Recipes strengthening masks for hair: how give your curls power

For a woman, thick curvy braids are a real treasure. TO
Unfortunately, not everyone can save such value: wrong
food, stress, severe environmental conditions, numerous
dyeing, laying and curling can not affect the health
curls – they can lose their natural strength, become weak and

Strong hair Such unpleasant changes should not
go unheeded: if the luxury bundle was not so
bulky or the amount left on the hair comb inspires
fear, it’s time to take action. Salon treatment is definitely
will give obvious results, but dwell on this is not worth it.
It is necessary to adjust the diet, take vitamin complexes
and, of course, nourish your curls: firming hair mask while
regular application will make hair strong and strong.

Today again became a popular unique recipe –
strengthening hair with horsetail. Selenium contained in it
and zinc are vital for hair follicles. Enough
rinse the hair with a decoction of this plant after each wash
heads for a month – and curls noticeably get stronger and
will sparkle.

Forces of nature to strengthen hair

The content of the article:

  • Forces of nature to strengthen hair
  • Features of applying a mask and hair care
  • Video – masks to strengthen hair
Ingredient How does Notes
Hot red pepper Stimulates blood circulation in the vessels of the scalp, activates and
strengthens hair follicles
Only suitable for oily hair, the mask is applied only on
scalp, contact with hair, especially the tips, extremely
Egg yolk It nourishes the follicles and hair along the entire length from the inside, normalizes
subcutaneous fat department
To make a mask for oily hair, you should mix the yolk with
onion juice, for dry hair – with burdock oil, on normal
hair can be used without additional components
Gelatin A great way to restore collagen in hair,
giving them elasticity and strength
Swollen gelatin can be added to shampoo or mixed with a pair of
essential oil droplets – mask is recommended for dry naughty
Brewer’s yeast Tested means to strengthen the hair, heals the skin
heads, gives shine and strength
Recommended to nourish and strengthen any hair, including
and for preventive purposes
Mustard It has a warming effect, nutrition of hair follicles
improves, curls become strong and grow faster
Mustard masks are applied only on the scalp, apply them
more often than every 5 days, you can not: it will lead to drying
Burr oil It nourishes, smoothes, helps fight skin diseases
Recommended for dry curls, but if mixed with
lemon juice, get a great tool to strengthen the fat
Onion Softens and moisturizes the scalp, makes curls strong and
Perfectly strengthens dry and brittle hair, but apply it
shortly before leaving the house undesirable: peculiar smell
stay for long
Banana Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp due to its zinc content.
activates the work of follicles, smoothes hair scales
Recommended for weakened and split ends as
alone or mixed with sour cream, honey or olive
Almond Accelerates growth, makes strands stronger and thicker To enhance the effect, ground almonds are recommended to be mixed with
sour cream
Parsley Contains silicon and selenium, strengthens and stimulates growth
Recommended to strengthen oily hair before use.
parsley should be chopped and mixed with vegetable oil
(preferably castor)

To obtain an effective mask, the ingredients should be mixed in
proportions 1: 1, while you can add no more than 2 drops of ethereal
jasmine oil – for dry hair or rosemary – for oily.

Vitamin D – another faithful ally in the fight for strong strong
strands. To preserve the beauty of the hair, nutritionists and trichologists
It is recommended not only to include foods rich in them in the diet, but also
Add vitamin to the mask – 5-7 drops will be quite

Features of applying a mask and hair care

To make the mask more effective when applied
it is desirable to adhere to the following rules:

  • Remedies for strengthening curls should be applied a maximum of 2-3
    times a week: too frequent use may adversely affect
    on the condition of the scalp. The duration of the course should not
    exceed 4 weeks.
  • The optimal duration of the mask – 25-40
  • Rinse the mask with cool water.
  • During the course of treatment should avoid the use of funds
    for styling, hair dryers, pleyos and tongs, otherwise the effect of the mask will be
  • Apply the composition on the scalp should be massaged.
    from the forehead to the back of the head.
  • Spread the product over the hair (and comb it)
    recommended comb or brush made of wood with wide teeth.

In addition, do not forget about physical activity,
vitamins and nutrition – and in a month or two
the hair will delight you with its health and brilliance.

Video – masks to strengthen hair

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