Recipes masks for lightening hair at home conditions

Masks for lightening hair at home – this
a way to experiment with your appearance without causing
harm to hair. Many girls want to repaint, however,
All adult women in one voice say, that early. In addition,
many have a need to fight their way through gray hair, or
just wanting to look a little different.

There are many ways to lighten curls at home.
with the help of natural ingredients. Not necessarily at all.
use synthetic paints that may become
cause changes in hair structure, weakening, loss. Masks
for lightening, on the contrary, strengthen, nourish and even treat the skin
head and hair. They can save a woman from a strong loss
curls, dandruff, breakage and other problems.


  • What is the structure of the hair?
  • Hair Brightening Recipes
    • Brightening Mask of Chamomile Flowers
    • Mask with lemon juice
    • Honey Hair Brightening Mask
    • Lightening mask on flowers
    • Kefir Lightening
  • Other masks to lighten hair

What is the structure of the hair?

Before you start experimenting with hair, you need to know how
still arranged hair? Why are they split? What is useful for
hair, and what hurts them?

At the outermost layer of the epithelium
hair roots are located. Hair grows all over the body except
palms and feet. Their most abundant cover on the head. Curls on
head grow fast. A healthy person has an average of 1 month
can grow hair on the head by 1 cm. How strong
hair bulb, and how well it performs its functions,
depends on the general condition of the hair and its appearance.

The hair structure is similar to the skin. It has several layers
each of which performs its function. Outer sheath of hair
(cuticle) consists of several layers of scales that are located
very close to each other and fixed with lipids. This layer
performs a protective function. He is very strong and by nature
related to the nails.

However, if the lipid layer is damaged, then the hair
becomes brittle and exfoliates. This condition is caused by the use of
when dyeing or chemical perm aggressive substances. Also
it may be the result of frequent thermal exposure –
use pleyok, hair dryer, irons. The hair structure may even
affect the use of hairpins, hairpins and curlers. Restore
Lipids can be achieved by using quality care products.
for hair. Well help and masks from natural ingredients.
Proper care will be immediately noticeable for healthy shine.

One of the important properties of the hair is its elasticity and
strength. Healthy thick long curls can withstand such
weight that will be beyond the muscles of the strongest person in
the world. For this property is responsible for the next layer – the cortex. Exactly at
It is the most active changes in hair dye.

The axis of the hair is a layer of medulla. These are living cells that give
curls strength and volume. They are also responsible for thermoregulation.

Each person has a unique color and shade of hair. It depends
from the coloring natural pigment – melanin. Coloring effect
shag depends on the original pigment. Light curls most
easy to paint. The situation is more complicated with dark ones. To
To achieve the desired shade, to begin to lighten the hair.
Coloring gray hair at home is very difficult.
process, because instead of pigment in the hair structure appears

Despite the short duration of staining, you can see a clear
the advantage of using natural products to lighten hair
before synthetic. Ammonia and peroxide destroy the hair structure.
The dye eats into the deep layers of the hair, on its way destroying
cuticle. And natural masks, on the contrary, nourish the curls, making them
more healthy.

Hair Brightening Recipes

If you want to start to take care of your curls,
You should definitely try health-improving masks. Heritage
world culture gave us a lot of popular recipes for
healing and coloring hair. Today, we are not only available
ways to clarify the type of rinsing chamomile, but many others,
come from other countries.

For each type and color of hair has its own technique of bleaching and
hair recovery at home. Some way more
suitable for dry scalp, the other – for oily. One remedy
It will be useful for thin and weakened curls, the other – for slightly
damaged. Some lightening hair masks can be
use with previously painted curls, others in no way
The case can not be applied after the recent painting.

Any mask for lightening hair is applied to clean hair.
It should be washed off with warm water without the addition of chemicals,
so as not to immediately wash away the color. However, there may be exceptions.
We offer several recipes that will help change the appearance
at the same time maintain and even improve the health of curls.

Brightening Mask of Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile effectively fights dandruff and nourishes the scalp.
Therefore, clarification when using this component is useful for
problem skin. The second component of the mask – glycerin – will resume
the structure of the damaged hair and prolong the effect of staining.

