening curls and giving them a natural shine.
Very inexpensive, but very effective
gelatin hair mask. Even after her first conduct
the effect will be immediately noticeable. But not worth it
stop using lamination at home
will give the desired result if such a procedure is carried out somewhere a couple
once a week. But it all depends on the structure of the curls and the degree of their
fat content.

To mask for the gelatin hair turned out right
consistency, not spreading through the hair, but kept well on them
and gave the desired result, as a rule, should be followed
certain proportions described below. To create a mask
need a bag of gelatin, which is diluted in 3 tbsp. l
warm (not hot!) water, you will need to wait some time before
complete dissolution of gelatin. At will it is possible to add to structure
a little balm. The consistency should be like a thick
sour cream. This proportion is designed for a short haircut, if
the hair is longer, then it should be doubled or even tripled.
Before applying the contents can be slightly heated on water
ban.Gelatin mask is applied to the already washed, slightly moist
hair. It is quickly distributed throughout their length, but should not
applied to the scalp. This is done so that after
procedures all substance is easily washed off and did not cause itchy skin.

After applying the mask on the head worn polyethylene clean
bag, a towel is wrapped over it and with the help of a hair dryer
heating is performed for about 15 minutes. Then
leave the mask alone for another 40 minutes. All that is needed now
will do – is to wash off the composition applied to the curls in the shower.
Due to the fact that the content of the mask contains a balm, it
easy to wash off.

Varieties of gelatin masks

Conducting a mask for hair at home, you can in its composition
add a variety of different components that will help give
hair natural shine and volume. The following are examples.
cooking hair masks at home:

  1. Dry and split hairs need a gelatin mask with
    using milk (gelatin is dissolved in warm milk instead of
    water). And adding to this composition of essential oils of lavender, tea
    wood, geraniums will have a healing effect on the structure of each
    hairs and eliminate damage.
  2. When the scalp often gets fat, a mask will come to the rescue.
    for hair, the recipe of which is: in the swollen gelatin
    freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and a little shampoo is added. Not
    it would be redundant to add a few drops of essential oil
    mint, sage, tea tree. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair,
    without affecting the skin of the head, and washed off in minutes
  3. Mix with pre-dissolved gelatin and egg will have
    a positive effect for any type of hair. This mask is maintained
    about half an hour and then washed off with warm water without using
  4. If the mask is based on a decoction of herbs (nettle, root
    burdock, chamomile or henna – it all depends on the type of hair), in which and
    gelatin will be dissolved, with the addition of a tablespoon of honey, the effect
    will be awesome. Do not pour out the remaining herbal decoction.
    After the mask is washed off with running water, the hair
    rinsed with a decoction.
  5. Mask with the addition of 1 tsp will help add volume to curls.
    dry mustard powder and pre-well whipped egg
    the yolk.

Gelatin-based masks are not capable of harming hair.

They cover the damaged structure of the entire head of hair, enveloping
its thinnest film that allows you to hold as long as possible
all nutrients. And while the hair can freely “breathe”
which is also important. This will give them a natural shine and beauty.

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