Recipes restorative hair masks from avocado


Well-groomed hair is a must-have attribute.
a woman who is used to looking after herself. What could be more
memorable and seductive than a brilliant waterfall,
flowing, healthy hair.

Unfortunately, the factors that prevent to find the coveted lush
hair, weight. Without exaggeration, even the environment itself
hostile to our hair. Bad water with impurities – times
harmful ultraviolet – two, dry indoor air – three,
exposure to chemicals and hot appliances – four,
unhealthy food – five … The list can be continued, but this
already enough to understand that our hair needs protection and

Avocado Hair Mask

Many women no longer trust cosmetic products.
trademarks because they contain more harmful substances
than useful, and, moreover, is addictive. Alternative
obvious: one should turn to the riches of nature to get
healthy and beautiful hair. As the experience of many women shows,
one of the most popular and effective natural remedies for
hair restoration is an avocado.

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The homeland of this amazing exotic fruit is South America.
Perhaps this is the secret beauty of hair burning

How does avocado affect hair?

Avocado is a fat fruit that contains a large
amount of vegetable oils. For a figure it is not very good, but
Here for the hair – what we need. Avocado pulp is a storehouse
vitamins, micro and macronutrients, its benefits for hair and skin
heads hard to overestimate.

Curious fact: the second name of avocado is alligator.

  • Avocado pulp is a salvation for dry hair.
    It is known that over-dried hair easily breaks and splits.
    The oils contained in the fruit will help to saturate
    hair moisture and prevent hair loss due to breakage.
  • If you suffer from overly dry skin
    head, it certainly delivers a lot of problems. Itching
    feeling of tightness, peeling and, as a result, hair loss.
    Avocado helps relieve sensations almost immediately.
  • Long hair tends to be dry and
    thin at the ends. This leads to a dissection of the hairs and spoils them.
    appearance. Avocados in this situation can help you out.

A curious fact: avocado is a fruit, although it does not taste
sweet and not juicy.

Avocado hair is good in itself, but can also be
a great base from which to get a multicomponent

Homemade Avocado Hair Mask Recipes

To mask the hair brought maximum benefits, you need to correctly
choose a fruit. It must be ripe – this is the main requirement. TO
Unfortunately, what lies on the shelves of our supermarkets,
most cases – poor fruit. Good avocado is
soft but resilient fruit, on which dents from pressure
remain, but quickly smoothed out. If you shake it, you can
hear the rumble inside the bone. Green and immature avocado
can also be taken, but then it should lie in the room for several
days until you mature.

Recipes for avocado hair masks

So, we chose avocado. The fruit needs to be cleaned and taken out a stone,
then cook mashed potatoes. A mincer can help with this.
blender. The resulting mass, as already mentioned, is good for hair
by itself but also is a good basis for cooking
masks from a mixture of ingredients. The number of fruits must be taken on the basis of
from the length and thickness of the hair. Medium avocado without skin and bones
weighs about 150 grams. This will be enough for hair just below
medium density shoulders. Consequently, owners of short or
sparse hair can do with half of the fruit, and those whom nature
endowed with a long and thick mane, will need to take at least 3

  • If your hair is dry, dull and brittle,
    breathe life into them will help such a mask. 150 grams of pulp
    avocado take 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt without additives and 1 tablespoon
    a spoonful of peach kernel oil (can be replaced with almond or
    wheat germ oil). All ingredients are mixed in a blender
    homogeneous mass and apply on hair. The duration of the mask is not
    less than half an hour.
  • For dry scalp and falling hair too
    there is salvation. To the mashed pulp medium avocado add dining
    a spoonful of olive oil and apply on hair, and especially on the skin
    heads. It would be good to rub the mask and massage the skin.
    Leave the mixture on the hair to 20, and preferably 30 minutes.
  • Revive dull hair and add shine to it
    an exotic mask from the pulp of one avocado (150 grams) will help,
    one banana and a tablespoon of honey. All components are mixed and
    apply over the entire length of the hair, leaving up to half an hour. Such
    mask is a real vitamin bomb that will help bring
    order hair after winter and during the period of autumn avitaminosis.
  • If your hair needs nutrition and
    moisturized but quickly polluted at the roots, avocado
    will help in this case. Crush 150 grams of fruit (or more,
    if the hair is long), squeeze the juice of one lemon, add the yolk
    one egg and a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything until smooth and
    apply from root to tip. The procedure should last from 30 to
    40 minutes.
  • Ladies who dream of long hair, and as soon as possible,
    also come to the aid of an amazing fruit from hot countries. Pulp
    medium avocado should be mixed with egg yolk and 3 drops
    rosemary essential oil. Apply this mixture to your hair for half an hour.
    The ingredients included in the composition, activate the root food and
    blood circulation, stimulating hair growth.

Avocado mask application rules for hair

Using any mask, home or bought in the store,
it should be understood how to apply it. Trichologists do not recommend
apply a mask on the scalp if it suffers from excessive
sebaceous gland activity. In this case, you need to retreat 2-3 cm from
roots and apply the remedy. The exception is medical masks,
designed to reduce this activity.

Applying Avocado Masks on Hair

All masks prepared according to the above recipes,
best act in heat. For this recommended
wear a special hat or plastic bag on your hair and
wrap up with a towel. Wash off the mask should be familiar to the hair
shampoo Finish washing better with cool water – it will help
smooth hair scales and give them extra

The frequency of use of avocado masks also depends on
hair type. Oily hair will be
once every 10-14 days is enough, normal one once a week,
and dry – 2 times a week. Remember that the key to success and beauty of hair
– this is the regular use of masks. Reasonable and systematic
An approach will lead you to healthy and radiant hair.

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