For 1 cup of water, take 2 tbsp. dried chamomile flowers.
Boil water, pour flowers over it and let it stand in a thermos or
in a water bath for 15-20 minutes. Then add 50 ml of glycerin and
mix well. Try it, not too hot. Apply
mask on clean curls, put on a protective film and warm with a scarf.
Hold 60 minutes.

Do not forget that the original color of the curls will affect
the result is first. If a woman is a brunette, then maybe
a light golden glitter will appear, which will be visible only when
sunshine. The same applies to the brown-haired woman. Slightly lighten
color in blond and blondes. If you want to strengthen the result,
make a mask take more chamomile. Then the curls will be filled
more saturated sun shine.

Mask with lemon juice

Citric acid is not the most useful thing we can give to our
hair, if we make a mask of ground lemon. With this
use can get burns on the scalp and face.
However, as an ingredient in other masks, lemon is out of competition.

Take 1/3 of the lemon juice, 2/3 of the water. Will turn out
a solution that can be added to any lightening mask for
hair. Alternatively, take a steep chamomile brew and castor
oil (you can take any vegetable). Mask distribute by
hair and keep 2 hours.

Lemon juice acts on the principle of peroxide, so it is not very
useful for hair and scalp. It destroys the hair structure and
causes dandruff. Most often it is added to the mask. With
brighten with lemon juice do not forget about the main

  • Do not apply a mask with lemon on the scalp, but only on
  • do not make these masks more often 1 time per week (for dry skin
    enough 1 time in 2 weeks).

Honey Hair Brightening Mask

Acacia honey is better for clarification than any other.

It favorably acts on the hair structure, strengthening it from
root to the tips and nourishing the scalp.

Honey can be used both in pure form and together with
diluted lemon juice or other beneficial ingredients.
Before you apply the honey mask, you need to wash your hair with shampoo with
by adding sea salt. Dry clean hair can be applied.
honey. Keep it to need 2-4 hours.

Lightening mask on flowers

Dried flowers of chamomile and saffron (3 tablespoons in a ratio of 2: 1) pour
a glass of boiling water and cover with a lid. After 15-20 minutes strain
through a sieve and add lemon juice. Add ether to liquid
lavender oil. Apply the solution over the entire length of the clean wet
curls. Hide hair under a film and a towel. Hold
half an hour.

Kefir Lightening

Lactic acid is also able to lighten hair. Exactly this
affordable facility. An unfinished bottle of fat overdue kefir
will be used on the hair.

For 1 egg (only yolk is useful), take 2 tbsp. vodka
mix it up. Add 0.5 liters of kefir and the usual portion of shampoo. Everything
These ingredients will surely be found in every home.

This mask is applied at night. You need to wrap your hair properly
film and a handkerchief to warm the head and protect the pillow from
hitting fatty drops. In the morning, calmly wash your hair
in a way.

You can make a mask of one kefir. From this nutritious
properties do not lose much, and the clarification is not so noticeable. AT
In order to lighten kefir masks can be done several times in
a week To kill the smell of missing kefir, add to the mask
favorite essential oil.

The properties of kefir extend to colored curls. AT
If necessary, make such masks for color correction. They
will help lighten curls, bringing their shade to the natural.

Other masks to lighten hair

Vinegar mask is easy to prepare at home. Beat the whole egg,
add to it for 1 tsp. vinegar (preferably apple) and
glycerol. Apply to the hair for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.
This mask can be done 1 time per week.

Hair mask with cinnamon is good because its effect is noticeable on
dark curls. In addition, unlike kefir or vinegar, the smell
Cinnamon is very nice. Not to mention the positive action
spices onions.

Mask with cinnamon is very easy to prepare. For 2 egg yolks
take 3 tbsp. honey and cinnamon. Stir well. Apply
Mask on clean, slightly wet curls. Put a bag on your head and
handkerchief. Keep the mask for 2 hours. This mask can be done 1 time per
a week

The second version of the mask with cinnamon is even easier. Can lighten
hair, if cinnamon is added to any factory hair mask.
After washing your hair, apply the product to your hair, wrap your head and
hold for 2 hours. After that, rinse your head with water and lemon juice.
After such a mask, even dark curls will become noticeably lighter.

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